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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Closed Playtest #3 Start Date, Time, How To Join

Open world driving game Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown gets a third playtest this month, and registrations are now open for players that want to participate. The process hasn’t been fully outlined yet, and merely requires signing-up for the official newsletter right now.

The playtest itself will run for two days starting April 22, 2024, and wrapping up on April 24. 

The official announcement from developer KT Racing is below:

UPDATED April 22



Register for the next playtest now!

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown third playtest is starting soon!

Radiant, the organizer of the Solar Crown competition, is happy to invite you to the third closed playtest of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. Playtest #3 introduces exclusive content never before experienced in previous playtests and is now open worldwide.

Interested in participating? Sign up for TDU’s official newsletter and keep an eye on your inbox in the upcoming weeks.


Key dates for Playtest #3:

  • 05/04 to 16/04: Registration phase
  • 17/04 to 22/04: NDA signature phase
  • 22/04: Steam key reception
  • 22/04 to 24/04: Playtest #3
  • 24/04 to 29/04: Feedback phase

Please note that Playtest #3 will be performed on PC, Steam only.

To be part of Playtest #3, there will be few steps and rules to respect.


Rule #1.

Selected members will have to sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) sent by Nacon.


Rule #2.

Playtest will be performed under strictly confidential conditions. Selected members must not share any information about this game/test with any third parties, social media or public platforms.


Rule #3.

Selected members must use the same email address during the whole process including: registration form, NDA signature, in-game registration and feedback survey.

Please note that Playtest #3 wi ll be performed on PC, Steam only.


Radiant, Vivian Hughes and the whole team behind thank you very much in advance for your participation.


That’s everything about the Closed Playtest #3 of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown on Steam PC.

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