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‘Oppenheimer’ Streaming Version to Include On-Screen Guide for Not Disturbing Your Neighbors

HOLLYWOOD — The upcoming home video and streaming versions of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer are reportedly set to include on-screen instructions for lowering the volume at certain points of the movie so as not to disturb viewers’ neighbors or roommates.

Oppenheimer was a definitive theater-going experience which included state of the art sound design that really let audiences feel the impact,” said Universal Pictures president Peter Cramer. “We understand, however, that many fans of the movie are confined to living in apartment complexes or with roommates. So with that being said, intrusive instructions will appear on-screen which will let viewers know that they have to scramble to find the remote and turn the volume down quickly.”

Director Christopher Nolan was reportedly not happy with the studio’s decision.

“I don’t like it. Not one bit,” explained Nolan. “I worked directly with the sound design team on this film, as I tend to do, and I fully intended for this movie to absolutely piss off people’s neighbors and roommates to the point where they might even receive a noise complaint from their landlord. Otherwise, they might not feel the historical impact of moments like the Dr. Oppenheimer sex scene.”

Film collectors were split on the decision, but ultimately it was deemed appreciated by many.

“Yo, this is perfect for someone like me, who has two roommates and lives above a family,” explained film fan Walker MacDonald. “I love seeing movies in the theater, but I’ve also got a massive shelf of blu-rays to watch at home. And these movies are not mixed for the home-viewing experience– I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to adjust the volume or else Derek will come knocking on my door immediately. Fucking Derek, man.”

At press time, producers of the movie Barbie also decided to do the same thing by letting audiences know when to mute the audio during the Lizzo segments.