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Rotwood Update Patch Notes June 20

A compilation of all patch notes for Rotwood thus far, since its release into Early Access on April 24, 2024.

In descending order, from latest to oldest:





New Powers Update Patch Notes [615703] June 20




New Powers:

  • 1v1
  • Aroo Aroo
  • Body of Light
  • Destruction Therapy
  • Deus Ex
  • Flicker
  • High Ruler
  • Hunter's Rally
  • Hunter's Pick-Me-Up
  • Imposing Presence
  • Insult to Injury
  • No Contest
  • Phase Out
  • Property Damage
  • Resting on Laurels
  • Resource Extraction
  • Twist of the Knife





  • Precision Weaponry
    • Changed base rarity to Legendary.
    • Legendary tuning changed from 5 hitstreak -> 10 hitstreak


  • Fractured Weaponry:
    • Changed base rarity to Legendary.
    • Legendary tuning changed from 5 hitstreak -> 10 hitstreak


  • Weighted Weaponry:
    • Changed base rarity to Legendary.


  • Lich King:
    • Limited to one trigger per Clearing.
    • Can now be triggered outside of combat.


  • Grave Robber:
    • Limited to one trigger per Clearing.
    • Can now be triggered outside of combat.


  • Concentrated Cure:
    • Increase healing from 5/10 -> 10/20.


  • Pew Pew!
    • Damage is increased by player damage bonuses
    • No longer applies hitstop to the player when a projectile hits a target


  • Shrapnel
    • Damage is increased by player damage bonuses



  • Big Yammo Slammo
    • Fix issue when hit-confirming Big Yammo Slammo into other attacks being unreliable, and creating unusual results sometimes when dodging
    • Update Big Yammo Slammo description to reflect new Healing behaviour as of last update



  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to miss getting a heartstone for a given frenzy level if you joined a run during a bossfight
    • Added additional fix that should allow save files that are missing heartstones to obtain them
  • Fix changing mastery tabs clears tooltips for other gamepad players or blocks other gamepad player's input until they cycle tabs
  • Remove old notification about Armour / Weapon stat changes on new saves
  • Fix mouse aiming notification appearing when playing with a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug where several powers that specified "on Attack" would not work when using the Cannon or Striker
  • Fixed powers triggering damage on enemies that are blocking or invincible



Rotwood Patch Notes [608428] May 17



  • Fix inconsistent Fortifying Ingot costs in the Armoury
  • Fix crash when interacting with a Weapon Rack in local multiplayer when not all players have unlocked the weapon type
  • Fix 'Claim' button appearing on masteries in the Player Status Widget when changing rooms after completing a mastery
  • Fix typo in Weapon Rack
  • Floracrane's Divebeak: Fixed bug where using a Cannon's Heavy Attack to get up was considered a quickrise in line with other weapons
  • Floracrane's Divebeak: Fixed inconsistency when attempting to Cannon Heavy Attack after landing
  • Big Yammo Slammo: Fixed crash when a punch was completing as the room changed



Rotwood Patch Notes [608157] May 16



  • Fixed a crash when dodge canceling late out of the Floracrane's Divebeak skill
  • Fixed a bug where decor that was unlocked would appear to be locked
  • Fixed a bug where some equipment displayed the incorrect unlock area
  • Fortifying Ingots now display that they can only be obtained while playing Frenzy Levels



Rotwood Equipment Fortification System Now Live! May 16

Hey everybody!
Today we are excited to release the new Equipment Fortification System. In this update, you will be able to obtain Fortifying Ingots as you battle through the deeper frenzy levels of hunts. Using these ingots will increase the stats of early-game equipment to the point where they are as powerful as the equipment available to you in later game hunts - and beyond. We hope you will have fun exploring all of the new equipment combinations that are now available to you!
Next Up!
We have another "Launch Feedback Plan" update coming up before we release more information on the first big content update. In the next update coming soon, we will be introducing new powers into the game to greatly expand the number of powers available in the starting pool of powers, roughly doubling the number of powers that you will see in the early stages of the game. We're not done with powers though, we will continue to add more new powers throughout Early Access, including new Fabled Power families.
Following that, we have our first big content update shortly after introducing a whole new Hunt. This new Hunt will be available in all frenzy levels and will include new weapons, armour, enemies, and more!
More details will come with the next update.
We hope you enjoy the new Equipment Fortification system, but we'd also like to tempt you with a little sneak peek at what is coming next.

Have fun out there!



  • Added new Equipment Fortification system
  • Added credits screen




The Bam Bamzooler:

  • Speed bonus after dodge cancel +20% / +30% / +40% -> +25% / +40% / +55%


Gourdo Weapons:

  • Fixed bug where Gourdo weapons would think a heal happened even though you are already at full health


Gourdo’s Community Garden skill:

  • Player can no longer be knocked out of this skill
  • Player has more ability to cancel out of this skill into attacks or dodges


Big Yammo Slammo

  • Any damage absorbed by the punch is Healed back if the swing hits
  • Slightly increase damage threshold to achieve "big" swing
  • Increase base damage (regardless of absorption)
  • Decrease focus damage (regardless of absorption)
  • Slightly increase damage gained by holding longer (regardless of absorption)
  • Allow earlier hit-confirm canceling from Hit to Heavy Attack
  • Increased range
  • More precise hitboxes


Floracrane’s Divebeak

  • Fix bug where Lil' Schemer would not be consumed or prevented by this skill.
  • Normal version: Move dodge cancel window 1f earlier
  • Charged version: Move dodge cancel window 1f later
  • All versions: Increase startup frames by 2f
  • Charged version: Adjust AOE hitbox to match the FX more accurately
  • Charged version: No longer causes guaranteed knockdown in the entire AOE range
  • Charged version: Push enemies back less far on AOE hit
  • Prevent attack hitting the same target twice.
  • Made it easier for enemy attacks to 'trade' with this attack as it comes down.


Quality of Life:

  • Screens with separate tabs now remember which tab you last had open, and will open to that tab again
  • The Player Status widget now has an additional page that displays your active masteries
  • Markets in dungeons will now show you weapons of types that you have not yet unlocked if you have purchased everything that you can use



  • The amount of loot you get when you level up your Biome Research level now scales with the frenzy level you are in



  • Fixed bug where the Enigmox and Swarm aspects did not work as intended
  • Fixed Pew Pew! unintentionally applying hitstop to the player when hitting a target
  • Fixed Bulbin Buddy not working when your Dodge is too fast
  • Various crash fixes for issues we have seen reported



Rotwood Patch Notes [606127] May 3



  • Added a new marker to Toot for when you have a mastery to hand in



  • When placing decor in the town, the game will now automatically save every 10 seconds
  • When playing single player, the "All Zuccos" encounter in the Great Rotwood Forest will now spawn in two waves instead of one
  • Upgrading starter equipment now costs the same as upgrading equipment bought in the market
  • Imbued Ribbat
    • The lick attack no longer applies Confuse



  • Fixed a bug where enemies would stand in poison pools until they died
  • Fixed a bug where poison could become permanent
  • Fixed some particle effects not facing the correct direction
  • The NPC Spawn rooms in The Molded Grove are no longer completely empty
  • Powers should no longer land in acid tiles when playing in The Molded Grove
  • Fixed a visual issue where sometimes Amphibee hair would appear to be hovering above the player's head
  • Fixed a bug where Wind Up could be stuck on forever if you somehow managed to do more than 5 attacks without it activating
  • Fixed being unable to save if your windows username starts with a period
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect values could be shown when upgrading equipment
  • Fixed a bug when trying to recall a striker during a roll
  • Fixed a bug where you could be given multiple heartstones at the end of a hunt
  • Various crash fixes for issues we have seen reported



Rotwood Patch Notes [605635] April 30



  • If you quick-join and then quit a lobby, you are now less likely to join that lobby in the future



  • Fixed an issue where your region was not being taken into account when quick-joining a match
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to enter the developer editing mode in the town
  • Various crash fixes for issues we have seen reported



Rotwood Patch Notes [605456] April 29



  • The Armoury and Weapon Rack screens now show you the equipment that you don't own, but is available to purchase within the biomes that you have unlocked
  • Added a warning screen that displays when you are almost out of storage space, and may have trouble saving the game



  • Increased the quality of the Basic Headband
  • Combat encounters in Blisterbane Bog now favour spawning either Mothballs or Mossquitos, instead of large swarms of both.
  • Reduced the number of Snortoise that spawn in the all-Snortoise encounter



  • Fixed being unable to complete the Cannon Quick Rise mastery
  • Fixed some masteries giving out old loot
  • Fixed an issue where the Belle of the Ball used the wrong materials to upgrade
  • Fixed a bug where Swarm could die out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue where too many Bulbugs would spawn in some situations
  • Fixed an issue where the entire combat field could become covered in poison pools
  • Various crashfixes for issues we have seen reported



Rotwood Patch Notes [605200] April 28




Loot System

  • Streamlined the loot system so that you are more likely to get the loot that you are looking for.
  • Each dungeon now has two loot types plus a boss loot.
  • The loot players have earned are auto-converted to the new system.



  • Increased the baseline quality and stats of the Gnarlic, Mothball and Gloop armour sets to make them more viable for players



Rotwood Patch Notes [605165] April 27



  • Added default public group matchmaking
    • Selecting the Rotwood Public group will match you with our best match that we can find, first by region and then with a game that is of a similar progression level as you.




Frenzy Tuning

  • Frenzy 1/2/3: Increase initial cooldown, so enemies don't attack as quickly after spawning
  • Frenzy 2/3: Reduce additional Rot and Imbued Rot aggression
  • Frenzy 2/3: Reduce amount of possible Imbued Rots per encounter
    • The challenge in higher Frenzies often boiled down to just managing being constantly overwhelmed, which isn't the feeling we want for combat. For many players, this resulted in kiting mobs around the room, getting off single attacks here and there. We've reduced the amount of aggression to allow for more interesting "give-and-take" interactions with mobs.
    • In future updates, we will be expanding on the Frenzy mechanic for players that are hungry for more challenge.


Imbued Rots

  • Removed hitstun resistance
  • Player skills that knockback or knockdown can now effect Imbued Rots
    • We have found Imbued Rots to be more challenging for players than we intended. These changes make them significantly more manageable.


Imbued Mossquito

  • Increase cooldown of the Sting attack
  • Reduced movement speed



  • Reduced movement speed



Rotwood Patch Notes [605119 & 605133] April 26



  • Added recommended attack and defense levels when selecting a level.
    • Going into hunts undergeared can make the game very difficult. We have improved the messaging on recommended gear.
  • Changed the scale of Armour Defense so the numbers are smaller.
    • Defense values are still the same, just the display number is different.
  • Changed the way that Weapon Damage is displayed so that the power level of different types of weapons can be more easily compared.
    • Weapons still deal the same amount of damage, just the display number is different.
  • Added an option to capture and send a performance profile.



  • Fixed an issue where the Peashooter Plushie was free to craft.
    • Peashooters do not have loot to drop, so as a temporary fix the Peashooter Plushie now requires materials from various other rots found in Blisterbane Bog.
  • Fixed some issues where having a very long username caused parts of the UI to break.
  • Fixed an issue where Toot could get into a state where he would not talk about masteries.
  • You can no longer toggle the "allow town editing" checkbox when you are not the host.
  • Fixed an issue where Poison Geysers could leave their targeting FX in the world.



Hotfix 605133 April 26

Added messaging to clarify armor and attack value changes mentioned above.



Rotwood Patch Notes [604917] April 25



  • Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to join a lobby.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to join a in-progress hunt that was in the market.
  • Fixed a rare crash that would happen after a player disconnected.
  • Fixed a crash when Mother Treek could attempt to attack without a target.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen if you killed Mother Treek right at the start of her defense phase.
  • Fixed a crash when applying the vulnerable effect using Iriss Shroud.



  • You can no longer shoot the cannon while being swallowed by Groak.
  • You can no longer craft and place locked decor items
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect Spring Port would be activated for a player.
  • The upgrade for Barbed Pike now works.
  • Music no longer starts twice during the Gourdo miniboss.
  • Fixed an issue where Toot would not talk to players about masteries.
  • Fixed a bug where you could become a Zombie if your Mulligan power activated when being killed by Groak's swallow attack.
  • Fixed a bug where the Gourdo could become a zombie when killed.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using the cannon.




Gourdo Miniboss:

  • The seed spawned by Gourdo Miniboss no longer heals itself.
  • Gourdos do not start healing until they are lower health.
  • In single player, only one of the twins can Jump Attack at a time.
  • Increased the cooldown for Jump Attack
  • Reduced Health



  • Confusion spores no longer spawn.
  • Berna and Hamish are now easier to find.
  • Added a popup for new players that prompts you to pick your aiming style.
  • Upon entering the Spring Port room for the first time in a dungeon, the first rewards are ready and waiting to be claimed immediately.



Rotwood Day 1 Hotfixes April 24



  • Fixed a crash that could happen when leaving ????'s room before the coinflip finished.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when opening the map screen.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when creating an Amphibee character.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when moving between rooms.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to complete the "Cross Counter" mastery.
  • Fixed a crash when leaving the room while a mastery popup was active.
  • Fixed a crash when Groak tries to swallow a cannonball.



  • Fixed an issue that happens when you have multiple drivers for the same controller installed.
  • Fixed a bug on the equipment comparison screen where your currently equipped item would show incorrect stats.
  • Reduced the boldness of bold text to improve readability.
  • Fixed an issue where the revive sound could get stuck on after reviving.
  • Swarm can now be hit during the recovery of the dash uppercut attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Owlitzer could die outside of the level, leaving unobtainable loot.



  • The powers Grave Robber, Phoenix Burst, and Lich King now only trigger during active combat.


Those are the notes to all the patches so far on June 20 for Rotwood.

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