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Survival: Fountain of Youth Update Patch Notes May 30

Survival: Fountain of Youth is finally out of Early Access and a few hotfixes have since been released. The single-player, open-world adventure evokes Robinson Crusoe, with its protagonist similarly shipwrecked on a Caribbean island in the 1500s.

This is a compilation of recent patch notes for Survival: Fountain of Youth, in descending order, from latest to oldest:





Hotfix 1631 | Seeds Harvesting Fix, Animal Carcasses Fix, and More May 30

Hello, Fountain Seekers!
We’ve just released Hotfix 1631, addressing several important issues.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • The issue with animals dealing a lot of damage at once should be fixed. If you reencounter this bug, please let us know.
  • The issue with animal carcasses respawning in the regions they are not supposed to be in should be fixed.
  • Fixed the issue with stamina and breathing not working properly when slowing down daytime speed.
  • Fixed the issue with Icaco Seeds requiring Icaco Flower instead of Icaco Fruit to craft.
  • Fixed the issue with quests in the Bimini temple staying active even after completion.
  • Added the possibility to disable durability warnings (Settings > Controls > Durability warnings in HUD)
  • Added UltraWide 16:10 display resolution support.
  • Fixed the issue with the Ark ship getting a lot of damage from sudden braking and changing direction.
  • Fixed the bug when the storm automatically started when entering the hold of the Ark ship.
  • Fixed the bug when collecting seeds from plants with instant harvesting was impossible.
  • Fixed the issue with Crafting 5 skill, so that you get back the same amount of resources it required when crafting an item.
  • Fixed the issue with the save file name when choosing custom difficulty settings (it is labeled ‘Custom’ now).
  • Foundation modules icons fix.
  • Multiple underwater fixes in various regions.
  • Multiple visual and localization fixes.


Huge thanks for your reports!
The Survival: Fountain of Youth Team



Hotfix 1626 | Ark Transportation Fix, and Other Fixes May 23

  • Hello, Fountain Seekers!
  • First of all, a huge thanks to all of you for the enormous support on our full release!
  • And here comes the first patch addressing several important issues.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Fixed the bug with some items that could disappear after transporting it in the Ark ship to another region.
  • Fixed the balance of the Armadillo Mortar
  • Some localization fixes.
We're already working on fixing other issues you've reported, the next patch is coming next week. Be sure to report any other bugs that you encounter!


Thanks for your support!
The Survival: Fountain of Youth Team



Hotfix 1597 | Cartography Issue Fix and Several Other Fixes April 29

Hello, Fountain Seekers!
We released a small hotfix to address the issues reported since the update release.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Fixed the issue with cartography progress not saving after exiting the game.
  • Fixed the issue with the health penalty remaining after loading the previous save.
  • Fixed disappearing fishing spots in the Puma region.
  • Fixed the display of counters for some quest steps.
  • Fixed the place on Windy Island where it was possible to get stuck.


Huge thanks for your reports! As always, you can share them in the comments, at [email protected], and on our official Discord server!
The Survival: Fountain of Youth Team



Patch 1587 | Improved Saving System, New Tutorial, and More April 15

Greetings, Fountain Seekers!
We are making the final steps in our Early Access adventure and here goes the patch that will smooth up our way there. Be prepared and enjoy the changes we've made.
The biggest change is the improvement to the saving system, and we're particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on it. There is also a new tutorial, more house customization recipes, the ability to craft using items from nearby containers...
So, while you're updating the game, it's time to look at this patch in more detail. Shall we?



The long-awaited improvements to the saving system have come! There are up to four profiles as separate games you can simultaneously play with each one having 10 saving slots. You can save and load them on demand (except for the Iron Man mode).



With the game having developed so far, we felt that the existing tutorial should be improved. We’ve studied a lot of your feedback to make onboarding more intuitive and player-friendly.
The new tutorial sequence includes a small island within which a new player learns all basic game mechanics before heading to the Island of Hope. There are new quests and various changes so that players’ exploration of the Bird region is more enjoyable and that the learning curve is not so steep anymore.
Hopefully, these changes are all for the better. Looking forward to your feedback and comments!



  • More decor blueprints! The list includes chairs (and the ability to sit on them) + a table, a bench, and a stool, as well as several items from Santiago: a wall anchor, a captain's plate, and ship paddles.

  • Now you can use items not only from your Inventory but also from containers nearby. It works for crafting, building, repairing, installing traps, and farming. Less leg work, more arm work!
  • One more resource management improvement! When interacting with a container, you can now move all stacks of duplicate items with one button (stacks that are both in the inventory and the container).
  • Optimized physics of objects and surfaces’ behavior for better performance.



  • Added the possibility of not using tinder during the ignition process
  • Changed the color of the wood material (now houses and some machines will look a little different)
  • Added a ‘News’ window in the main menu of the game. Because there will be news!
  • Fixed mines’ holes on the Island of Hope
  • Fixed the scroll button visibility
  • Fixed animal outlines in Concentration mode
  • Improved the disclaimer during the game launch
  • Changed how goals are displayed: when all mandatory steps in a group are completed, the next group is activated and shown in HUD (so quests with optional steps work correctly)
  • Bird Potion balance fix
  • Fixed the barrel on the Lonely Rock
  • Localization changes
  • Multiple visual fixes



We're happy to announce that the Sea Wolf Pack DLC is out and available for purchase! It’s a set of cosmetic items for your home for those who want to elevate the naval theme in their homes.
The Sea Wolf pack contains 8 blueprints of various maritime items:
  • a ship’s bell that will ring when poked around.
  • an anchor to place on the floor of your home.
  • a ship’s helm to be placed on any wall you want.
  • a spinning globe from the 16th century with the known coast at the time.
  • a scaled model of Santiago.
  • two historical maps of the New World, the map of Piri Reis and the map of Juan de la Cosa to display on walls.
  • a Captain’s Hat with nice bonuses including +100% protection from the sun, +25% protection from the wind, cold, and rain; +5 armor; -5% wound chance and decreasing poison chance.


With the release of this pack, we want to provide you with the option of additional customization of your houses. We hope you'll enjoy this new DLC, as it would also be very helpful for the game development.

Alright, that's enough for now - but not for today, as a bit later we're announcing the full release date (finally)!
Have a great week, enjoy the update, and stay tuned for more news!
The Survival: Fountain of Youth Team


Those are all of the recent patch notes up through May 30 for Survival: Fountain of Youth.

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