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Wordle Today – Answer And Hint For #994 March 9, 2024

Here is the NYT Wordle of the day with hints and the answer

Wordle can be an unforgiving puzzle sometimes, and you can often come so close to ending a long winning streak. So, for your convenience, here are some hints as well as the answer for the Wordle today Mar 9.

We present Wordle clues here in a variety of ways to gently help you along, but if you just want the answer straight, spoilers be damned,  then scroll all the way down to the section titled Today’s Wordle Answer.


Already Mar 10 at your location? Try our Wordle answer page for that day instead!


Wordle Hint Today 994 March 9, 2024

Wordle Hint Today
Today’s Wordle Hint

Here’s a hint with the meaning of today’s Wordle answer


As a verb, to express happiness or encouragement, oftentimes with a loud shout, slogan, or acclamation.



Wordle Hint Today Fifth Letter

The fifth letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Wordle Hint Today Fourth Letter

The fourth letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Wordle Hint Today Third Letter

The third letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Wordle Hint Today Second Letter

The second letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Wordle Hint Today First Letter

The first letter for the Wordle answer today is:





Today’s Wordle Answer

And finally, here is the Wordle answer today. While this is your last chance to turn back, don’t feel bad about having to look it up.

Sometimes you have just one last chance to solve the puzzle, but three different letters that could viably fit into that last remaining square. At other times the word is so obscure, you just would not have gotten it without having in-depth knowledge about some oddly specific subject.

That’s no reason to lose a streak you have kept going for 493 days straight! So here goes nothing:











The Wordle answer today is “CHEER”



Previous Wordle Answers With Their Definitions


Wordle Today – Answer And Hint For #993 March 8, 2024


Wordle #992 For March 7, 2024


Produce genetically identical copies of an organism, typically through asexual reproduction or by using biotechnological methods.


Wordle #991 For March 6, 2024


An adjective that describes someone who is shedding a bodily fluid from their eyes, often as a result of sadness, emotion, or sensitivity.


Wordle #990 For March 5, 2024


A noun that refers to a feeling, intuition, or instinctive guess about something, often without any logical explanation or evidence.

A verb that means to bend or stoop forward, typically due to discomfort, fatigue, or cold.


Wordle #989 For March 4, 2024


The highly visible, brightly glowing, and often flickering component of a fire.


Wordle #988 For March 3, 2024


As a noun: a political entity with defined geographical boundaries, a permanent population, and a government.


Wordle #987 For March 2, 2024


The social, cultural, and economic aspects of city life, as opposed to rural living.


Wordle #986 For March 1, 2024


A numeric value that can be arrived at by multiplying four by ten.


Wordle #985 For February 29, 2024


A visual representation or depiction of something, typically produced by photography, painting, drawing, or digital means.


Wordle #984 For February 28, 2024


A supernatural being, often depicted as evil, malevolent, or the adversary of God.


Wordle #983 For February 27, 2024


As a noun, any of the five faculties through which stimuli from the external world are received and perceived: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.


Wordle #982 For February 26, 2024


An adverb that indicates frequency or regularity of occurrence.


Wordle #981 For February 25, 2024


A common surname of English origin.

A person who works with skill and craftsmanship in the creation of various objects.


Wordle #980 For February 24, 2024


A musician who plays the bagpipes, a traditional wind instrument.


Wordle #979 For February 23, 2024


Separate or detached from something else; not connected or joined together.


Wordle #978 For February 22, 2024


Used as an adjective to indicate having great weight; difficult to lift, move, or carry due to mass or density.


Wordle #977 For February 21, 2024


Used as a verb most commonly: to construct, assemble, or create something, such as a structure, or object.


Wordle #976 For February 20, 2024


To be equal or corresponding to something else in quality, quantity, or significance.


Wordle #975 For February 19, 2024


The amount of money or value that must be paid or exchanged to acquire goods or services.


Wordle #974 For February 18, 2024


A long, narrow, elevated area of land that forms a crest or a continuous line along the top of a mountain, or hill.


Wordle #973 For February 17, 2024


A sacred song or hymn, typically from a specific titular Biblical book, which is a collection of religious poems and prayers found in the Old Testament of the Bible.


Wordle #972 For February 16, 2024


As a noun: a secret or hidden supply of something, typically valuable or desirable items.

As a verb: to hide or store something away, often for future use or for safekeeping.


Wordle #971 For February 15, 2024


A type of necktie or cravat that is typically worn with formal attire. It consists of a narrow strip of fabric that is folded over and tied in a manner similar to a scarf, with the ends tucked into the collar of a shirt.


Wordle #970 For February 14, 2024


A sharp, hooked claw of a bird of prey or a predatory animal, particularly one used for seizing and grasping prey.


Wordle #969 For February 13, 2024


An informal or colloquial verb that means to leave or go away quickly, often in a hurried or abrupt manner.


Wordle #968 For February 12, 2024


A type of Italian food made from a dough typically consisting of wheat flour, water, and sometimes eggs, which is formed into various shapes and then cooked by boiling or baking.


Wordle #967 For February 11, 2024


An adverb that indicates the absence of something happening or occurring at any time in the past, present, or future.


Wordle #966 For February 10, 2024


An adjective that describes food that has been cooked in oil or fat until it becomes crispy and golden brown on the outside.


Wordle #965 For February 9, 2024


An adjective that means inflexible, or not easily bent.


Wordle #964 For February 8, 2024


A specific point or area in space, indicating where something is situated or located.


Wordle #963 For February 7, 2024


A preposition that denotes the period following a certain moment or event.


Wordle #962 For February 6, 2024


A pronoun, as well as an interrogative word that is used to introduce a clause that provides additional information about a noun.


Wordle #961 For February 5, 2024


A verb that means to push away or drive back forcefully, or to cause strong dislike or aversion.


Wordle #960 For February 4, 2024


A point at which something is about to happen or undergo a change.


Wordle #959 For February 3, 2024


A prefix meaning small used in scientific, technical, and everyday language to denote something tiny in size or on a miniature scale.


Wordle #958 For February 2, 2024


An adjective that describes something that is split or divided, often into two parts.


Wordle #957 For February 1, 2024


An adjective that is characterized by the presence of vital signs, such as respiration, heartbeat, and consciousness.


Wordle #956 For January 31, 2024


An adjective used to describe something that is large, heavy, and takes up a lot of space.

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