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Tchia Crab Costume Guide: Where to Get the Crab Costume

Collecting all of the cosmetics in Tchia is quite an undertaking, as there are quite a lot of them scattered around the multiple islands you’ll explore throughout the game. However, you’ll be rewarded with both trophies and incredibly cute costumes for your hero. If you’re after Tchia‘s Crab Costume and its corresponding trophy “Snip Snip”, however, you can score it fairly early in the game by visiting a specific place. We’ll tell you where to find it below.

How to Get the Crab Costume in Tchia

The location of the crab costume in Tchia.

The Crab Costume can be purchased in a small encampment called Tingeting located in the southeastern section of the island Ija Noj. You’ll visit this island near the beginning of the game, so you won’t have to wait terrible long to get the costume. When you arrive at Tingeting, you can find the suit for sale next to the building here in the same area as the claw machine. Buying it will run you 10x Clam Pearls and 15x Braided Trinkets.

Of course, simply buying the Crab Costume won’t score you the “Snip Snip” trophy, if that’s what you’re after. To get the trophy, you’ll need to rest at any campfire and then equip the full costume, which includes the suit, hat, and backpack. Once you’ve got everything equipped, the “Snip Snip” trophy should pop. But more importantly, you’ll look like an adorable crab!

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