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Tchia Claw Machine Guide: How to Use Claw Machine

Tchia has a wide selection of cosmetics to find while exploring its jungles, beaches, and open oceans. Many of these are found in chests or by purchasing them using collectibles you’ve discovered around the islands, but there are also two claw machines in the game, each offering five golden prize balls that contain unique clothing items. We’ll tell you how to use the claw machine below.

How to Use the Claw Machine in Tchia

When you approach a claw machine, you’ll notice that it won’t work right away. Instead, you’ll need to open your backpack and select a trophy to drop in the slot on the right, which will earn you three tries at collecting prizes. It doesn’t matter what type of trophy you drop in the slot (bronze, silver, or gold), as they all grant you the same three opportunities. 

If you don’t have any trophies to operate Tchia‘s claw machine, you can earn them by completing any of the various challenges found on the islands, such as races and shooting galleries. Additionally, the standard prize balls inside the claw machine will reward you with one trophy, which you can then reinsert for more chances at those coveted golden prize balls. 

As for tips on how to actually grab those golden prize balls, there’s not much to offer. Your best bet is to work on lining the claw up directly over the center of the ball you want to grab, but due to the awkward angle of the camera during this minigame, that’s easier said than done. Like real life claw machines, this can be frustrating, as it’s just as much about luck as it is about skill. Keep at it, though!

That’s all you need to know about using the claw machine in Tchia! Enjoy fishing for those new outfits. If you want another cool outfit, check out our guide on where to get the crab costume.