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Sons Of The Forest Update Patch Notes June 20





Hotfix June 20

Hey Everyone,
Here are a few more fixes for some issues that have come up recently.
  • Modified custom settings for health and stamina regeneration: there are now two options to control the base regeneration rate and regeneration rate when cold
  • Fix for clients cutscenes not syncing NPC states correctly
  • Fix for clients losing input control if host shuts down during end cutscene
  • Fix for t-posed puffy on golf course
  • Fix for the revolver getting into a bad state if the reload is interrupted by the player being knocked down
  • Optimized ambient dust in air particle effect
  • Optimized some environment effects
  • Optimized some fire effects
As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



Hotfix May 23

Hey Everyone,
Here are a few more fixes for some issues that have come up recently.
As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



  • Fixed chainsaw revved audio stuck on for other clients after ground attack
  • Fixed priest outfit showing low resolution texture in inventory and grab-bag
  • Fix for bushes and plants sometimes not saving their state when saving on host
  • Fix for the log sleds main storage interactions turning back on for all item types when the player leaves the sleds LOD range and then moves back within range
  • Fixed issue for clients with items cooking directly on the fire still making sizzling sounds after the fire had gone out
  • Fixed picking up and replacing spear trap putting it into a bad state that wont fire automatically
  • Fixed cut and place plank animation hanging while building some structures if next build input is timed a certain way
  • Fixed prompt mode for cut actions applying IK to left hand if an item is equipped
  • Fixed player equipping stick when lifting corners of tarps with ‘skip animations’ option is enabled
  • Fix for black screen and errors that can be triggered when pausing in water
  • Fix for underwater rendering missing or flickering in some parts of streams
  • Fixed player stashing and reequipping left handed items when placing a stick post or tarp or cutting logs or planks
  • Fixed held ranged weapon firing when propping tarps if ‘skip animations’ option is enabled
  • Fix for stumps cleared by Kelvin not breaking for MP clients when host is far away
  • Fix for case where stumps remained if broken by another player in MP when player is far away
  • Fixed a transition issue with climbing down ropes right after running
  • Fixed guitar animation playing for too long during one of the riffs
  • Fixed placing standing stick IK and polish
  • Moose will now transition smoothly to death animation when killed while sitting down
  • Fix for stars looking stretched in one corner of the map



Hotfix May 15

Hey Everyone,
Here is another hotfix for an issue that came up in Monday’s patch release
  • Fixed issue where log sled could get into a bad state when holding stones
As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



Hotfix May 14

Hey Everyone,
Here is a hotfix for some issues that came up in yesterday's patch release.
  • Fixed a case where player could get stuck for a few seconds when placing floor planks in a structure
  • Fixed an issue where cutting windows with axe would briefly cause player to transition into idle animation
As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



Small Patch May 13

Hey everyone,
Here’s a small patch focused mostly on bug fixing.
As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



  • Rabbits can now be electrocuted with the stun gun
  • Captured puffies now have an electrocuted reaction that keeps them in the captured/tied up pose
  • Rope bridges will now generate nav mesh links allowing A.I. to path across them
  • Optimized nav mesh refresh speed
  • Kelvin now has a careful jump with a new animation when moving slower
  • Split Logs animation sped up after splitting log



  • Fix for stars not rendering at night
  • Ai characters can now eat dropped meat pickups
  • Cannibals can now navigate inside of the old fisherman’s huts
  • Fixed final boss missing snow trail in winter
  • Blocked opening the screw book if the glider is equipped
  • Skunk texture resolution adjusted to be consistent with other small animals
  • Fixed some cases of Kelvin snapping through walls to sit by fire
  • Printer Laptop now properly cycles the blueprints forward and backwards
  • Fixed some cases of Kelvin navigating to the level above a player in player built structures
  • Fixed issue where ai avoidance could set a path point on a different level of a player built structure
  • Snow mound blockers added outside of CaveB entrance
  • Fixed some cases where structure nav mesh generation failed
  • Fixed some cases of nav mesh on ramps not connecting on uneven slopes
  • Fix for destroyed ramps and corner ramps leaving some remnants in nav graph
  • Fix for player getting in to a temporary locked state when trying to equip clothing immediately after equipping a piece of armor
  • Fix for blendshapes on priest outfit when wearing armor
  • Fix for player not putting away their grab bag if they are knocked down at the exact time that they open the grab bag
  • Fix for collision errors when throwing ingredients into a cooking pot
  • Fix for not getting cooking ingredients back in the correct perishable state when removing them from the pot
  • Fixed issues with the cooking recipe UI not always showing recipes correctly
  • Gore chair and powered cross are now properly linked with any supporting furniture so they will be affected if the supporting structure is destroyed
  • Fix for shotgun shooting off target in some cases when aiming
  • Fix for flares not reactivating correctly on dying soldiers
  • Fix for other players not playing audio events when holding a rabbit
  • Rabbits now fully support big head mode
  • Fixed rabbits dropped from hutch being the wrong color variation
  • Fix for the player getting their weapon stuck in their hand while driving the golf cart through deep water
  • Fix for collisions on lake docks
  • Fix for Blueberry Bush LOD1 mesh being offset
  • Fix for some gaps in residential bunker doorways
  • Fix for tree regrowth sometimes getting desynced
  • Fix for falling while on KnightV not limiting speed
  • Fix for rope on rope gun not attaching to end correctly
  • Fix for golf cart audio sometimes not clearing
  • Fix for player not being able to un-crouch near certain colliders
  • Number of players waiting to sleep is now properly displayed in dedicated servers
  • Fix for not being able to dismount printed sled when not moving
  • Clicking “No” when asked to confirm overwrite save will not close the menu anymore
  • Fix Virginia’s equipped shotgun and pistol sometimes floating in air for multiplayer clients
  • Fix for cases where ai characters could not be visible
  • Fix for Raccoons sometimes stealing food through walls, and not playing eating animation
  • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple seagulls or ducks to land at same point
  • Fix for multiple seagulls spawning from same location by docks
  • Fixed red cannibals scared animation being distorted
  • Fix for held rabbits flipping upside-down during player knockdown
  • Fix for twisting leg during demon and boss demon idles
  • Fix for twins locomotion animation which caused improper blending and out of sync animations
  • Fix for sleeve intersection during player wake up animation after drowning
  • First look animation for dining room table cards has been shortened
  • Fixed issue with some log types falling off ziplines at the wrong location
  • Kelvin's help up prompt will no longer show up in the inventory view if the player opens their inventory on top of him
  • Fixed rabbit escaping the kill action if the kill action was triggered at the same time as the drop action
  • Fix for the player getting into a bad state if the tutorial book is stashed and immediately re-toggled
  • Fix for seeing other players with arrows in the slingshot
  • Fixed explosive arrows exploding when fake dropped
  • Animal heads will no longer easily fall through terrain
  • Logs and stones will no longer pop into place for clients when thrown in to holder
  • Fix for frozen lakes showing splashes when throwing stones and logs onto them
  • Fixed log sled auto-add feature disabling when host wasn't near
  • Fix for generic dug graves lod distance issues
  • Fixed locked gold-plated doors not blocking ai from trying to navigate through them
  • 3/4 height structure floors will no longer be considered valid for pathing
  • Corner ramp structures will cut area from nav mesh
  • Some environment fixes for a few open edges on cliffs, and some floating grass
  • Some stream LOD ranges adjusted so lower resolution LODs don't intersect waterfall
  • Smoke for muzzle flash particles won't float above weapons anymore
  • Added a missing nav bridge where there is a path across stream so cannibals can cross
  • Falling snow fx will no longer be emitted when breaking tree stumps in winter
  • Fixed a few cases of cannibal actions able to snap through collision
  • Fixed some cases of enemies trying to attack player behind a wall
  • Fixed some cases of demon boss position popping when moving into collision
  • Control rebinding menu will now use ps4/ps5 gamepads icons instead of xbox
  • Fixed tree structure ghosts being destructible
  • Fix for held weapons firing when raising a tarps corner with a stick
  • Fixed Binoculars not aligning correctly with player’s head when aiming up and down in third person
  • Fixed context where dismantling some screw structures didn’t work correctly
  • Fixed some cases of cut and place plank animation hanging
  • Fixed destroyed lookout tower leaving the bottom rope and some beams floating
  • Fixed cost of auto foundations for multiplayer clients when late joining a game
  • Fixed messed up corner ramp when remote players add a corner ramp to a leaning beam while another player is completing a strut on the same beam
  • Fixed lifting a leaned beam as another player is placing a ramp on it breaking ramp configuration
  • Fixed some cases where lifting a beam with a strut concurrently with another player placing a corner beam wouldn't be cancelled properly
  • Fixed other players not animating correctly when they lift beam with a strut
  • Fixed tarp floors overlapping if placed by multiple network players at same time
  • Fixed tarp wall/floor overlapping a log wall/floor if both are added at the same time
  • Fixed auto foundations snapped to other structures not determining correct ingredient cost
  • Fixed repairing defensive wall gate not properly returning vertical logs to their initial position
  • Fixed jittering look of held screw structures made of logs
  • Fixed logs lod visibility when moving furniture
  • Fixed being able to duplicate logs using manual tree construction
  • Fixed fires fuel amount getting reset to max after loading a save
  • Fixed fires not retaining their burnt visual after loading a save or when joining a game as multiplayer client
  • Fixed missing collision on incomplete auto foundations
  • Fixed settle animations not playing most of the time when building
  • Fixed gaps in underwater rendering near some waterfalls
  • Fixed active fingers spittle objects not cleaned up on actor disable
  • Fix for the fire audio never stopping when shooting a fire arrow or throwing a molotov into water
  • Fix for lake water bouyancy being disabled when host enters a cave
  • Fixed local construction audio events doubling up for clients when a network player is nearby
  • CaveC water volumes will now be enabled when client is inside cave and host is outside
  • CaveD gold environment assets will now have collision enabled for ai when client is in cave and host is outside of the cave
  • Fixed wrong renderer sometimes getting switched to built when building snapped platforms



  • New sound for small plastic items physics interactions added to energy bar



Small Patch April 18

Hey everyone,

Here’s a small patch that adds a new skunk animal type, the ability to catch, hold and breed rabbits and some small fixes and improvements.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub



  • Added Skunks
  • Added new rabbit breeding and holding structures
  • Small animal traps will now trap rabbits and keep them alive. Trapped rabbits can now be picked up.
  • Scarecrow will now prevent eagles and seagulls from grabbing food or landing nearby



  • Improved some animations
  • Speared fish visuals are now synced on characters in multiplayer
  • Creepy attack parties will now be sent towards the plating structure instead of player
  • Improved bird awareness to prevent multiple landing in same location



  • Fixed issue with crafting menu obscuring crafting mat after crafting
  • Fixed rabbits not being saved on load if caught in trap
  • Improved cannibal culling ranges when viewed with binoculars
  • Cannibal spears will now match culling range of cannibals
  • Fixed small trap not being plateable unless triggered
  • Fixed some missing static world colliders
  • Fixed rare instances that could cause multiplayer disconnects with traps
  • Fixed issue causing player to get into bad state with grab-bag, lighter and campfire interaction
  • Fixed canned food placement on shelves
  • Improved deer and moose dynamic avoidance
  • Fix for grave digging not rendering correctly in some locations
  • Fixed issue with severed limbs not syncing their perishable states correctly when on a drying rack or being cooked on a campfire.
  • Fixed thrown severed limb orientation changing after first impact
  • Fixed issue with storage sometimes losing items when full
  • Fixed duping issue when adding items to storage
  • Fixed issue with ui being stuck on in some cases when dismantling
  • Fixed rare case of client being kicked when consuming items
  • Fixed some instances that would push the player through collision when being knocked down
  • Fixed issue with shotgun ammo cycling not working as expected
  • Fixed collision on some cellar entrances
  • Fixed bug with demon boss cutscene becoming broken when teleporting
  • Fixed multiplayer arrows losing upgrade type when dropped by Kelvin
  • Fixes for Heavy Cannibal sitting interaction, and reaction when taking damage while sitting
  • Fixed cannibal look out tower visuals disabling too soon
  • Fixed instances where characters could sometimes spawn in view of players
  • Fixed orientation issues after relocating some SCREW structures such as wall torch
  • Fixed issue causing player to get into a bad state when interacting while being revived


Sons Of The Forest Update Patch Notes Mar 13


Those are the patch notes up through June 20 for Sons of the Forest.

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