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Stardew Valley Update Patch Notes 1.6.5 April 19


1.6.5 patch notes

Fixes a rare crash
After quickly fixing a few issues with 1.6.4, we are now on 1.6.5.
This one fixes a rare crash that could happen in the mines.
It should also help with some people who use mods that were having trouble loading their saves after 1.6.4.


Stardew Valley Update Patch Notes 1.6.6 April 26


Bug fixes:
  • - Fixed crash when loading dark mine levels in some cases.
  • - Broken villager NPCs (usually due to a removed mod) are now deleted on load. They'll respawn when they're re-added to the data.
Thank you


Stardew Valley Update Patch Notes 1.6 Mar 19 2024


That’s everything for the patch notes in the 1.6.5 update on April 19 for Stardew Valley.

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