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Super Mario RPG: How to Open the Sealed Door in Monstro Town

As you travel the regions of Super Mario RPG Remake, you will eventually come across a mysterious sealed door in Monstro Town. If you’ve been wondering how to get in there and uncover its secret boss within, this Super Mario RPG Remake guide will give you step by step instructions to complete the quest.

Get The Fireworks In Super Mario RPG Remake

Your journey begins in the Moleville Region in Moleville proper. From the starting point, make your way straight north up the stairs, past the five crates on the ground, and into the building. Once inside, speak to the Mole in green overalls and purchase the Fireworks for 500 coins; be careful not to accidentally purchase a second one, which is entirely possible to do.

How to Get The Shiny Stone In Super Mario RPG Remake

Right outside the store, go to the crates where you can barely make out a little Mole girl with a pink bow that wants to trade you for the Fireworks. Swap them for the Shiny Stone, and return to Monstro Town in the Land’s End Region.

Once you’ve arrived at the Sealed Door, simply interact with it to enter and begin your encounter with the secret boss, Culex!

That’s all you need to know about how to open the sealed door in Super Mario RPG to face your final challenge! Check out our guide on how to get the Signal Ring to find Hidden Treasures, as well as all our guides for the biggest release of November: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

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