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Starfield Manual Save Freeze & Crash Guide: How to Fix it

Having an issue you need to fix with a Starfield crash when you manual save? Starfield has been a relatively bug-free release thus far, especially for a Bethesda game, but some players are experiencing one significant glitch when attempting to save their game. This Starfield guide will help you identify and address the persistent problem.

Why Does Starfield Crash When Saving Manually?

How to fix Starfield manual save crash.

The issue arises when there are an excessive number of manual save slots in use. Starfield itself does not impose a hard limit on the number of save slots, so when players create too many save files for the game to handle, it simply freezes. The only solution is to delete as many of the manual saves as possible, if not all.

How To Stop Starfield Freezing On PC

  • Navigate to Local Disk (C:) / Users / <Your Username> / Documents / My Games / Starfield / Saves
  • Backup the entire ‘Saves’ folder as a precaution.
  • Excluding files named “Quicksave”, “Autosave”, and “Exitsave”, delete all other files containing the term “save”.
  • You should be able to boot into the game now.

How To Stop Starfield Crashing On Xbox

  • Ideally, you will have cloud sync set up already for Starfield.
  • Restore your game from the cloud to a point before the crashing began.
  • Once the game becomes playable again, simply delete as many manual saves as possible to avoid unintentionally going over the limit again.

Once you have achieved some degree of stability in the game, be sure not to create an excessive number of manual save files, and opt to simply overwrite previous manual saves instead.

That’s everything about how to fix the freezing and crash upon making manual saves in Starfield. Check out our guide on the exciting Starfield New Game Plus mode.