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Suzerain Kingdom Of Rizia DLC Update Patch Notes Apr 2


Dear Suzerain Universe fans,

We are updating the game with a third hotfix. You can read about the dev update in the post here:


If you want to support the endeavor please report your issues in our Discord forum here. We read all your feedback.


Hotfix Patch 3.0.4

The hotfix is deployed to the default branch. The database changes only apply to new games, and code fixes apply to on-going games.


Kingdom of Rizia DLC

Content Updates
  • Reworded Malenyevist worker strike decision to clarify that it's about workers' rights for all industries
  • Added VOR article for when you pass workers' rights without migrant rights
  • Made it more clear when to arrest Rico
  • Changed Vina succession dialogue to correctly reflect her marriage situation
  • Added slightly more explanation for getting kicked out of GRACE after forming Intermerkopum
  • Implemented available and deployed sections in war production panel
  • Added a sound to epilogue


Design and Balancing
  • Middle finger and UNGRACED exit queen drops relations now
  • Made it more difficult to get Lawgiver title
  • Improved Morella relations based off trade
  • Added varying RRG nationalization costs based on ownership
  • Increased costs of certain late deals
  • Reduced strength of starting unit formation
  • Increased cost of AP giving decrees
  • Increased Pales gas field initial cost


Bug Fixes and Polish
  • Fixed an issue with the final speech that was missing
  • Fixed Pales not getting annexed in specific peace treaty scene path
  • Fixed Manus being house of delegates leader according to RH
  • Fixed no RH article triggering when building Sallabes Consumer Park
  • Fixed border security check
  • Changed the workers' rights situation check so it is a little easier to get acceptable workers' rights
  • Fixed issue in the epilogue where Lucita comes up to you while sitting right next to you
  • Fixed Wehlen saying treaty was breached when it wasn't
  • Fixed interim prime minister naming error in epilogue
  • Stopped Angelica Sazon from attending Axel's wedding
  • Made it so that Morella actually sent the aircraft they promised
  • Fixed final murder investigation scene getting cut off in the middle
  • Fixed Laurento saying he regrets losing Zille when the opposite was true
  • Added condition to one comment about GASOM from Queen
  • Made Derdia motto consistent
  • Improved some grammatical and writing errors in turn 4 scene
  • Fixed giving handouts to Axel while fighting him
  • Fixed duplicate responses regarding resource checks and conditions for Estela and Bea
  • Fixed Sal escaping from prison and declaring Golconda in Rizia
  • Removed option to remove provincial levies if increased
  • Added military ship to Fort Ales construction completion
  • Added budget checks for yacht restoration choices
  • Fixed token status effects not changing when cities change ownership
  • Fixed token subtitles not changing when cities change ownership
  • Fixed flagship fake shadow having wrong size
  • Fixed prologue text scrolling up when hovering on a tooltip
  • Fixed notes page scrolling
  • Fixed issues with operation progress state
  • Fixed issues with deployed unit refunds in between operations
  • Fixed issue with Zille referendum not showing up in AN
  • Fixed Pales country status continuously changing
  • Fixed veto intention not being set in reforms
  • Fixed operation 2 triggering despite loss
  • Many spelling and grammar corrections
  • Fixed some capital I Zille typos
  • Made a fix for national destabilization on HOD closure to be mutually exclusive
  • Fixed some summary typos
  • Added manpower modifier start also for hospital
  • Achievement bugs are fixed after SVN desync


Missing Content List
  • Achievements beyond prologue and chapters
  • For some epilogues images, and dates might be missing
  • Transition images for turns


Suzerain Base

  • Fixed inconsistency between reports and Lileas' dialogue on the BFF operation
  • Added extra checks for BFF uprising to be bypassed on
  • Attempted fix missing options for Aschraf anniversary request
  • Fixed missing governor setups for BALGA centralization bill
  • Fixed Sordland map being outdated


Those are the patch notes on April 2 for both the Suzerain base game and the all-new Kingdom of Rizia DLC on Steam PC.

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