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WWE 2K23 Best Moveset Guide: Best Moves in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 has gained immense popularity in the video game industry, as the popular wrestling title has secured a top sales position in a short time. As more and more players are venturing into the virtual wrestling world, some may need help to defeat their opponents due to the overwhelming number of movesets and signature actions available.

While players can check a wrestler’s moves in the pause menu, selecting the best ones can be daunting, especially for those new to WWE 2K23. To help players dominate the arena, this article has compiled the best movesets for WWE 2K23.

Best WWE 2K23 Movesets: U.F.O.

Claudio Castagnoli is a professional wrestler from Switzerland who is currently under contract with All Elite Wrestling. Claudio executes his unique move U.F.O. by hoisting his opponent into a torture rack position, after which he initiates a series of full-circle spins, accelerating to his desired speed before hurling his opponent onto the ground with immense force. 

What sets this move apart is the remarkable balancing act Claudio performs, reminiscent of Dolph Ziggler’s signature “showing off” style. In a recent interview with Metro UK, Cesaro shared that he had been eagerly waiting for nine years to perform his special move called UFO. He also stated that such moves would be reserved for special occasions to keep the audience engaged.

Secret Cody Cutter

It’s undeniable that Cody Rhodes is among the top wrestlers globally, and his matches since returning to WWE have been exceptional. One significant factor contributing to this is his diverse range of moves that players can use to tackle their opponents. 

Secret Cody Cutter is one of his best moves, and players have the freedom to use the Cody Cutter move as many times as they want since it is not categorized as a finishing move. Nevertheless, exercising caution while using this move is crucial, as opponents may anticipate and counter it if overused.

To perform the Springboard Cody Cutter move in the ring, players should first move Cody to the corner of the ring during a match and then press LB/L1 and X/Square buttons. It is recommended to stun the opponent before using this move.

Best WWE 2K23 Movesets: Double Underhook Brainbuster

The Brainbuster or Avalanche Suplex is a popular WWE move that involves a wrestler lifting their opponent in a front facelock, hooking their pants, and then falling onto their back. The move causes the opponent to land on their head while standing upright.

Furthermore, if the attacker modifies the Brainbuster by double underhooking the enemy, it becomes a ‘Double Underhook Brainbuster,’ which is even more dangerous. This move involves boosting the opponent while hooking both their arms, then sending them crashing down to the floor at high speed.

Lethal Combination

In WWE 2K23, a lethal combination move refers to a sequence of moves executed rapidly by a player’s character. These moves typically involve a combination of strikes, grapples, and finishers that are chained together to create a powerful and devastating attack. 

Lethal combination moves can be used to quickly wear down an opponent’s health and stamina, making them more susceptible to being pinned or submitted. The specific moves and button combinations required to execute a lethal combination move can vary depending on the character being played.

Best WWE 2K23 Movesets: Burning Hammer

The Burning Hammer is a notoriously dangerous move that has been included in WWE 2K video games for some time. In the most recent game, WWE 2K23, a modified version called the ‘Burning Hammer 2’ has also been introduced. 

The move is an Inverted Death Valley Driver that involves the wrestler lifting their opponent in a Torture Rack position and then dropping them headfirst onto the ground. The force of impact is concentrated on the head and neck, which significantly damages the opponent. Therefore, it’s a brutal and unforgiving move that leaves no margin for error.

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