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Breaking: YouTuber Just Pronounced That Word Wrong

SEATTLE — In the middle of a 90-minute video essay outlining the “shocking production history” behind the movie Space Jam, a YouTuber very clearly mispronounced a word that you know how to say correctly, sources have confirmed. 

“Hold up, did he just say ‘laytmotif’ instead of ‘leitmotif’?” read one comment from Destroyer49. “How does he not know how to say that word? Even I know how to say that word. And I’m just some dumb guy commenting on a YouTube video!”

The YouTuber in question, Toaster Tim, issued an apology following the public display of humiliation.

“I apologize to all of my fans and subscribers for letting you down like this,” began Tim’s statement. “I should have not been a dumbass, and learned how to say that word correctly. The worst part is, I’ve apparently been saying it wrong my entire life. I have a lot of people to call up and apologize to personally. I will do better.”

Responses to Tim’s apology were varied.

“This apology isn’t good enough,” read a post from Twitter user John Cum. “You clearly will not do better. You clearly will continue to go on and hurt your fanbase by mispronouncing all sorts of words throughout your entire career. How quickly have we all forgotten the time you pronounced the ‘L’ in ‘salmon’? Or what about when you recommended that viewers clear their ‘cashay’ on their internet browser every month? No, you will be stopped– or my name isn’t John Cum.”

At press time, Toaster Tim was seen with a dictionary on camera, finding and practicing words he wasn’t familiar with just in case.