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Sea of Stars: Which Main Character Should You Choose?

Sea of Stars features two main characters, Valere and Zale, who both offer unique abilities. When presented with the choice of which one you’d like to lead the party, it’s easy to get lost deciding between the two. Do you pick the staff-wielding Valere? Or opt for the Blade Dancer Zale? Here’s everything you need to know about which character to choose in Sea of Stars.

Should You Choose Zale or Valere in Sea of Stars?

Luckily, your choice does not matter! Besides some dialogue exchanges being rearranged slightly, there are no story or gameplay differences for choosing a specific character. In fact, you are able to change the party leader later on in the story, which means you can pick the other character when you hit that checkpoint if you wish. 

You are presented with the choice of which character you’d like to lead the party at the opening moments of Sea of Stars. We recommend choosing the character you’d like, as there are no consequences at any point throughout your playthrough.

What Differences Are There Between Zale and Valere?

So, each of the characters has a different set of abilities you will need to utilize in battle. Valere has a staff and uses magic utilizing the Moon. On the other hand, Zale has a sword and uses Sun-based magic. Regardless of who you decide to choose as the party lead, you will still be able to play as each character in battle.

The combat of Sea of Stars is turn-based, meaning that you can choose which character to use when. It’s up to you whether or not to attack, use an item, or cast magic. 

That’s all you need to know about which main character to choose in Sea of Stars. Be sure to check out our fishing guide while you’re exploring the expansive world!