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AI-Generated Black Mirror Episode Strangely Upbeat

LOS ANGELES — A new AI-generated episode of the anthology horror show Black Mirror has surprised longtime fans with its surprisingly upbeat tone and lack of twist ending, sources have confirmed.

“Whoa, that was a weird one,” said local Black Mirror fan Heather Tipton. “It was all about how these machines had constructed a utopian society and how happy they had made everyone. Then, after 45 minutes or something, the episode just ended after everyone in town had a nice Sunday barbecue. I might watch it again to see if I missed something, but this really just seems like a calling card for how great AI can be. I don’t get it.”

After the show’s premiere, Black Mirror producers revealed that the episode was an experiment and the entire script had been generated by AI.

“That’s why instead of some twist or something, everyone just kept vibing with the AI,” said Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker. “It’s not the direction we would have went, but that’s why we thought it was such a brilliant idea. You expect us to insert some commentary on the encroaching nature of the technology around us, but hey, even we’ve embraced it by this point. It’s pretty cool! This baby popped out three more scripts just last night. And all we have to pay him is nothing!”

As of press time, Black Mirror had announced several new episodes coming out right away, forever.

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