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Good Samaritan Leaves Car Unlocked and Running in Case Protagonist Needs It

PHILADELPHIA — Saying he was preparing for any cornered hero or plucky protagonist, local Good Samaritan Eric Blackwell always leaves his car unlocked and running just in case it’s needed, according to those close to him.

“It may be risky, but I can’t bear the thought of some wrongly accused hero or time-strapped protagonist not being able to save the world in time because they forgot how to hotwire a car,” Blackwell said. “My Toyota Tercel is always parked in my driveway with the key in the ignition on the off chance the police or villainous syndicate are closing in on a main character desperate to initiate a high-speed chase through the cluttered downtown or our bustling Chinatown district. It’s not much, but I hope I can at least help out when someone out there needs a compelling second-act set piece.”

Blackwell’s wife elaborated on other kind gestures her husband routinely does to benefit the local protagonists.

“Eric is so sweet, he’s always leaving a house key under our doormat or his cell phone unlocked for some benevolent maverick to use in their time of need,” Patricia Blackwell said. “As well as leaving his car unlocked, he’s always mentally ready for someone to bang on his car window, hastily flash a badge, and throw him out onto the pavement only to speed away after a criminal. In fact, I believe he has a speedboat loosely tied up at the harbor in the event a main character needs to flee through the canal. He’s never shown it to me, though. He says I’m not allowed to use it unless I’m trying to give some goons the slip.”

Local rogue protagonist Tommy Steel said that Blackwell’s gracious actions are appreciated.

“I’ve stolen his car almost seven times now, and almost every single time I’ve blown it up or bailed out as I sent it careening off a cliff. He has never once complained,” Steel said. “One time I even had to jump off the fire escape of a next-door building, and sure enough Eric had piled a large mound of trash bags in the alley to cushion my fall. Real class act.”

At press time, sources reported Blackwell also keeps a pink girl’s bike unattended outside his home, in case a stranger needs to make a silly impromptu getaway as well.