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Sunkenland Update Patch Notes Test Branch Apr 3


Update V0.2.5 | Test Branch


New content

We are excited to inform everyone that the power system has been updated!

Unfortunately, the old and new power systems are not compatible, so when you log in, you will find all the wires between generators and electrical appliances disconnected. This was an unavoidable action, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. For a long time, players could only generate power using fuel, which was not environmentally friendly and wasted precious fuel, and the electricity consumption of various household appliances was very high. This was very unreasonable!
To optimize the power system, we have made the following changes:
  • Weather System: Now, the weather in the game will change periodically. Currently, the game features sunny, cloudy, and thunderstorm weather.
  • Sunny: Little wind, strong sunlight.
  • Cloudy: Moderate wind, weak sunlight.
  • Thunderstorm: No sunlight, strong wind, and it will continuously be cold, accompanied by thunder and lightning.
Future game content will interact with the weather, such as ghost ships appearing only during thunderstorms and active rare fish schools only on cloudy days.


New Power Facilities

  • Introduced three new power generation facilities: wind turbines, solar panels, and lightning rods.
  • Wind Turbines: Clean and pollution-free generators. The higher they are built, the stronger the power generation. Try to build them high up!
    Can only be built on rubber floors.

  • Solar Panels: Facilities that generate electricity using sunlight. Height affects their power generation capacity but only to a limited extent; building them on rooftops 15 meters high is sufficient.
    They cannot generate power at night or during stormy weather.
    Can only be built on rubber floors.

  • Lightning Rods: Generate electricity using stormy weather. There is a chance to store the electricity from lightning in the power grid during thunderstorms.
    Can only be built on specialized bases.

  • Power Grid: To make the entire power consumption network more transparent, a Power Center building has been added. The Power Center and transformers (which can only be built in the next version) are considered power intermediaries. Generators and electrical appliances must be connected through these power intermediaries to function; direct connections between generators and appliances are not allowed.
    The role of the Power Center is to display the current energy storage status of the power network, indicating whether the overall electricity loss is positive energy storage or negative energy consumption.

Now, each generator comes with a certain battery storage capability. Once the power generation function is activated, it will start storing energy in its associated power grid.

If you feel that your power grid's storage capacity is insufficient, you can also build standalone batteries to connect to the grid to increase the storage limit.

  • Junction Box: Use a junction box to optimize your wiring routes.

  • Fuel Generators: Significantly improved efficiency and increased construction cost. If wind and solar power can't meet your needs, then prepare a fuel generator. As long as there's fuel, power will be uninterrupted.
  • Various Electrical Appliances: Balanced the power consumption of various buildings and items.


Map Markers

Now, all players can use markers on the map. The method is quite simple, just four steps:
  • Open the map

  • Click the left mouse button on a certain spot on the map.

  • Enter the name for the marker and click confirm!
    Clicking the left mouse button on the marker allows you to change its color.
    When you no longer need this marker, you can delete it by clicking the right mouse button on it.


New Item

To avoid players having to backtrack, we've introduced a new item: the Sleeping Bag! Essentially, it's a one-time use respawn point that you can craft.

Once crafted, it will exist as an item.

You can place it at any location.

You can rename the sleeping bag to avoid confusion with others.

If not needed, you can pack it up with a "Packing Box" for reuse.


Optimizations and Adjustments

  • Logging Adjustment: For a long time, spears and axes have had overlapping roles. In this version, we introduced the concept of chopping value; the higher the chopping value, the more efficient the tree cutting. We reduced the health of trees to decrease the time players spend on cutting trees. We also reduced the attack damage of axes; axes are meant for chopping trees, not for combat. We removed the ability to chop trees with combat knives, but you can use machetes instead.
  • Combat Location Adjustments:
    • Minor Adjustment: Added water fortress clusters to Iron Skull Base and Iron Helmet Base.
    • Major Overhaul: Twin Rocks has been completely redone and now requires a helicopter to reach.

Vehicle Adjustments

  • The method of learning to build helicopters has changed from random blueprints to targeted blueprints at the big bridge.
  • Helicopter health has been increased to 20,000, while manufacturing costs have been reduced.
  • We have significantly optimized the way helicopters are controlled and increased their flight speed.
  • The control methods for other vehicles have also been optimized accordingly.


Clothing Recycling

  • Recycling machines can now recycle various types of clothing, not only yielding cloth but also a chance to obtain small items like lighters.


Weapon Adjustments

  • The cost of iron axes has been reduced, with the required iron ingots reduced from 15 to 2. This makes the axe a transitional tool, as its previous cost was too expensive.
  • The costs of some initial weapons, such as wooden spears and scrap spears, have been lowered.
  • Serrated axes, machetes, and combat daggers now require damaged components as prerequisite materials for crafting, and their manufacturing cost has been significantly reduced.
  • Excess damaged components can be decomposed at a decomposition station.
  • To save space in players' inventory, the stack number for melee weapons that cannot be modified has been increased from 1 to 20.

  • Machine gun damage has been increased from 180 to 220.
  • .50 caliber bullets production per batch has been increased from 60 to 100 rounds, with the stack size per group increased from 1000 to 2000.


Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Corrected sound effects that were not playing correctly while walking.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved alignment and construction issues with triangular foundations.
  • Bug Fix: Addressed the absence of some national voiceovers.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue where some automatic firearms lacked a semi-automatic firing mode, reduced unnecessary model polygons, and enhanced game performance.
  • Bug Fix: Overcame inaccuracies with ranged weapons by discovering and correcting inherent logic flaws in the base code, leading to a complete overhaul of the shooting code module.
  • Bug Fix: Identified and rectified causes for some enemies not respawning, particularly addressing scenarios where enemies had been cleared but could not be occupied.
  • Bug Fix: Implemented a change where enemies on an island will not respawn as long as a player remains on the island, only refreshing once the player departs.
To switch to version 0.2.5, go to your Steam Library, right-click on the game, and select 'Properties'. Click on the 'BETAS' tab and choose 'publictest' from the drop-down menu.

(To switch back, just follow the same procedure and select 'None - opt out of all beta programs'.)"
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Those are the patch notes on Apr 3 for the test branch of Sunkenland on Steam PC.

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