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Supermarket Simulator Update Patch Notes June 27





Customization Update June 27


Hello everyone!

The long-awaited update has arrived!
As I've said before, I took some time to build a team and now we're back in the game.
Thank you all for your patience and support. I hope you enjoy the update.


What’s new:


Modified restockers to take boxes from the ground too


Added more sections for the storage area




Added renaming the supermarket


Added changing the position of the entrance


Painting the walls…


…and the floor


New shelves-fridges-freezers & color variations


There’s more!

  • Optimization
  • Added a large rack
  • Changed the small rack model
  • Separated the storage's light control
  • Edited product placement in boxes to see the last product in the box easily
  • Visual bug fixes
  • Added placement zone to spotlights
  • Fixed customers paying less than they should
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck on navigation
  • Fixed loan payments are sent even after paid off early or completed


Supermarket Simulator on Steam is the only game we're developing. Please don't mind other games/studios using supermarket naming to clone our game.

Thank you and have fun!



Patch v0.1.2.4 April 1

Hello everyone!

Thank you for playing Supermarket Simulator.
Here's the patch notes for v0.1.2.4:
  • Added mouse invert and FOV settings
  • Fixed not being able to take items into the empty boxes once closed and opened that started to happen after the last update
  • Fixed not being able to place boxes once placed into racks AKA boxes staying red
  • Fixed restockers mixing products and misplacing them
  • Fixed NPC pathfinding bug that causes characters to get stuck or move weirdly
  • Fixed product icons on boxes are clipping with the cardboard box
  • Fixed closed checkouts are re-opening on a new day by itself
  • Fixed the count of Zap Soda on purchase
  • Fixed racks keeping the label when placing an empty box onto them
  • Fixed cashiers not starting to work when spawned or moved
  • Optimized the way restockers work for better FPS
Please let us know when you encounter any issue on our Discord or Steam community so that we can fix it asap.

Thank you and have fun!


Supermarket Simulator Restockers Update Patch Notes Mar 13


That’s a wrap on the patch notes for Supermarket Simulator on June 27.

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