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Shovel Knight Dig Eggs: What They Do & How To Hatch Them

How to add a pet to your adventure down the well.

There’s a lot of new mechanics in Shovel Knight’s new adventure. One of these new mechanics is items temporary items that follow the Blue Burrower around, including Shovel Knight Dig‘s eggs. Keys and bombs are two other items of this nature that Shovel Knight can encounter on his adventure. But those are pretty simple and straightforward. What are these eggs? What emerges when they hatch? How can you hatch them?

Shovel Knight Dig Eggs: Types of Eggs

In Shovel Knight Dig, there are two different types of eggs for our hero to find. The first is a traditional egg. After hits, this egg will begin to crack. Shovel Knight will also drop the egg after being hit. However, with this egg variant, Shovel Knight can pick the egg back up; just be careful not to dig too deep without it. But, a cracked egg can still be recovered and hatched.

On the other hand, there’s also a perfectly round, light blue egg. This egg is far more fragile than the regular variant, and will break after one hit to Shovel Knight. Keeping either of these egg variants safe is no easy task, but careful play while in possession of the egg will be very rewarding.

How to Hatch the Eggs

Shovel Knight in the room with an egg about to hatch in the nest

To hatch these eggs, Shovel Knight has to find a certain type of side room in his trip down the well. Side rooms can be found in a few different places. Keep a look out for any extrusions or cracks in the wall that can be detonated, side platforms, or openings hidden in dirt that look like the one shown in the image. These side rooms have a chance to have one of these nests. Then, just approach the nest, and your egg should hop on in!

Shovel Knight Dig’s Eggs: What Will Come Out?

When you successfully reach one of these nest rooms with an egg in tow, a helpful pet will emerge. These different pets each have their own utility that will be incredibly helpful during your journey down the well. However, be wary these pets have health that is tied to your own, so their usefulness may be short-lived for reckless players. Here are the different types of pets that can emerge from Shovel Knight’s eggs, and their effects:

  • Griffin: The griffin will shoot occasional fireballs at Shovel Knight’s adversaries. An incredibly helpful pet with strong damage. Hatches from an orange, slightly flaming nest.
  • Troupple: The Troupple is the mythical fish-shaped apple (apple-like fish?) that is prominent in the world of Shovel Knight. As a pet, the mini Troupple provides the hero with slight healing. Hatched from blue, aquatic nests.
  • Perhaps even more in late-game areas!

Those are the basics on Shovel Knight Dig‘s eggs! Hopefully, this gives you some insight on the reward these eggs can provide after they always seem to break on you. Or, maybe this just finally showed you what the hell those weird kiddie-pond looking things are you see in rooms sometimes. Either way, glad we could help!