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SCUM Update Patch Notes 0.9.520 Raymond Cruz DLC Mar 14

A massive update for open world survival game SCUM on March 14, combining both patches and DLC for Steam PC

SCUM is a long-running open world survival game with a prison island setting, that has been in Early Access for over 5 years now. The latest update 0.9.520.83173 brings a myriad of a number of bugfixes, QoL additions, and tweaks to the game.

The biggest addition of note is the Raymond Cruz DLC allowing you to play as the eponymous character, complete with model, voice pack, clothing, and handy dandy survival knife.

Here are the complete patch notes for this update.


Hey hey everyone! Surprise! You might be wondering how come there is a lack of regular updates? Well a big majority of the team is working on all the goodies needed for 1.0. But we still rounded up a couple of guys to make another regular update for you. Some new things, some new settings and a lot of bugfixes. Check it out!


SCUM 0.9.520 Mar 14 Update Raid Protection

A long requested feature is finally here. It is now possible to set up raid protection your server. And with multiple options as well!


Settings located under [Features]

3 options:
  • 0 None (No raid protection will be active)
  • 1 Offline (Raid protection will be active after all members of the squad are offline)
  • 2 Flag Specific (Raid protection will be active when squad decides to activate it on the flag)
Do note only one option can be active at the same time.


scum.RaidProtectionFlagSpecificChangeSettingCooldown=120 : 00 : 00
  • Defines the cooldown period between the active raid prtection in (HH : MM : SS) between setting new raid protection time.



Defines the amount of money needed to skip the cooldown timer for setting new raid protection time.
  • Min value: 0 cash or 1 gold
  • Max value: 100000 cash or 10 gold
  • Disabled: -


scum.RaidProtectionFlagSpecificMaxProtectionTime=08 : 00 : 00

Defines how long in (HH : MM : SS) will the base be protected for.
  • Min value: 00 : 00 : 00
  • Max value: 80 : 00 : 00


scum.RaidProtectionOfflineProtectionStartDelay=00 : 30 : 00

Defines how long in (HH : MM : SS) the base can be damaged or lockpicked after the last player has logged off.
  • Min value: 00 : 00 : 00
  • Max value: 23 : 59 : 59



Defines how long in (HH : MM : SS) the base is protected.
  • Min value: 00 : 00 : 00
  • Max value: 2400 : 00 : 00
  • Infinite: -


These settings are also available on ingame menu and will show you for which option which setting is active as well.


SCUM 0.9.520 Mar 14 Update Squad Probation

We also have another setting up and running. We've been aware of the misuse of alt accounts and multiple squads to circumvent some of the balancing features. To combat this we have implemented squad probation setting. Leaving a squad will now not go without penalties.


When leaving and then rejoining squad you will be placed under probation. While in probation you will not be able to:
  • Create a new squad.
  • Access squad based assets such as locked chests.
  • Your membership will not count towards squad perks such as increased BB element count.
If a squad members are all in probation and leader leaves, the squad will be disbanded.


Settings located under [Features]
  • Sets the maximum number of squad mates for which prisoners leaving the squad will not receive any penalties.


  • Sets the number of real time days for which squad probation will last.


  • Sets the money penalty prisoner will have to pay per squad member in his previous squad in order to create or join a new squad.


  • Sets the fame points penalty prisoner will have to lose per squad member in his previous squad in order to create or join a new squad.


Settings also available on ingame settings menu.

For all settings that influence currency, you can choose whether the price will be in cash or gold. IF you set the value to be 10 it will be 10 cash, but by setting it 10g the price will be in gold.



SCUM 0.9.520 Mar 14 Update Binocular Changes

We added changes to the binoculars as well. Let us be honest here, the binocs were an item you took if you wanted to sell it maybe, since most scopes had better functionalities for scouting anyway. So we added new zoom levels and variable zoom as well. Making it more viable for those scouting runs, especially when you want to travel light.


SCUM 0.9.520 Mar 14 Update Rager Armor

Some new things for your favorite 4 wheel vehicle. The Rager can now be upgraded with not one, but 2 sets of armor!

That is right you have an option between light or heavy!





Your choice: do you wish to have light protection but with better speed and handling, or do you want to go in heavy as a brick but also with handling like a brick. (it is not that bad, bud I still wanted to make that joke)


SCUM 0.9.520 Mar 14 Update Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where flamethrower could shoot through solid objects.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not repair wheelbarrows.
  • Fixed the issue where #SpawnInventoryFullOf command would cause a crash.
  • Fixed the issue where you could hide chests in some BB elements.
  • Fixed the issue where puppets would pop into existence on Zeljava airfield.
  • Fixed the issue where wardrobe could be placed on some BB elements when it should not be possible.
  • Fixed the issue where the game would crash when exiting the game. (task failed successfully)
  • Fixed the issue where the M249 would loose its paint in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue where bicycles generated noise when stationary.
  • Fixed the issue where planes would receive no collision damage when flying into sentries.
  • Fixed the issue where joining events audio would spam the sound to everyone.
  • Fixed the bunker puppet spawns that would cause puppets to spawn in front of players.
  • Fixed the issue where batteries would get destroyed when placed in chargers.
  • Fixed the issue where players could move through narrower passages on bicycle, that would be impossible on foot.
  • Fixed the issue where players would slide sideways when sitting and strafing at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where door protection items would disappear on server restart.
  • Fixed the issue where door ownerships would sometime switch to other players.
  • Fixed the issue where doors would sometime replicate incorrectly.


SCUM 0.9.520 Mar 14 Update QoL Additions

  • #ShowZombiesLocation command now works as an on/off toggle.
  • Reduced dial lock FP penalty on failed attempts.
  • Adjusted some crafting recipes.
  • All cars now have functional dashboards.
  • Flags can now only be placed on the ground.
  • Chest inventory is now automatically closed if squad access level is changed.
  • The chainsaw will now lose durability with each use.
  • Added server setting for allowing placing flags on BB elements.
  • Mechs no longer receive melee damage.
  • Reworked loot spawners in Zeljava airfield.
  • Added new command #mapteleport, where after entering it you can click on the map and will be teleported.
  • Increased the number of possible custom zones from 25 to 100.
  • Adjusted trader prices.
  • Implemented a new Encounter Manager Low Player Count mode, designed for SP, with increased threat zone sizes and increased character spawn count per zone. Needs to be enabled in the server settings.
  • You can now specify type of vehicle when using #destroyallvehicles please, by adding the bp name.
    Example: #destroyallvehicles please bpc_rager will destroy all Ragers.
  • #destroyallvehicles now properly shows how many vehicles were destroyed when activated.
  • Beard and moustache sliders are now properly named separately on character customization menu.


SCUM 0.9.520 Mar 14 Update Known Issues

  • A bug where cargo drop doors visually will not open even though you can open the door and enter. Temporary fix is relogging after the cargo door is open to fix the visual.
  • A bug where fishing rod will visually still be collapsed when equipped from back holster slot.


SCUM 0.9.520 Mar 14 Update Raymond Cruz DLC

SCUM Raymond Cruz DLC
SCUM Raymond Cruz DLC
Hold nothing back!

In this DLC you get to play as the man himself Raymond Cruz. Channel your inner psychosis and unleash fear in your opponents by playing one of the most recognizable faces on screen.


Key features:
  • Complete character model - A complete player model of Raymond Cruz adaptable to all body types.
  • Voice acted actions and taunts - With a complete voice pack recorded by the legend himself, every action will be played out in his voice. And the new added voice taunts will make sure you have options to put salt on injury for those unfortunate enough to come across your sights.
  • Special clothing - Inspired by the most popular roles from Raymond Cruz, you will be dropped on the island in style.
  • Handy survival knife - Who says great things can't come in small packages? Perfect pocket knife, handy in all survival/crafting situations or creating new smiles on your opponent faces.


That’s the whole deal with the new SCUM update and Raymond Cruz DLC on March 14.

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