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How to Get Three Stars on Spiffinmore in Two Point Campus

All it takes is a little magic.

While working as an administrator at Two Point Campus, you’ll have to take over as head of different schools that all have their own special majors. Spiffinmore is the most magical place in Two Point County and players will need to help fledgling students learn how to cast spells and make potions.

How to get the first star at Spiffinmore

When you first load into the level, the game will require that you place the Wizardry class as well as a Lecture Theatre. To do that, you’ll be required to take out a large loan by your rival in this level. The only thing that will be on the map is a library and a Lecture Theater, so you’ll need to use the other building. Before you start class, you’ll want to make sure you have:

  • At least one Staff Room
  • A few Dormitories
  • A couple of showers
  • A bathroom.

This will keep your students relatively happy and also helps you level up your campus to meet the actual first star requirements. 

In order to get your first star, you’ll need to:

  • Get your campus to level 15
  • Have an Average Thermal Comfort Rating of 85%
  • Average B+ Grade on Campus
  • Repay your $100,000

The easiest out of these will be to maintain your students’ grades and keep an average thermal rating of 85%. 

In order to keep your students’ grades up, you should also build two Private Tuitions and have at least one teacher for Dark Arts and Wizardry each. Then, after your students attend their first class, you’ll be able to check their grades by clicking on the little icon of a person titled “Personnel Management” and then the group of little people icons titled “Students.”

A screenshot from Two Point Campus showing a list of students and their grades as well as a profile of one specific student

This will show you your Student List with all of your current students’ grades, happiness, and energy. If a student has a C+ or lower, send them to Private Tuition by clicking on their name and the image of a whiteboard under their pop-up profile. This will send them to one Private Tuition class, which should boost their grades. You can always send them for another if it doesn’t.

This will help you make sure that your students are getting higher grades in your class and you can repeat it as many times as you need to. 

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re providing enough warmth for your students and teachers since Spiffinmore is located in a cold part of the county. You can check your campus’s current heat level by clicking on the eyeball in the bottom left of the screen and then the thermometer icon in that menu.

A screenshot from Two Point Campus showing a map of a school showing different areas that are heated, indicated by yellow to red colors.

This menu will show you the different areas in your school that is heated via the light yellow to red color on the map. Areas that are orange to red in color indicate a lot of heat in one specific area. To ensure that your campus is heated enough, make sure that the inside of your buildings is at least a light yellow to provide heat coverage there. 

To get your campus to level 15, you’ll need to purchase new buildings and increase the number of classrooms and other important rooms you have on campus. As your students grow, your campus will continue to grow in level, but it’s much faster if you purchase new stuff for your school and level it up that way.

To get started, consider improving your school with things like:

  • Libraries
  • Dormitories
  • Private Tuition rooms
  • A Research Lab
  • A Training Pod
  • Nurse’s station
  • A food court
  • A club meeting spot

Anything you can add that will impress your students and prove functional in your school will be a great asset to your school.

Lastly, you’ll need to repay the loan you took at the start of the level, therefore showing that you can make a profitable school. In order to do this, you should increase the number of students that you have on campus. At the end of each year, invest more Class Points into one of your classes, or add a new one, and increase your student base.

This will increase the number of people paying for classes, but may also require you to invest in new resources like extra classrooms. When you have more students, repeat the same process to make them do better in school and you’ll be awarded a cash bonus based on the number of students and how much experience they’ve gained. 

You can save up and pay off your loan or pay it month by month until you’re even with the bank. Whichever you do, this one just requires you to be patient and wait for the money to roll in. Once you get close enough, you can take out one of the other loans to help pay off your main loan through the bank icon in the bottom left of your screen and then the money bag.

This shows off your current loan status including how much you owe, how much you’re paying per month, and how many months you have left until you’re paid up. As seen in the picture above, the player could take out the $250,000 loan from Smell My Cash and pay off the Swindles balance, completing the level one star objective.

How to get the second star in Spiffinmore

To get the second star, you’ll have to meet a new set of requirements. The second star on Two Point Campus requires:

  • Resolve 20 Pastoral issues
  • Attractiveness rating of 75%
  • A student population of 80
  • At least 10 level 10 Wizardry students

In order to resolve Pastoral issues, you’ll need to build a Pastoral Support room to help students relieve their stress and other bad moods and a qualified Assistant. Once you have the room built, you’ll need to navigate to the Student List again and look for any students that have low happiness. Click on the characters with low happiness and see if they have any negative Feelings.

A screenshot from Two Point Campus showing a student and a staff member sitting in a counseling room

If the character is experiencing bad Feelings, you should click on the icon with a heart in some hands and the character will go seek Pastoral Support when they have free time. This will likely raise their happiness and if it doesn’t resolve the issue you can send them back to get counseling again. Once you’ve cleared 20 issues, you’ll have completed the objective.

Getting a good attractiveness rating will mean that you need to make sure that you have plenty of decorations around your campus as well as someone to pick up the litter. Placing trashcans in every room and in the most used hallways will be a great way to cut down on litter, in addition to having the proper Janitorial staff. 

In order to check the current Attractiveness of your campus, you should click on the eye in the bottom left of your screen and then the flower. This will immediately pull up a screen that shows what areas of your school are the most attractive, indicated by the green color. You can make an area look better by adding decorations or functional items.

To improve the attractiveness rating for your campus, consider placing:

  • Posters
  • Love furniture
  • Plenty of plants
  • Decorative furniture

Plants are a great way to up the Attractiveness rating in a 4×4 grid. Placing one in hallways can ensure that you’re leveling up your looks without breaking the bank. Keep in mind, though, that the more plants you have, the more janitors you’ll need to maintain them. To complete the objective, just make sure that you’ve got green areas in every room and some outside.

Getting your student population up might be the easiest of these objectives. All you need to do to get more students is invest more into your classes through the Course Management screen. To get there, click the open book icon in the bottom left of your screen and then the image of the diploma from that menu.

 A screenshot from Two Point Campus showing active courses, with Dark Art and Wizardry selected.

When you click the plus on whichever course you want to upgrade, it will show what’s required but also how many new applicants you’ll get that year. Using this, you can get an idea of how many students will be at your school each year ahead of time. After completing the first star requirements, you should have around 150 Course points to spend.

Using this method, you’ll be able to tell exactly when you have 80 students based on adding up the applicants before the year starts.

To get 10 of your Wizardry students to level 10, you should make sure that you have provided everything for those students to do their work. This could mean adding new cubicles to the Library or making sure the classrooms are stocked with the most current gear. You can also help a Student get to higher levels by upgrading the classroom Lecterns and equipment.

A screenshot from Two Point Campus showing a selected Lectern and its upgrade options

To upgrade them, you’ll first need to make sure you have a research room and a Janitor with the Mechanics skill. If you’ve learned how to upgrade these items on previous levels, you won’t need to re-learn the upgrades at Spiffinmore. Once you have researched the upgrade you want, you can click on the item and the gear with an upwards arrow to start the upgrade.

By leveling up the students’ equipment, you’ll be ensuring that they retain more information and get more experience, translating into them leveling up. 

How to get the third star in Spiffinmore

To get the third start on Spiffinmore in Two Point Campus, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Get your Campus Level to 22
  • Have a monthly profit of $50,000
  • Have staff happiness of 65%
  • Get 20 students to graduate with an A+

The third star challenges are the most difficult ones for each level, testing the player’s abilities to the max. However, completing these objectives will largely depend on tasks that you’ve done to complete previous stars.

As you’ve upgraded your courses and helped students study in previous objectives, your school will likely already be close to level 22. That being said, continue to level up your courses, equipment, and rooms, and you’ll achieve this objective just by focusing on the other ones.

Making the $50,000 profit is will require careful planning, like ensuring your staff all have something to do. To check if your staff are busy, you can click on the small icon of a person and then the icon that looks like it’s wearing a lanyard. Go through your staff tab and scroll to see if any of your current staff are “Looking for Work.” 

A screenshot from Two Point Campus showing a list of all staff with their qualifications and happiness

Teachers may be Looking for Work while they aren’t teaching a class, so click the Calendar icon on their individual profiles to see what tasks they have during what months. Another option for teachers is to cross-train them in multiple subjects, allowing them to tutor or cover for other subjects instead of hiring an additional teacher.

The same goes for Janitors, as you’ll need staff who’s capable to fight off campus invaders and upgrade your equipment. If you have a few that can accomplish both of these tasks, you’ll be set for most of the game.

Raising your staff’s happiness will require you to meet their various needs and provide them with plenty of breaks. To check what your staff wants you to improve, go into the Staff List and click on a staff member. In their individual profile, click on the smiley face that shows the different needs of your students. 

a screenshot from Two Point Campus showing a staff list as well as an individual profile showing the staff member’s mood and what’s affecting it.

Any bars that are yellow or red will need to be improved if you have any hope of making your employees happy. If multiple staff all share the same concerns, then you should immediately improve those facilities and equipment in your school. There may need to be more break rooms, food options, cleanliness, and healthiness.

If a specific staff member is giving you a hard time, you can give them a bonus using the slider that’s in each of the staff’s individual menus. This will increase how much you’re paying them, but it will also provide an immediate boost to that employee’s income. 

Lastly, getting 20 students to graduate with an A+ will require that you pay special attention to the students in their final years of the Wizarding or Dark Art programs. As discussed earlier in the guide, build one or more Private Tuition rooms and send any students with under an A+ to get tutored. If you do this consistently throughout the year, you’ll ensure you get the graduates.

This may require you to play through a couple more years at Spiffinmore, especially if you don’t have any students in their final year when you begin the quest. If you can correct bad grades in the years before they graduate, you won’t need to try to fix them in their final year. As long as you are diligent about your Private Tuition, you’ll get students with A+ grades.

That’s all you need to know about how to get three stars at Spiffinmore in Two Point Campus. 

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