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Ezra Miller Teases One Last Scandal for ‘The Flash’ Premiere

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Actor Ezra Miller enigmatically hinted that they were planning on committing one final outrageous crime before the premiere of the upcoming DC Films movie The Flash during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show.

“That sounds like a really crazy idea, doesn’t it?” said the coyly smiling Fantastic Beasts star, after a giggling Jimmy Fallon asked about rumors regarding a plan to hijack a school bus full of children and drive it into the sea. “I mean, I would have to be absolutely out of my mind to do something like that. I think the whole world would be watching if I tried that stunt.”

Christine Stoneman, a self-proclaimed DC Comics fanatic, said she was looking forward to Miller’s upcoming antics.

“Man, I hope they do something for the fans,” said Stoneman, who had Miller’s handprint tattooed on her throat. “This is a big event. It’s the culmination of so many things that have come before it, so they have to toss in some references to all of that stuff. Like, maybe Ezra could wear a ‘Native American Messiah’ t-shirt despite having no American Indian heritage while they assault someone in a bar. Or there could just be guns laying all over the place, and everyone could have bullets in their mouths, like that one-year-old that was in Ezra’s care in Vermont.”

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav responded during a press conference, saying that there was no truth to the rumors.

“Of course, we’re sure that Ezra won’t go out and do something that will get their name in the headlines right as the movie is coming to theaters,” said Zaslav, whose lawyer was standing beside him as he gave his statement. “We truly believe that any sort of bus-related incident is just unthinkable, regardless of how much publicity it would generate. We would certainly never condone — much less encourage — such reckless and profitable behavior.”

At press time, Miller was seen booking a flight to Hawaii.

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