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Impassioned YouTuber Releases Video Essay On Why Expired Can Of Chili Is Good Again

IRELAND — After previously releasing a video on the fall of chili and how it happened, an impassioned YouTuber took another look at the situation and released a new video essay outlining why the now-expired can of chili is actually good again.

“My friends, I am more shocked than anyone when I say that, this old can of chili? Yeah, it’s good again,” explained Hyper Eyeguard Tiger in his latest video essay. “But we have to be honest with ourselves: it hasn’t been good for a long, long time. Matter of fact, the expiration date was over 25 years ago. But, if you plug your nose and just don’t think about it as hard when you try eating it again: it’s technically, barely good again!”

Hyper Eyeguard Tiger continued on into the nearly 45-minute mark of the video.

“I know you got this far in, but I’m going to pull the rug here a little bit and say that it’s actually, technically… not very good,” said Tiger. “By my metrics, at least. Like, there’s no way it could be as good as it used to be. …You know what, actually it’s the fans’ fault. Fans of the old chili are holding it back, expecting it to taste exactly the same as it used to because that’s when they liked it. Yes, I’m calling you out, hardcore chili fans.”

Response to the video was divisive.

“For a ‘non-perishable’ item of food like this, sure, one or two beans in the chili might not make you throw up,” read a comment by ChiliCookOffChamp. “And I think I speak for all of us chili lovers when I say that it would be great to truly enjoy that brand of chili again. But at some point we have to admit to ourselves that it expired 25 years ago, and we’re just deluding ourselves into thinking that it’s still edible.”

At press time, people who grew up eating the old chili were trying their best to breathe new life into it for anyone that still wants some.