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Soulmask Update Patch Notes June 25





Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 07 June 25

Dear Chieftains,
To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from June 25, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.
The update details are as follows:


[Game Optimizations]

  • Optimized the visual and sound effects of the Claw Tribe Leader·Bloodletter's Ignite Weapon ability.
  • Optimized the sound effects for certain Dual-blade Mastery.
  • Enhanced the ambient sounds in the Rainforest and Desert areas.
  • Added Superarmor and extended Invincibility frames to the Blade Golden Mastery "Low Strike", making it easier to hit smaller targets.
  • Tribesmen within a 100-meter radius of a Bonfire will not be attacked by the Tribute Capturer NPC.
  • Improved the lighting effects of Wall Torches and Wall Oil Lamps.
  • Map now displays icons for free-range animals that are not mounts.
  • Optimized simultaneous operations of multiple granaries, with tribesmen now coordinating to tend to their respective farmlands.
  • You can now roast mushrooms and potatoes using recipes directly on your cooking stove.
  • Optimized the attack pattern of the Armadillo Lizard.


[Gameplay Adjustments]

  • Removed the sound coefficient correction from defense mods and deleted Chill-proof and Heat-proof adjustments in damage reduction mods.
  • Silica Sand can now be produced in a mill.
  • Fish Soup is now automatically consumable by tribesmen.
  • Turtle Shell can be used as a substitute for Shell to repair Bronze and Iron costumes.
  • Optimized combat AI for low-level (below level 40) humanoid enemies, who will now prefer to Block rather than Dodge when attacked from a distance.
  • Reduced the skill cooldown time for the Great Sword Mastery "Uplift."
  • Respawn function is disabled while riding.


[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed the issue where the "Extreme Cold Aura" effect would remain after the character's death.
  • Fixed the issue with the Talent entry "Calm and Peaceful" displaying incorrect stack numbers.
  • Fixed the issue where the Gauntlets Mastery "Slidestep Hook" could cause characters to be thrown too far.
  • Fixed the issue allowing multiple stacks of the Mastery "Guarding Roar" and "Fearless Roar" to be applied.
  • Fixed the issue where visual effects caused by the Vajra Ape could persist.
  • Fixed the issue where rolling under the Blood Sacrifice state was misidentified as a Low Strike.
  • Fixed the issue where interrupting the recovery of "Retreat Drill" with a jump would also briefly apply Superarmor to other skill hits.
  • Fixed the issue where hitting an enemy's shield (wooden or steel) when they are not in defense state does not cause damage.
  • Fixed the sliding issue occurring after a spear execution.
  • Mining, Logging, and Collecting now produce a certain amount of noise, alerting the enemy.
  • Fixed a small chance overlap issue between Mimicry models and Masks.
  • Fixed the issue where certain Mimicry models block the player's view when drawing a bow.
  • Fixed the issue where Llamas carrying NPCs can be damaged by traps.
  • Fixed the issue where the Superarmor remains when the "Tactical Guidance" Mimicry of deployed tribesmen is disabled.
  • Fixed the issue where NPCs carried on the player character's back would behave abnormally if grabbed and dropped by a Vulture.
  • Fixed the issue where the release of certain skills would cause mining.
  • Fixed the issue where Parrots and Monkeys placed on shoulders would disappear if the game client was forcibly closed.
  • Fixed the issue where Half-Height Blackstone Stairs can be constructed in mid-air.
  • Fixed the issue where the displayed range of Workshop type buildings does not change after modifying their coverage area.
  • Fixed the issue where tribesmen assigned to maintain bonfires would not actively supply fuel to the Air Heater.
  • Fixed the issue where all tribesmen might show the "Cannot assign work to the default tribesman" prompt.



Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 06 June 21

Dear Chieftains,
Thank you for your consistant support of Soulmask! We will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from June 21, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes.
The maintenance details are as follows:
  • Fixed the occasional issue where the mount stamina can't recover after cross-server travel


In this update, we will enable the cross-server feature for the PVP servers that were released in the first week of Soulmask Early Access (before June 7, at 7:00 AM UTC) . Players on these servers can teleport to other servers in the same region or same war zone via the portal above Pyramid. More PVP cross-server features are on the way! We will enable the cross-server features for the remaining PVP servers in sebatches according to their releasing times.
Hope you have an enjoyable time in the world of Soulmask!


The list of servers with the cross-server feature enabled is as follows:
  • AS[Group02_1]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group02_2]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group02_3]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group02_4]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group02_5]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group02_6]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group02_7]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group02_8]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group03_1]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC09~17
  • AS[Group03_2]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC09~17
  • AS[Group03_3]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC09~17
  • AS[Group03_4]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC09~17
  • AS[Group03_5]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC09~17
  • AS[Group03_6]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC09~17
  • AS[Group03_7]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC09~17
  • AS[Group03_8]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC09~17
  • AS[Group04_1]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group04_2]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group04_3]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group04_4]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group04_5]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group04_6]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group04_7]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group04_8]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group05_1]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group05_2]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group05_3]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group05_4]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group05_5]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group05_6]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group05_7]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group05_8]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group06_1]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group06_2]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group06_3]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group06_4]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group06_5]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group06_6]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group06_7]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • AS[Group06_8]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC12~16
  • NA[Group02_1]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group02_2]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group02_3]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group02_4]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group02_5]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group02_6]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group02_7]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group02_8]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group03_1]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group03_2]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group03_3]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group03_4]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group03_5]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group03_6]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group03_7]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group03_8]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group04_1]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group04_2]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group04_3]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group04_4]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group04_5]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group04_6]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group04_7]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group04_8]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group05_1]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group05_2]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group05_3]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group05_4]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group05_5]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group05_6]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group05_7]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group05_8]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group06_1]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group06_2]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group06_3]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group06_4]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group06_5]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group06_6]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group06_7]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group06_8]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group07_1]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group07_2]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group07_3]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group07_4]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group07_5]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group07_6]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group07_7]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group07_8]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC22~06
  • NA[Group08_1]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group08_2]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group08_3]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group08_4]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group08_5]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group08_6]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group08_7]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • NA[Group08_8]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC01~05
  • EU[Group02_1]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group02_2]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group02_3]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group02_4]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group02_5]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group02_6]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group02_7]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group02_8]PvPtest_6P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group03_1]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group03_2]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group03_3]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group03_4]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group03_5]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group03_6]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group03_7]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group03_8]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group04_1]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group04_2]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group04_3]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group04_4]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group04_5]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group04_6]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group04_7]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group04_8]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group05_1]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group05_2]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group05_3]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group05_4]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group05_5]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group05_6]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group05_7]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group05_8]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group06_1]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group06_2]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group06_3]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group06_4]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group06_5]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group06_6]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group06_7]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group06_8]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group07_1]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group07_2]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group07_3]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group07_4]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group07_5]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group07_6]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group07_7]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group07_8]PvPtest_06P Tribe_UTC19~23
  • EU[Group08_1]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group08_2]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group08_3]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group08_4]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group08_5]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group08_6]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group08_7]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24
  • EU[Group08_8]PvPtest_20P Tribe_UTC16~24



Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 05 June 20

Dear Chieftains,
To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from June 20, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.
The update details are as follows:


[Map Optimizations]

  • Optimized the level structure of Random Maze Ruins
  • Optimized the triggering of the one-way door in dungeons to prevent players from getting stuck in the door
  • Optimized the dungeon's teleportations and its random range to prevent some anomalies
  • Added new Respawn Points in the advanced area that can be used upon exploration


[Experience Optimizations]

  • For tribesmen: enhanced their survival capabilities regardless of the deployed states. Upon Feign Death, auto-recover of deployed tribesmen will be much faster
  • The disease's duration has changed from Permanent to 300 seconds. VFX displays when catching a disease. Antidotes' Intros are added to the disease buff description
  • Optimized bear's combat skills and AI
  • While playing the cutscene — the death of “Central Core”, players obtain a Damage Immunity effect
  • The random chance for some of the Non-Golden Masteries has increased
  • Invulnerability has been added while repairing nodes in Pyramid to prevent interruption
  • Attack Speed is now displayed on the stats interface
  • Optimized bow's mastery "Shooting Technique". The target is easier to hit when locked on
  • Optimized VFX for the damage reflection of the talent affix "Fight Back"
  • Granary and Breeding Farm are now unlocked at Lv.10
  • Damage derement by Sticky Explosive Can to different constructions becomes smoother
  • Steel Battering Ram and Steel Cannonball deal more damage to Blackstone Constructions
  • Corrected action and sound effect of drinking from Water Bottle
  • Added description for Repair Times and Loss Ratio of Max Durability to gear tips


[PVP Cross-server Test is On]

  • After this update, the cross-server feature of PVP servers in Group01 on Asia Server, North America Server, and Europe Server will unlock at 07:00, 6/20 (UTC). Players on these servers can travel to other servers in Group01 of the same region via the cross-server portal above the pyramid. Other PVP cross-server features are on the way.


[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed the special effect remnant issue of Common Mammoth's skills
  • Fixed the display errors of Quality, Level, and other info under details in Hunting Gallery
  • Fixed the issue where Tempest Griffin's Wind Projectile wouldn't disappear after being unlashed
  • Fixed the issue of invisible friend units that couldn't be seen when Rendering Quality under Game Settings - Graphics is set as Low or Ultra-low
  • Fixed the issue where the display of “Mysterious Stone Table” wasn't refreshed after switching masks with mask hidden
  • Fixed the mask decor display issue on tribesmen after remodel
  • Fixed the display anomaly of Upper Limit for Tribesmen on the I interface after the adjustment of Recruitable Tribesmen Coefficient
  • Fixed the issue of occasional anomaly skin color after the hairstyle was changed
  • Fix the issue where when the bow was drawn, some feather accessories and Mimicry models would block the view
  • Fixed the issue where characters could stand on Anti-climb Thorns
  • Fixed Piranha's growth speed issue
  • Fixed the teleportation drift issue of animals after being carried through Portal
  • Fixed the issue where the NPC's action of using bandages still went on after being interrupted
  • Fixed the issue where the talent affix “Multiple Shooting” could only take effect in the Solo mode
  • Optimized the clipping issue of Vajra Ape's animation and its attack sound effect
  • Fixed the model inconsistency of throwable weapons when gripped and not gripped
  • Fixed the issue where “Mind-Heart Unison”, “Bloodbath Recovery”, and some other talent affixes couldn't be triggered when facing animals or machines
  • Fixed the issue where barbarians with the “Likes defecation” affix could trigger the continuous effect when entering Outhouse, but the effect would be removed the instant they left Outhouse
  • Fixed the issue where barbarians with the “Likes dancing” affix could trigger the continuous effect when dancing, but the effect would be removed the instant they stopped dancing
  • Fixed the action play anomaly of the executed when a barbarian was executed with Backstab
  • Fixed the issue where players might get stuck in models after being caught and thrown by the boss's Grab skill
  • Fixed the absence of the footstep's sound effect when riding an ostrich
  • Fixed the inconsistency between the displayed number and actual number of Turkeys in Turkey Coop
  • Fixed the issue where "Lighting Module" would reactivate when getting on and off the mount.
  • Fixed the vibration issue of Sprint while auto-advancing
  • Optimized the issue where player gets stuck in the air with the Leap Slash skill
  • Fixed the issue where after the tribesmen on patrol were deployed, the patrol mode was still on
  • Fixed the occasional display error of buff's time
  • Fixed the occasional issue where the skill gets stuck or first dry shoot would be released when using the bow’s mastery “Running Fire”
  • Fixed the occasional animation issue of character execution
  • Fixed the issue where players could enter the interior of mountains by climbing
  • Optimized the monster quantity in the dungeon ruins



Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 04 June 17

Dear Chieftains,
To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from June 18, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.
The update details are as follows:


  • Adjusted the strength of the invading leader monsters. These leaders aren't that hard to deal with now when invading the tribe guarded by many players
  • Fixed the issue that the boss may disappear in Official and Private Servers
  • Fixed the error that occurred in dissecting vultures with Steel and Enhanced Butcher's Knives
  • Fixed the occasional disconnection when shooting with Rapid Bow's Divine Power Possession switched on
  • Fixed the issue that players failed to exit the Building Mode after the construction item was discarded
  • Fixed the issue that the ostrich nest wouldn't refresh anymore if the ostrich egg in your hands was broken
  • Fixed the issue that Refined Feed couldn't be crafted caused by recipe reminder that fuels were needed
  • Fixed the occasional crashing issue of the server


Of course, we won't stop here! This week, there will be another update for Soulmask, with more adjustments and improvements. Stay tuned!



Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 03 June 14

Dear Chieftains,
To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from June 14, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.
The update details are as follows:


[Major Balance Adjustments]

  • Adjusted the difficulty of monsters in the Volcano and Snow Mountain areas, as well as the difficulty of the five major Bosses in the Pyramid on doom difficulty. Improved the overall difficulty progression in the game.
  • Increased the Drop Multiplier for the five major Bosses and elite animals in multiplayer battles.
  • Reduced the aggro transfer from Plunderers and Outcasts towards players.
  • Increased the level bonus for kill EXP, with higher-level creatures and barbarians granting more EXP.
  • Increased starter character's basic Stamina Recovery speed by 100%.
  • Reduced Stamina Recovery wait time from 1s to 0.5s.
  • Increased the output speed of Honey and Bee Wax in Beehives.
  • Beehive output is now influenced by the Automated Production Base's Output Multiplier.


[Gameplay and Function Adjustments]

  • Mounts come in different qualities, featuring different speeds.
  • In Solo/Private Server Mode, Jaguar/Snow Leopard Cubs support quality coefficient adjustment.
  • The Mimicry ability of the initial Civilization/Conquest/Rich masks is changed to become usable after the node is repaired.
  • The adjustment of HP, ATK, and DEF coefficients of creatures in Solo/Private Server mode will be released.
  • The requirement for Iron Wire in the Craftsman's Bench upgrade is removed.
  • Sharp Fangs can be used to replace Horns in repairing Bronze Shoes.
  • Removed the setting that the character will die instantly instead of entering the near-death status upon taking deadly damage in the head.
  • Invaders of the player's base will no longer use Grease Tanks.
  • Adjusted the refresh rule of the Holy Relic Chest. It will now refresh normally even if there are offline players in the room.
  • The hatred passing distance of Plunderers in Rainforest Ruins is reduced.
  • In multi-player battles, increase the drop multiplier for the five bosses and elite animals.
  • Added corresponding specimens for Pyramid Boss at different difficulty levels.


[Experience Optimization]

  • Keep Advancing function (the = key by default) will now turn into Dash automatically
  • Rainy weather can now wash off feces and the ignition effect.
  • Optimized the combat AI of deployed tribesmen. When the Master attacks a target, the deployed tribesmen in Assist mode will also attack the target instead of just standing around. Reduced the probability of pacing during combat, making deployed tribesmen more proactive in attacking.
  • Added a new button in the character interface to close the character preview and increase performance
  • Added battle background music for Snow Mountain Plunderer Leader.
  • Fixed the issue where attempting to perform a jump slash attack could trigger a basic attack instead.
  • Increased the windup time and shortened the hitstop time for the Anaconda's Wrap skill.
  • Increased the cooldown time (CD) for Anaconda's Wrap skill to 8 seconds
  • Enhanced the sound effect for successfully reflecting attacks.
  • Added a recovery action that can interrupt rolling.
  • Reduced the attack frequency of feline creatures when performing follow-up attacks from behind, and these attacks now include an effect that dismounts targets
  • Added a button to revert the queue to the planned queue in the loop queue settings interface.
  • Adjusted the disease mechanic to ensure that characters cannot contract the same illness more than once.
  • Increased the collection output of monkeys.
  • Six types of storage boxes now support stacking and no longer occupy individual slots in the player's inventory.
  • Dropped items now merge only into the previous owner's drop bag.
  • Optimized crowding issues among tribesmen. Added a prompt when navigation to the workbench is obstructed.
  • Optimized the spawn positions and disengagement distances for large camp Ruins Bosses.
  • Random invasion monsters no longer spawn near Constructions.
  • Fishing trap adjustments have been made to construction space, capture efficiency, and the number of catches to encourage proper use and prevent the impact on the game environment and server performance due to the excessive use of traps.


[Mask Adjustments: Tactical Guidance]

  • Reconnaissance now increases deployed tribesmen’s HP by an additional 100%.
  • Full-out Attack now increases deployed tribesmen's ATK by an additional 50%.
  • Positional Defense now increases deployed tribesmen's DEF by an additional 50%.
  • Emergency Mobilization now triggers at 5% damage taken instead of 10%, and the recovery effect has been adjusted to restore 50% of the damage taken, rather than 5% of Max HP.


[Mask Adjustments: Natural Enlightenment]

  • Nature's Blessing now increases Resilience by 10 instead of 5.
  • Increased the duration of animals summoned by Nature's Heart from 300 seconds to 600 seconds.
  • Expanded the types of animals summonable by Nature's Heart to include animals in the Ruins.


[Regarding Bugs]

  • Fix the issue where the Boss has a chance to disappear in Solo/Friends mode.
  • Optimized the drop logic for Death Packages to ensure they appear at the player's feet after resurrection, preventing them from falling through the ground.
  • Fixed the issue where players could get stuck in walls when teleporting out of the Dungeon.
  • Fixed the issue where the C key could still trigger Mimicry after the Mimicry key was changed.
  • Fixed the issue where the initial character could still be remodeled when there were no parts on the Mysterious Stone Table.
  • Fixed the display anomaly of feather ornaments in certain cases
  • Fixed the issue where the Mysterious Stone Table could be moved during remodeling.
  • Fixed the formula error for the Medium Costumes and Gloves of the Flint Tribe.
  • Fixed the issue where the Arrow Trap's knockback effect would only push the target backwards.
  • Fixed the issue where Peg Board deals no damage if placed on walls
  • Fixed the crafting speed anomaly of the Workbench due to the stacking power of the Power Windmill.
  • Fixed the issue that the talent effect “Mind-Heart Unison” can be triggered by deterred barbarians
  • Fixed the issue that no barbarians in the game own the title “Archery Master”
  • Changed the wrong translation “Likes braised meat” to “Likes sauced meat”
  • Fixed the incorrect configuration of the Vulture’s skill damage type.
  • Fixed the incorrect gear qualities and stats in Set Crafting.
  • Fixed the issue with the Construction Hammer's Durability not affected by the Durability Cost Multiplier.
  • Fixed the issue with the workbench destruction sound effect not playing correctly.
  • Fixed the issue with Crossbow Tower attacking deterred barbarians carried by Llama.
  • Fixed the issue where Spears are prematurely launched when squatting down.


Thank you very much for your support and understanding. More optimizations and updates are on the way.
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Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 02 June 7

Dear Chieftains,
To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from June 7, at 8:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.
The update details are as follows:


[Major Updates]

  • The Perfect Remodel Switch will unlock in Solo mode/Friends mode/Private Server. After their data is recorded at the Mysterious Stone Table, the tribesmen can be remodeled and revived upon death, retaining their Level, Proficiency, and Talent Affixes from before death. The latest recorded tribesman data will be used when reviving a tribesman.
  • In Solo mode/Friends mode/Private Server, you can adjust the Tribesmen Cap that can be recorded via Info Entry Coefficient.
  • No parts are needed to record Tribesmen Info at Mysterious Stone Table (Remodeling Tribesmen still needs equipping parts)
  • Adjust the recruitment rules for tribesmen: when a tribe has more than 10 players, the total number of recruitable tribesmen increases by 1 for each additional player.


[Experience Optimizations]

  • Support for a new "Timed Enemy Respawn Switch" in Solo/LAN/Private Server modes: When this switch is turned off, enemies will not respawn while there are players in the Barrack. The switch is off by default.
  • Now, the camp will notify players before barbarians respawn.
  • The 5 main bosses have different appearances depending on the difficulty level.
  • Further optimized the cast backswing interruption
  • When holding a blade or a torch, players can attack while looking up or down.
  • The exclusive talent "Steel Body" for Flint has been adjusted to be obtainable by combat professions of the Claw, Flint, and Fang tribes. The general talent "Firm Will" has been adjusted to be exclusive to the Flint tribe.
  • Now, when tribesmen take items, they will also take them from beehives and dismantling stations.
  • No need to tick "Set the queue as Circulating Queue". It’ll auto-toggle Circulating Queue when you click Confirm
  • Pen will show the animal's quantity
  • Ballista won't attack the animal caught by traps
  • Work Broadcast will only be sent to Tribe Channel at the start and end. At other times, it'll only show above the head
  • Patrolling tribesmen will no longer attack animals caught in traps.
  • Player-owned monkeys will no longer die of thirst or hunger; they will take care of themselves.
  • The types and quantities of feathers required to unlock certain feather decorations have been adjusted, making them easier to unlock now


[Difficulty Adjustments]

  • "Casual" and "Easy" difficulty damage coefficients have been adjusted. (Existing players with saved files need to click "Advanced Settings" - "Restore All Coefficients to Default" to update to the latest coefficients.)
  • "Casual" and "Easy" difficulties now have "Player-built Teleporters for Material Transport," "Move Death Bag to Player's Feet Upon Revival" switches, and "Perfect Remodel Tribesman" enabled by default.
  • Reduced HP of Wolf, Wasteland Wolf, and Arctic Wolf
  • Reduced the hatred passing distance and hearing of Plunderers in Rainforest Ruins
  • Enhanced yield chance and output of rubber in the ground ruins of Rainforest
  • The material yield chances for tribal gear will increase


[Regarding Private Server Management]

  • More convenient GM Control Panel
  • Some of the GM Directive Names will be easier to read
  • Loads of new commands: including send items and creatures to a designated player, join a designated tribe, as well as other optimizations on server management and convenience
  • Please check Our Wiki for more info


[Mount Optimizations]

  • After dismount, it'll revert to the armed status as it was before mounting by default
  • Enhanced mount speed (the speeds of the corresponding wild creatures also increase slightly)
  • Fixed the issue where the remaining captured mounts and pets couldn't be controlled by anyone after the owner's character was deleted
  • Fixed the issue where while pressing "=" to keep walking, the mount still walks away on its own after dismount


[Optimized Process of Capturing Jaguars]

  • Reduced quantity of jaguar footprints you need to collect
  • Reduced time needed to track down female jaguars
  • Extended tracking failure countdown
  • Shortened female jaguar's field of view
  • Increased distance needed to track down female jaguars
  • Added an notification - "Finding food (tracking)", when players are within the range of tracking female jaguars
  • Changed the notification when players are too far away and exceed the Max Tracking Distance
  • Shortened female jaguar spawn area properly, reduced chance of female jaguars getting stuck in terrains


[Regarding Bugs]

  • Fixed the issue where player can’t enter the room if its password contains special characters
  • Fixed the issue where Anti-climb Thorns are ineffective
  • Fixed the issue where while carrying the NPC and being squeezed to death by Anaconda cause the NPC becomes abnormal
  • Fixed the issue where carrying people is abnormal while sitting on a Grass Mat/Stool
  • Fixed the issue of abnormal display of preview window after hiding the mask
  • Fixed the issue of characters getting stuck in Holy Ruins of Rift Valley
  • Fixed the issue where while Durability Cost is disabled, the durability of collecting tools is still deducted
  • Fixed the incorrect damage instances of the Spear Mastery "Overturn"
  • The bag dropped underground due to anomalies will be teleported beside the character’s feet
  • Fixed the issue of the disappeared portal in Death Package
  • Fixed the issue of no mineral output when reviving and returning to the mine point to continue to mine
  • Fixed the issue where when the player returns home with debuffs, tribesmen would stop working and prepare to fight
  • Fixed the issue where when tribesmen are in a low mood, they'd stop working and keep switching tools
  • Fixed the issue of the overly high movement speed of little panthers
  • All animals under the player’s name are cleared when character is deleted
  • Fixed the issue where Mysterious Tisane can be used on tribesmen that are not the original character created by player


Thank you very much for your support and understanding. More optimizations and updates are on the way.
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Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 01 June 4

Dear Chieftains,
To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from June 4, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.
The update details are as follows:


[Game Optimizations]

  • Added Deter protection; activating Deter no longer inflicts damage on either side.
  • The production of advanced wood also yields additional logs alongside the hardwood.
  • Adjusted the Stone Barrier's model to eliminate collisions with its bottom protrusions.
  • Optimized the attack range of the Butcher's Knife to prevent missing resources from small animals.
  • Map mark function now accepts space inputs.
  • Being infected with the plague will no longer result in death; it will only progress to a state of near-death at most.
  • Adjusted the consumption speed of Bee-drawing Syrup; for every additional bee, the cost of Bee-drawing Syrup is reduced to two units.
  • When placing a bonfire, the system checks for terrain obstructions to prevent getting stuck in rocks upon respawning.
  • The load no longer affects the rolling speed and distance, as long as Max Load is not exceeded.
  • Improved connection stability in online rooms for a smoother multiplayer experience.
  • Rainforest Flint bosses (including those in mangroves), Claw bosses, and Fang Barracks bosses on the hill now guarantee deerskin as a drop.
  • Punching with bare hands can now inflict damage on trees.
  • Reduced the durability drop speed of weapons and gear.
  • Increased the crafting EXP earned for certain items.
  • Adjusted the materials required to craft a Water Bucket, replacing Copper Wire with Copper Ingots.
  • Fixed the issue where tribesmen would behave abnormally in water-related works in homes without a well.
  • Added a command "ResetOneFrontNpc" for solo play and friends mode to reset humanoid NPCs unintentionally trapped within walls back to their spawn locations.


[Sound Effects Related]

  • Fixed the issue where ambient sound effects might not trigger.
  • Fixed the issue where some players experience a halt in background music upon entering the game.
  • Lowered the volume of sounds associated with enemy alert and being spotted.
  • Lowered the volume of sounds associated with crafting and logging activities.


[Keybinding Settings Related]

  • Added a keybinding setting for "Press and hold to switch to other styles" to fix the conflict between the Construction mode and movement commands on French keyboards.
  • Added a keybinding setting for "Keeping running".
  • Added a keybinding setting for "Call mount to follow."
  • Players can now press the subtract (-) key on the numeric keypad to open the game console.


[Quests Related]

  • Fixed the issue preventing completion of the Alpaca quest in specific scenarios.
  • Optimized the quests that require placing various constructions; now, interacting with existing crafting tables suffices for quest completion, eliminating the need for placing multiple identical constructions within a guild to meet quest requirements.
  • Fixed the crafting quest for Beast Bone Weapons where weapons crafted by tribesmen did not contribute to quest completion.
  • Tutorial quests can now be skipped using the PageDown key.


[Combat Related]

  • Fixed the issue where certain skills (such as Dual-blade leap attacks) could pull the player back to the original position after execution.
  • Fixed the persistent spawning issue of NPC invaders.
  • Optimized the attack method of the Battering Ram, which can now deal damage to constructions above it.
  • The recovery period following most attack skills has been minimized, facilitating easier cancellation through jumping, moving, weapon switching, defending, or other skill actions.
  • Reduced the hitching/stuttering frames to prevent movements from seeming unsmooth during periods of low server frame rate.


[UI Related]

  • The right-click menu will now automatically close after an action is performed.
  • When igniting facilities that require Fuel, a corresponding prompt message is now displayed.
  • Parrots are now configured by default to send alerts when constructions are being attacked.
  • Optimized the rules for tribesmen work assignment to prevent misunderstandings during certain operations.


[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed the issue where killing monsters in solo mode and exiting the game immediately would cause abnormal monster movements upon re-entering the game.
  • Fixed the potential loss of AI for scout NPCs when a Bonfire is put away.
  • Fixed the issue of resources not respawning after a server crash.
  • Fixed the issue where using Bandages while mounted would not instantly update the status icon.
  • Fixed the issue with the Throwing Knife crafting recipe producing flying Spears instead.
  • Adjusted the frame rate limit settings (vertical sync is now off by default and is no longer dependent on whether the game is played in fullscreen).
  • Fixed the issue that prevented some players from joining tribes, with an error message indicating that "cannot perform in cross server".
  • Fixed the issue on ultra-wide screens where players were unable to pick up bags.
  • Fixed the collision issue with palm trees that would trap players.
  • Fixed the issue where tribesmen would enter battle status (pacing around frequently) for no reason.
  • Fixed the issue where backstabbing barbarians would not enter combat.
  • Fixed the abnormal flickering issue with fireflies.
  • Fixed the issue with bees exhibiting an abnormal growth Speed.
  • Fixed the issue where adjustments to the quality multiplier for barbarians and animals had no effect.
  • Fixed the issue where Uncrafting Beast Bone Bows and Great Beast Bone Bows would yield Leather Rope.
  • Corrected the EXP gained from watering farmland.
  • Fixed the issue where some Bonfires would not increase the Comfort level.
  • Fixed the issue where crops planted at the edge of farmland were getting deleted.
  • Fixed the issue where tribesmen recruited during Babarian Invasion would disappear after some time.
  • Fixed the repairability issue affecting some gear.
  • Entering a near-death state while climbing will now result in falling to the ground instead of remaining suspended in mid-air


Thank you very much for your support and understanding. More optimizations and updates are on the way.
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Those are the patch notes up through June 25 for Soulmask.

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