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Letterboxd User Catches Boyfriend Cheating After He Logs Same Movie as Her Best Friend

NEW YORK — Local Letterboxd user Isla McNeil caught her boyfriend Eric Cross cheating after seeing him log 1995 film Before Sunrise at the same time as her friend Kelsey Fischer, according to those familiar with the situation.

“Oh, you’re hanging out with the guys tonight? Really?! Do you think I’m fucking stupid? How are you hanging out with the boys if you and Kelsey both just dropped 5 stars on Before Sunrise at the same goddamn time, you moron?!” McNeil reportedly yelled at Cross when he got home. “You really think I’m gonna buy that you and Dennis were just watching a 1995 romance movie from Richard Linklater together? At the same exact time as Kelsey? Because I’m on Letterboxd right now and Dennis just logged fucking Shrek 2 with the review ‘lmao that guy green af.’”

Cross, however, was quick to admit his mistake.

“Look, I knew at the time I was pretty likely to get caught. But what am I gonna do? Not log a movie I saw? No way — all 15 of my followers are counting on seeing my Linklater rankings at the end of the month and I’m not gonna falsify that in any way,” Cross explained. “Honestly, my biggest concern was what rating to give the movie. Did I really like it because it’s a love story between two adventurous young people that I watched while cheating on my girlfriend with her best friend? Or did I actually find the characters charming and the cinematography as gorgeous as I wrote in my review? Everyone I know is mad at me, but that’s all I can think about.”

At press time, several of Cross’ friends logged the 2002 film Unfaithful at the same time with the review “this happened to my buddy Eric.”