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BREAKING: Attractive Celebrity Likes Same Loser Hobby You Like

HOLLYWOOD — In a shocking twist of events, it was revealed that a celebrity who is considered conventionally attractive has unconventional hobbies, that being the same type of nerd shit that you like.

“Oh my god, Henry Cavill also likes Warhammer?! Now my hobby is completely validated,” read a tweet by MarineBoss606. “Before I was ashamed to tell anybody that I liked Warhammer and that I even played it competitively. But now that someone as conventionally attractive as Henry Cavill has come out as a tried and true fan, I’m going to make it everybody’s business!”

Other dorks and losers were not quite as taken by the news.

“How is this a big deal?” read a reply from Nobody_Man. “Celebrities have liked loser shit like us for years, just look at Robin Williams– he loved Neon Genesis Evangelion and named his daughter after a video game character for crying out loud. Just play with your little toys and don’t worry about whether or not someone who looks like they were chiseled from a marble statue also enjoys them.”

Actress Margot Robbie later came forward to reveal that she too has hobbies traditionally associated with the meek and nerdy in spite of her traditionally attractive appearance.

“It’s true, I like all kinds of stuff like cartoons, tabletop games, trading card games, you name it,” explained Robbie. “It’s too bad that I’m married, though. I’d really love to meet a man who’s also into the same kind of loser stuff that I am. Is there even anyone out there like that..?”

At press time, millions of nerds and losers worldwide were shocked to learn how much they also had in common with Osama Bin Laden after dozens of anime, video games, and more were found on his hard drive.