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Total War: WARHAMMER III Update Patch Notes Hotfix 4.2.3 Apr 9

Another extensive hotfix for Total War: Warhammer III on April 9, 2024 for PC

Here’s a hefty hotfix for Total War: WARHAMMER III on April 9, 2024 for PC. There’s bug fixes, tweaks, and UI adjustments.

The complete patch notes are below.


Total War: WARHAMMER III Update Apr 9 Hotfix 4.2.3


We're deploying a new hotfix, 4.2.3, to tackle some more bugs and fixes within Total War: WARHAMMER III.

Here's what we've got:
  • Fixed a High Elf battle map that was offset, causing reinforcements to appear behind hard collision.
  • Fixed Ghoritch not displaying correctly in Throt's quest battle "Whip of Damnation."
  • Fixed an issue in Wulfrik the Wanderer's quest battle "Sword of Torgald" where reinforcements were not entering the battle.
  • Fixed an issue in Orion's quest battle "Horn of the Wild" where the constant damage applied to the player was too intense.
  • The Vampire Coast Gunnery Wight Hero now correctly uses all 5 model variations in the campaign.
  • Drycha's "Stolen Power" trait now correctly applies to all tree-type units.
  • Fixed Nakai's settlement occupation option tooltips which were listing the wrong units that they are applied to. (thanks Zerkovich - great video!)
  • Fixed a missing tooltip to the Chivalry cost in the Bretonnia technology tree.
  • Fixed the Boon of Chaos "Chaos Knight Leader" which was not functioning for Exalted Heroes of Khorne or Tzeentch.
  • Fixed Vampire Coast having the wrong landmark building in the Black Pyramid of Nagash settlement.
  • Fixed an issue where the Daemon Prince had two port building chains in the Fu-Chow settlement.
  • The "Arcane Exemplar" boon of chaos for Tzeentch characters had the stated unlock condition of "End your turn with less than 30 Winds of Magic reserves" but also unlocked when ranking up in channeling stance. The text and requirement have been updated to be just ranking up in the channelling stance.
  • The Norsca technologies that increase sacking income from specific races now apply to all races that had relevant follow-up technologies.
  • Fixed the Star Chamber building increasing all Lord ranks rather than just Slann Mage Priests when replacing Lords.
  • The Tzeentch redline skill "Incendiary Ascent" now gives a bonus to missile strength of Flamer-type units rather than weapon strength.
  • Replaced Repanse's combat skill "Indomitable" (leadership bonus) with "Tenacity" (hitpoints bonus) as she has a skill that grants the Unbreakable attribute, making it redundant.
  • Fixed the "Dark Portal" Gift of Chaos not applying to Daemon Prince and characters mounted on the Chaos Warshrine.
  • Fixed missing faction colourings on unit cards and portraits for Druzhina, Celestial General, Hag Witch, and Doombull.
  • The Cathay technology "Administrative Subsidies" now correctly lists the Peasant Horsemen unit in the effect description.
  • The Gate Master's "Bulwark of the Gate" ability now properly disables when he moves.
  • Added the Changebringers unit to the Daemon Prince skills "Commanding Change" and "Barrier of Flame."
  • Fixed the Kislev red line skill "Skirmisher Traditions" applying to Kislevite Warrior units below rank 7 and applying to the Regiment of Renown units twice.
  • Aekold Helbrass's skill "Thornshroud Brethren" now also applies to the Knights of Immolation Regiment of Renown unit.
  • Fixed the Cathay trait "Wise" not having the same effects for both Heroes and Lords. (Lords now get the spell intensity bonus, too.)
  • Greenskin factions now correctly start campaigns with the technology "Waaagh!" unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where income could decrease after owning a huge number of settlements.
  • Fixed an issue where Saytang's flame VFX in the character details UI lacked transparency, unlike its campaign map model. Flames along the wings now display correctly with the intended transparency effect.
  • Resolved an issue causing unnatural arm and leg twists in Druzhina's idle shooting stance animation.
  • Fixed a visual clipping issue where the saddle of a warhorse intersected with the gate master's model during mounting. The saddle now correctly sits on the warhorse without clipping through the gate master.
  • Fix characters in pre or post battle sometimes displaying the wrong scale or position.
  • Fixed an issue with the Grace of Quai Yin Regiment of Renown unit where the model would glitch when viewed close up.
  • Corrected an issue where the 3D porthole animation for an Ice Witch, regardless of variant, did not play while mounted on an Ice Wyrm. The Ice Witch now animates properly in the 3D porthole when mounted.
  • Fixed issue with Gatemaster on horse only firing once. Now fires twice in his fire animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the mounted Druzhina did not dock his bow correctly when dying with the bow in hand.
  • Corrected the animation issue causing the Gate Master's cape to clip during running.
  • Yuan Bo's Dragon skeleton no longer leaks out of his body during matched combat.
  • Improved stability by fixing crashes related to GPU device lost events and improved recovery mechanisms after device lost events.
  • Addressed an issue where Volkmar the Grim's staff did not display blood during battle. The staff now visually accumulates blood as expected in combat scenarios.
  • When performing the Rite of Allegiance as Nakai, the attrition will now correctly apply only to enemies of the Defenders of the Great Plan, rather than all factions within their territory.
  • Fixed the capture weight of Malicious Treemen.
  • Fixed a flickering which can appear on the screen when looking in the general direction of the cave entrance in Forge of Souls.
  • Vampire Fleet Captains with Polearms now have the Charge Defence vs Large and Charge Reflect attributes.
  • Astragoth Ironhand Set bonus:
  • Black Hammer of Hashut cooldown: 40% → 33%
  • Armour: +20 → +10
  • Fixed the Melee Profile and Physical Resistance amount of several Ethereal Units.
  • Fixed non Black Ark lords appearing in the Black Ark recruitment menu.
  • Readying up in multiplayer battles now immediately locks your army UI to prevent you from making edits that look like they are being carried out but actually aren't.
  • Removed splash attacks from the Akshina Ambushers.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resolving a battle during the end of a turn.
  • Fixed an issue with Skaven Warpfire Throwers when transitioning between walking and running animations.
  • Fixed Kairos's skill "Bewitching Potency" not applying "Mastery of the Elemental Winds" to Cultists mounted on Warshrines.


Once again, thank you for your continued input and feedback on Patch 4.2.0, Hotfix 4.2.1, 4.2.2, and the game as a whole.
Please keep sharing your insights with us on our official forums, and we'll see you on the battlefield!
—The Total War Team


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Total War: WARHAMMER III Update Patch Notes Hotfix 4.2.2 Mar 19


That’s everything in hotfix 4.2.3 on April 9 for Total War: WARHAMMER III on PC.

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