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AI Generated Jack-o-Lantern Pattern Missing Eyes, Nose, Mouth

ST. CHARLES, Ill. — After using an AI-generator found online to make a unique jack-o-lantern design, local man Tom David printed out the stencil to find that it was missing the key components that typically comprise a face.

“I guess if you see it lit up from across the street, this shape here might look like a nose,” said David. “I don’t know. It’s definitely less than ideal, but I did say I wanted a unique pumpkin this year. I mean, I know AI has a hard time generating hands, but this feels a little excessive. You know what, this doesn’t look like Jack Skellington at all, to tell you the truth.”

David’s neighbor, Clifford Ritter, commented on the strange pumpkins now littered throughout the town.

“Something’s off about these pumpkins this year,” said Ritter. “Back in my day, all you had was a knife and chisel, and you did your damnedest to make your pumpkin look like someone. Nowadays, people are making these strange ‘computer pumpkins’ and it looks like the damn abstract wing at the art museum. I’m fixin’ to bring the townsfolk together to grab some pitchforks and burn down the houses that have computer pumpkins.”

David lamented further on his pumpkin.

“My friend has a 3D printer and is just printing out his pumpkin this year,” said David. “But that honestly just feels like a step too far if you’re not going to at least use a gourd as a base. Granted I could have just drawn my own design, but I don’t really have any artistic talent so typing words into an AI prompt suits me just fine.”

At press time, children whose parents made them AI generated costumes weren’t sure what to make of the traditionally carved pumpkins.