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Star Wars Jedi Survivor New Game Plus: All New Features

Star Wars Jedi Survivor players will likely be getting to the game’s conclusion throughout the game’s initial week, and many may be wondering if the game features new game plus. The game’s predecessor, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, featured new game plus mode, but not until it was added after launch. Fans will likely be a bit happier this time around, though. Read on to learn all about new game plus mode!

Does Star Wars Jedi Survivor Have New Game Plus?

Yes, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features a new game plus mode! Unlocked after the completion of your first journey in a galaxy far, far away, New Journey+ is the mode to have fresh adventures in Jedi: Survivor. While players don’t keep all of their skills, they will get all of their current skills converted into skill points to use at the first meditation spot that they come across. In addition, all five of the game’s stances will be available from the beginning in this mode.

Are There New Unlocks in New Journey Plus?

Yes! In addition to keeping all of their previous unlocks in various forms, players unlock a couple of new features in this new mode. First, three new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor perks are available to players in new game plus, each of which changes how the game plays. Those three perks are:

  • Trendsetter: randomizes your cosmetics on each death
  • Purity: increases all damage dealt by both enemies & allies
  • Warrior: increases difficulty of combat encounters by adding different, more difficult enemies

In addition, a couple of new lightsaber colors are present: red & party. Use red to embrace your inner dark side. Meanwhile, the new party blade is perfect for indecisive Jedi, as this blade cycles through colors as Cal fights.

That’s all you need to know about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor new game plus mode! If you’re being more thorough with puzzles in your new playthrough, check out our Chamber of Reason solution to save some time.