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Wordle Today – Answer And Hint For #1041 April 25, 2024

Here is the NYT Wordle of the day with hints and the answer

Wordle can be an unforgiving puzzle sometimes, and you can often come so close to ending a long winning streak. So, for your convenience, here are some hints as well as the answer for the Wordle today Apr 25.

We present Wordle clues here in a variety of ways to gently help you along, but if you just want the answer straight, spoilers be damned,  then scroll all the way down to the section titled Today’s Wordle Answer.


Already Apr 26 at your location? Try our Wordle answer page for that day instead!


Wordle Hint Today 1041 April 25, 2024

Wordle Hint Today
Today’s Wordle Hint

Here’s a hint with the meaning of today’s Wordle answer


The opening or beginning segment of something, like a speech, a book, a movie, or a piece of music.



Wordle Hint Today Fifth Letter

The fifth letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Wordle Hint Today Fourth Letter

The fourth letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Wordle Hint Today Third Letter

The third letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Wordle Hint Today Second Letter

The second letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Wordle Hint Today First Letter

The first letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Today’s Wordle Answer

And finally, here is the Wordle answer today. While this is your last chance to turn back, don’t feel bad about having to look it up.

Sometimes you have just one last chance to solve the puzzle, but three different letters that could viably fit into that last remaining square. At other times the word is so obscure, you just would not have gotten it without having in-depth knowledge about some oddly specific subject.

That’s no reason to lose a streak you have kept going for 496 days straight! So here goes nothing:











The Wordle answer today is “INTRO”



Previous Wordle Answers With Their Definitions


Wordle Today – Answer And Hint For #1040 April 24, 2024


Wordle #1039 For April 23, 2024


A small, self-propelled vehicle used for exploring the surface of an extraterrestrial body, such as the moon or Mars. Also a fairly popular name for a dog at one time.


Wordle #1038 For April 22, 2024


An acronym for a device that emits a coherent beam of light through the process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.


Wordle #1037 For April 21, 2024


An adjective that means cheerful, happy, and full of high spirits. It can also be used as an adverb to intensify the meaning of a verb, conveying the sense of merriment and joy.


Wordle #1036 For April 20, 2024


An adjective that describes clarity, rationality, or transparency in thought, expression, or perception.


Wordle #1035 For April 19, 2024


To lift or elevate something from a lower to a higher position. Or an increase in salary or wages, often as a result of a promotion or performance evaluation.


Wordle #1034 For April 18, 2024


A particular aspect or feature of something, often referring to one side or component of a larger whole. It can also describe a small, flat surface on a cut gemstone or other object, especially one of several that together form a geometric shape.


Wordle #1033 For April 17, 2024


The practice of giving one-tenth of one’s income or produce to support religious institutions or charitable causes, often as a form of religious obligation or duty. In some contexts, it can also refer to any similar tax or levy, especially one imposed by a church or religious authority.


Wordle #1032 For April 16, 2024


To attack or stab someone with a homemade knife, especially in a prison setting.


Wordle #1031 For April 15, 2024


To provide with the necessary items or skills for a particular purpose or task. It involves outfitting or supplying someone or something with what is needed to function effectively or perform a specific function.


Wordle #1030 For April 14, 2024


A small nonrigid airship or dirigible, typically used for advertising or as an observation platform. It is characterized by its elongated shape and ability to float and navigate through the air.


Wordle #1029 For April 13, 2024


An alloy of iron and carbon, typically containing small amounts of other elements such as manganese, chromium, or nickel.


Wordle #1028 For April 12, 2024


An adjective used to describe someone who complains frequently and in a high-pitched or irritating manner, often about trivial matters.


Wordle #1027 For April 11, 2024


A small, wingless insect parasitic on mammals and birds, known for infesting human hair and clothing, causing itching and irritation.


Wordle #1026 For April 10, 2024


A savory liquid made by simmering meat, bones, or vegetables in water, often with herbs or spices added for flavor. It forms the base for soups, stews, and sauces.


Wordle #1025 For April 9, 2024


To combine or unite two or more things into one entity. It often refers to joining together separate organizations, companies, or entities to form a single entity or to integrate different elements into a unified whole.


Wordle #1024 For April 8, 2024


As a verb, to mate animals with the intention of producing offspring, often to perpetuate certain desirable traits or characteristics.

As a noun, a particular type or kind of something, denoting a distinct category or class.


Wordle #1023 For April 7, 2024


A French interjection used to draw attention to or emphasize something that has been done or presented. It is often translated to English as “there you go,” “here it is,” or “there it is.”

It is commonly used to indicate the completion or success of a task, or to introduce something that has been prepared or produced.


Wordle #1022 For April 6, 2024


A small to medium-sized bird, characterized by a stout conical bill, a short neck, and a compact body, known for their colorful plumage and melodious songs.


Wordle #1021 For April 5, 2024


The joint connecting the hand to the forearm in humans and other primates.


Wordle #1020 For April 4, 2024


To move upwards, typically using the hands and feet to ascend a steep surface such as a mountain, hill, ladder, or rock face.


Wordle #1019 For April 3, 2024


A braid or a length of hair that has been divided into three or more strands and interlaced over one another.


Wordle #1018 For April 2, 2024


A liquid that contains the fluid portion of blood after it has clotted, typically containing antibodies or other substances extracted from blood for medical purposes.


Wordle #1017 For April 1, 2024


The large, divided leaf of a fern or palm tree.

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