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Supermarket Simulator Update Patch Notes v0.1.2.3 Mar 29


Hello everyone!

Thank you for playing Supermarket Simulator.
Here's the patch notes for v0.1.2.3:
  • Increased customer count gap to increase gradually with store level
  • Added opening & closing checkout counters
  • Added cashier moving to any available checkout counter when his counter is boxed
  • Added Steam Cloud support
  • Added save file backup system
  • Added auto-save system to save everytime a day's completed
  • Added a save button to the settings menu
  • Fixed the bug causing corrupting save files. If you still have the issue, please make sure you turn off your anti-virus software
  • Fixed some visual bugs
  • Fixed Japanese translation of the Restocker menu & the locked text on the storage door
  • Fixed boxes staying on air
  • Fixed green tea visuals and balanced the item count on both box & shelf
  • Fixed employee costs are not paid on a new day
  • Edited some products
  • Fixed filters for products on the market app not working
Please let us know when you encounter any issue on our Discord or Steam community so that we can fix it asap.


Thank you and have fun!


Supermarket Simulator Restockers Update Patch Notes Mar 13


That’s a wrap on the patch notes for Supermarket Simulator on Mar 29.

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