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Should You Return To Evermist Island First in Sea of Stars?

In Sea of Stars, you’ll eventually be presented with a choice: should you return to Evermist Island, or travel to Watcher Island and take on another Dweller? Headmaster Moraine will give you the key to the Solstice Shrine back at your home of Evermist Island.

However, your purpose there is still a bit ambiguous. What do you gain from going to the Solstice Shrine? How long will it take? And, perhaps more importantly, should you go there before advancing the story? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about your second visit to your mysterious homeland.

Should You Go Back to Evermist Island in Sea of Stars?

The short answer is that yes, it is worth your while to go back to Evermist Island. The reward isn’t anything groundbreaking, but backtracking through the islands where you might have missed some things like rainbow conches is worthwhile as well.

How Do You Get Back to Evermist Island?

Should you come back to Evermist Island in Sea of Stars?
Sleeper Island is the one highlighted in the photo.

Going back to Evermist Island is a bit more of a chore than some may bargain for. If you sail to Evermist Island, you’ll see that there is nowhere to dock your boat. Instead, you should sail for Sleeper Island and scale the island until you get up to the giant that you’ll remember from the opening hours of the game. Approach him and give him the magic word just taught to your party by Moraine and he’ll throw you back to your home.

Once here, navigate south to find the purple door on the world map, which you can now open thanks to the key you’ve been given. In the shrine, you’ll have a pretty simple block puzzle to solve. Match the pattern shown on the door (or the picture above), and then you’ll see a mysterious purple seal get removed, and get access to a big purple chest.

Waiting inside this chest is the Soonrang combo skill for Zale and Valere. This is a great bouncing projectile that can help exploit weaknesses, especially Fleshmancer minions who are weak to your solstice magic. Costing two combo points is a bit much with the strong skills you likely already have, but a bouncing projectile with solar/lunar hybrid is quite powerful against certain enemies.

That’s our take on whether you should take on the Dweller or come back to Evermist Island! There’s no real wrong answer here, but this extra skill can be helpful. Check out our guide to the minigame Wheels to dominate the taverns of the world!

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