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How to Keep Students From Failing in Two Point Campus

When your students fail, you fail.

When students are unhappy in Two Point Campus, it can negatively impact your profits. If students are unable to pass classes and are in danger of flunking out, you run the risk of losing out on your experience bonus that pads your budget. Luckily, there are ways to keep your students’ grades up and rake in the extra money.

The easiest way to raise your student’s grades is to progress through the first few levels by following the tutorials to unlock the Private Tuition classroom. You’ll need to earn at least one star in the first two levels, but you can easily do this by just following the tutorials and letting the years play out in your school.

Private Tuition is a room specifically designed to help tutor students who are having trouble with their studies. You’ll need to hire a teacher with a matching specialty to the student, but it’s a lasting investment that can be used repeatedly. As you get more students, you’ll need more of these rooms, but they don’t take up much space. 

Another easy trick is to make sure your students are happy by meeting their different needs on campus. If your students don’t have anywhere to rest, socialize, or relax outside of their studies, they will become upset and may refuse to pay their fees and eventually flunk out of your school. To keep that from happening, you’ll need to provide plenty of opportunities for fun on campus.

When your students have fun, their happiness will increase and so will their grades. You need to make sure you have rooms for them to relax like in the Student Union or the Student Lounge. However, keep in mind that you’ll need more of these buildings as you scale up. Once you have the required rooms, you can schedule the parties or events for those rooms.

To increase student happiness in Two Point Campus fast, consider hosting:

  • Student Union Parties
  • Student Lounge Parties
  • Funny Video event (requires Lecture Theater)
  • Competitions like Jousting or a Cook-off

You can schedule events through the calendar on the bottom right part of your screen by clicking on the book and then the calendar. From there, click ‘Create New Event’ at the top of the screen. You’ll see a list of events that your school can host and you can schedule one as long as you have the money to reserve the space.

 The Timetable showing the different scheduled classes throughout a year’s timeline

This can also mean having a variety of different clubs on campus or hosting parties in the different social rooms. Keeping students happy will also rely on your ability to keep the campus clean and sanitary, so make sure to use plenty of trash cans and hand sanitizing stations around your school. 

But where to put trash cans and hand sanitizers in Two Point campus?

It’s wise to have a trash can in every room, common area, and the most used hallways. Hand sanitizers are a good idea for any room that doesn’t have a sink in it, but it’s also smart to make sure you have plenty of Shower rooms so your students have an opportunity to properly clean themselves.

As long as you can keep your students’ happiness up and stay on top of those who need private tutoring, that’s all you need to know about keeping students from failing their classes in Two Point Campus. 

What to upgrade first in Two Point Campus

You gotta spend money to make money!

A large computer inside the Research room in Two Point Campus

A classroom in Two Point Campus is only as good as its equipment. However, when you unlock upgrades, it can be confusing to know what you should research first. To know what to upgrade, look at what rooms and equipment your students are using the most, as that will provide the most immediate benefit.

For instance, if you have a classroom in your main building that is always being used by students and one in a side building that doesn’t get used but twice a year, then you should upgrade the most used one first. The first image below is a great example of a location that should get priority upgrades, as the halls and common areas are full of students.

However, in this image, you see a building that’s not getting used that often except for a handful of students. It’s unwise to upgrade the rooms in this building first because it won’t provide the most immediate benefit to your college.

While it can come down to preference in some cases, what you upgrade will largely depend on which school you’re at and how much money you have. Here’s the best upgrades to get first in Two Point Campus:

  • Lectern II: Costs $15,000 and adds 25% Learning Power
  • Training Pod II: Costs $15,000 and adds 50% Improved Training
  • Research Hub II: Costs $15,000 and adds 7% Research Power
  • Omni-Cure II: Costs $15,000 and adds 15% Medical Power

It’s smart to upgrade these machines first because they will be the most widely used across all of your campuses. The Research Hub will allow you to learn new ways to upgrade your equipment and the Training Pod will allow you to teach new janitors how to perform the upgrades.

Considering you need to research new upgrades for the different machines before you can apply them, the Research Hub might be the most important investment in the game. You don’t need to spend all of your resources upgrading the Research Machine all the way, but it will help to speed up each project after that.

Considering Lecterns are used for every class, it’s smart to upgrade those because it will increase what students learn, which means better grades. The Omni-Cure station will help your students that inevitably get hurt and upgrading it will keep queues from forming outside of your clinics.

If you’ve already upgraded all of your basic tools, consider improving your campus-specific classrooms like the Cooking School’s Savory Kitchen or the Knight School’s Jousting Track. These are more specific upgrades per classroom and they generally cost $15,000 to upgrade and provide an additional 25% learning power to students for the first upgrade.

It’s good to know that your staff and students can still access these machines while they’re being upgraded, allowing your teacher to continue a class while the Janitor is hammering away. Doing all of this will ensure that your students are getting the absolute most out of their classes.

How to lower staffing costs in Two Point Campus

While not morally good, it will benefit your school’s wallet.

While everyone in real life deserves to have equal and fair pay, that doesn’t translate well when you’re looking to cut staffing costs in Two Point Campus. In this game you’ll quickly learn that your highest expenses are what you’re paying your staff. So put on your evil boss-man hat and get ready to lay off a couple people.

By going into the staff section of your menu, you can view different employees and their impact on your campus. You access this menu by clicking on the little icon of a person, and then on the first option on the left. This will bring up a full list of your current staff. Clicking on a specific member will bring up a detailed overview.

The staff list menu in Two Point Campus

In this menu, you can see a variety of information about what your staff is currently doing as well as their current mood and energy levels. Staff that isn’t happy and full of energy won’t teach well.. For staffing purposes, look under where it says “Status” and look for any newspaper or hourglass icons, which indicate a staff member is idle with nothing to do.

You can also see what you’re paying each staff member, and while you can’t cut their pay, you can fire them and hire someone who can do the same job for much cheaper. If you’re unhappy with the staffing costs, it’s wise to avoid the raise section altogether. That will only add to what you’re paying out to employees each month. 

To lower your costs, the first thing you can do is to get rid of any unneeded teachers or assistants. Sometimes the game will prompt you to buy new staff that you don’t need, so it’s wise to go into this menu and look at any teachers that aren’t actively on break or teaching a class. The same goes with any Assistants that are currently roaming your halls.

If you want to make the most out of your staff in Two Points Campus, you can teach them multiple disciplines and skills. The best skills to teach your staff include:

  • Happy Thoughts: Provides a 4% happiness buff to keep your staff’s spirits up
  • Aerodynamics: This skill is especially good for Janitors as it provides a 5% speed boost
  • Inspirational Thinking: Teachers can learn this skill for a 5% chance to inspire students
  • Comic Timing: This skill helps Assistants with a 5% chance to provide Comic Relief

These skills will keep you from having to hire a new teacher every time that another goes on break. Make sure you have one teacher per function and you’ll be on your way to saving money each month. Maintaining your staff and making sure they’re as trained as they can be will ensure that you aren’t spending more than you have to on employees.