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Two Point Campus: 8 Beginner Tips

Looking to learn how the basics of Two Point Campus? Look no further

Getting to grips with the mechanics of Two Point Campus doesn’t take a college degree, but maximizing profits and keeping everyone happy takes work, and a little bit of hidden knowledge. Here are 8 tips to help you get started building the perfect college.

Two Point Campus, the spiritual successor of Two Point Hospital — an ongoing effort to keep the ‘Theme’ games alive by a studio comprised of ex-Bullfrog employees. Two Point Campus is a relatively slow-paced management sim that sees you creating and running a college campus for the ultimate academic goal; profit.

While the aesthetic and feel of Two Point Campus will be familiar to anyone who played Theme Hospital, there is more depth and a lot more content to get your head around when constructing a learning environment. Popping heads and sending your patients out the door is no longer enough to succeed; you’re now tasked with molding future generations of scientists, chefs, and… spies?

Running your college efficiently can be difficult, and managing the happiness of staff and students alike can seem like an impossible task. So with that, here are some beginner tips to help you create the ultimate campus.

Don’t Start the Year Until You’re Ready

Before you begin a new year of education, there is a period of time when no students inhabit the halls of your establishment. Make sure that this time is used as efficiently as possible – you’re under no constraints and have no new tasks populating your inbox. Rearrange rooms and plan as much as you like, as once you hit that ‘Start Year’ button, your students will begin flooding through those doors. 

It can be tough to know exactly how you want your campus to look before you’ve even started your first year, sometimes you’ll overestimate how large a classroom has to be, for example. The gastronomy course looks like it would need a ton of space to fit those giant burgers but in reality, it’s no larger than anything else. Thankfully, this planning time comes before the start of each academic year, so don’t get too hung up about getting it right the first time.

Keep Some Kudosh in Your Back Pocket

Kudosh is a form of currency in Two Point Campus that is used to unlock new pieces of equipment or pieces of scenery. The urge to spend your hard-earned dosh is always going to be there, but it’s always worth keeping a little aside in case a situation comes up where you have to unlock something specific for a quest. A lot of these quest items are things like benches that improve friendships or posters to spruce up your rooms. They don’t usually cost a lot — 20 or so kudosh each, so if you always had around 50 kudosh to hand, you’ll never be caught short.

Completing Quests Is an Easy Win

The inbox in the lower right corner of the screen is where you’ll receive all of your in-game messages. While there are usually updates on your budget, you will on occasion receive a quest from a student. These usually involve placing a certain item somewhere on the campus, and not only will these improve your student’s happiness and relationships, but net you some Kudosh for your trouble. 

Keep an Eye Out for Bookworms

Occasionally, you may notice curious little beings pop out of the ground around your campus. These are bookworms – literal worms that when clicked on reward you with either cash or Kudosh. You’ll have to be quick, mind, as these creatures only show themselves for a few seconds before burrowing back down below. Their location is random, except for the fact that they will only spawn on the outside of your campus buildings. While relying on bookworms for income is impossible, a few bucks here and there is never anything to pass up on.

Student Happiness Is Paramount

An entertained student is a happy student, and a happy student is a successful one. This can be easy to forget when you’re placing a large (small) hadron collider in the middle of your campus, but a good and profitable education needs to have balance. Early on you’re reminded that students need the three R’s – rest, relaxation, and a place to relieve themselves. So with that, ensure that in every building you build adequate toilet facilities, dorm rooms, and either a student union or a club stand.

The Copy Function Is Your Best Friend

You’ve built the best, most aesthetically-pleasing room. It meets all the criteria for keeping your students happy and you aren’t sure if you’ll ever be able to replicate such genius ever again. There’s a copy room function in the contextual menu of every room. Easy. You can also save room layouts to be used on different campus sites. That epic student union you built in England is most definitely transferable to Italy; partying is universal, and transcends all borders.

It’s more likely, however, that you’ll wind up building a very nice, very functional toilet. This toilet has plants for aesthetics, a framed painting on the wall, and a throne for your students to relieve themselves. While more interesting rooms may occasionally need to be bespoke for the building you’re in, toilets very rarely change, so having the perfect one in the copy menu is a great time-saver.

Don’t Be Afraid to Move On — Or Go Back

When you begin your career in Two Point Campus, it’s fairly easy to gain access to other locations. You’ll be tempted away to a more culinary-focused establishment after starting in England, for example. Don’t shy away from the new challenge – moving campus gives you access to a lot more building options and more opportunities to earn Kudosh. The beauty of this is, that you can always go back to a previous level and use the new equipment you’ve unlocked to achieve a higher star rating

Look After Your Staff

It’s easy to let that omnipotence go straight to your head. You will have to keep an eye on your staffing situation from time to time, however. Your staff are the people that keep your campus running, they teach your classes, serve your students food and clean up garbage. When you first start constructing a new campus, the amount of staff you’ll need will be minimal – a teacher for the singular course you’re teaching, a janitor to keep the place clean and an assistant for each specialized room you need. It’s worth keeping your staffing numbers tight at the beginning as it’s likely you won’t have a ton of money to play around with. Once the years roll by, however, and the number of courses you teach increases, you’ll have to flex up how many people you’re employing.

Ensure they have a well-stocked staff room to relax in, and that they are well paid (keeping within your means, mind). On the other hand, if you have a member of staff with negative traits, someone who is hampering rather than helping, let them go – use the trash can icon on the bottom of their contextual menu to fire them. It’s also worth noting that having staff members with overlapping job roles (several Janitors all assigned to cleaning, for instance) can be a waste of resources, use the staffing panel to assign each employee a specific role, creating an eco-system where everyone has their place.

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