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RimWorld Update Patch Notes May 24





Update 1.5.4104 released May 24

Hey everyone! We're back with a small update containing some changes, improvements and fixes for RimWorld and its expansions. This update should be compatible with all savegames and mods.
We do these updates with the help of players from the RimWorld community! If you're interested in helping us test, or you have a bug to report, please join us on the official RimWorld development Discord.
Bye for now!
- Tia




  • Adjusted render node worker to support multiple graphics per node without dirtying/reaching the render tree.
  • Thoughts for each genetic chemical dependency are tracked independently instead of lumped together into a single confusing thought.
  • Remove deathless regeneration coma on resurrection.
  • Tweak some Anomaly incident occurrence rates so that they're less prevalent in ambient mode.
  • Clarify the label for "anomaly disabled" mode.
  • Added labelNoParenthesis rule symbol to pawns and things.
  • Updated Spanish LanguageWorker.
  • Ghouls can now be ordered to rest in medical beds.
  • Pawns will now satisfy genetic chemical dependencies when in caravans if their drug policy allows it.
  • Harbinger trees now consume corpses part by part even if they have no nutrition.
  • Adjusted distance ranges on some sounds.
  • Replaced gender-specific words with symbols in schematic texts.
  • Don't store virtual relationship records which can never imply another relationship.
  • Changed fade shadows to not multiply together.
  • Remove healer mech serums from animal operation options.



  • Fix: Minor grammar irregularity with addiction counsel.
  • Fix: MechbandDish description typo.
  • Fix: StaggerDurationFactor stat does not work without Biotech.
  • Fix: Arresting beggars auto-fails.
  • Fix: Genetic chemical dependency thought not properly nullified by mind numb serum.
  • Fix: Remote repairer hediff can be duplicated.
  • Fix: Autobongs making non-organic entities high.
  • Fix: Creepjoiners have entity faction when enslaved
  • Fix: Increased carried thing layer to resolve some apparel issues.
  • Fix: Beam verbs and incinerator hitting cells without line of sight.
  • Fix: Headgear not always rendering correctly when crawling.
  • Fix: Preferred xenotypes not working correctly between prisoners and slaves.
  • Fix: Incorrect label argument used in activity suppression tooltip.
  • Fix: Various specific save/load errors with awoken corpses and hypnotized pawns.
  • Fix: No “missing bed” feedback for “take to bed” warden order.
  • Fix: Mech booster is rotatable.
  • Fix: Apparel without CompColorable causes errors in styling station.
  • Fix: High Mechtech can be selected in research without building a multi-analyzer.
  • Fix: Message spam when capturing an enemy during a psychic ritual siege.
  • Fix: Left behind pawns dying counts towards "colonists killed" stat if they die.
  • Fix: Becoming a shambler incorrectly taints utility items.
  • Fix: Feedback for sky-lantern participants who can't reach any wood, added better ritual feedback functions.
  • Fix: Unnecessary loading warning appearing for transport pods without colonists.
  • Fix: Creepjoiner letters not using gendered kind labels.
  • Fix: Suspending lovin' causing errors.
  • Fix: Ritual dialog tooltip slightly cutoff.
  • Fix: Refugees can send leaving messages multiple times.
  • Fix: Misleading extra warnings if complexes were previously activated before entering
  • Fix: Some circumstances where temp factions wouldn't be properly hostile to anomaly entities or insects.
  • Fix: Unable to place non downed pawns in a cryptosleep pod.
  • Fix: Error when entity dies during bioferrite extraction.
  • Fix: Error on inspect pane for ghouls without hunger needs.
  • Fix: Herd animals trained to attack won't target shamblers.
  • Fix: Psychic ritual failing when invoker gets psychic shock.
  • Fix: Farskip not working on colony ghouls.
  • Fix: Several scenarios where collapsed roofs can destroy pit gates.
  • Fix: Hediff and mutant abilities not saving cooldown.
  • Fix: Fleshmass stomach not preventing gut worms letter.
  • Fix: Colony mechs and ghouls can't be selected in split caravan dialog.
  • Fix: Modded violent work types disabling ghoul melee skill.
  • Fix: HediffDef aptitudes displaying as active without Anomaly installed.
  • Fix: Recluse thoughts not nullified properly by mind numb serum.
  • Fix: Inhumanized not nullifying childbirth related memories.
  • Fix: Biofuel refinery accepts dye as organic matter, but it doesn't have any nutritional value.
  • Fix: Sunlamp light radius inaccurate.
  • Fix: Error using "Damage until down" method on pawn with shield belt.
  • Fix: More consistent handling of ActivitySuppressionToggleTooltipDesc and ActivitySuppressionTooltipDisabled translation keys.
  • Fix: High activity alerts display HP percent.
  • Fix: Activation inspect pane string has hardcoded "s".
  • Fix: Inconsistent text 'Start' vs 'Begin' bestowing ceremony.
  • Fix: Newborn babies can generate with parents' PawnKindDefs startingHediffs.
  • Fixed some scenarios where skyfallers would drop through mountain roofs.
  • Fixed some situational issues with creepjoiners leaving after being ghoulified.
  • Fix: Genes and traits that increase skills on growth moment stack.
  • Fix: Schematic generation error if only remaining projects are excluded.
  • Fix: Activity suppression and studying not respecting allowed areas when selecting an interaction cell.
  • Fix: Some undesired behavior with creepjoiner letters.
  • Fix: Include common book symbols in book doer rule pack grammar requests.
  • Fix: Relaxing socially not respecting standard seat reservations.
  • Fix: Lay down driver sometimes causing errors on load.
  • Fix: Having "give psylink" debug action on debug palette without royalty active causes errors.
  • Fix: Deadlife shamblers opening doors.
  • Fix: Unable to place non downed pawns in a cryptosleep pod.
  • Fix: Error when entity dies during bioferrite extraction.
  • Fix: Errors for ghouls without hunger needs.
  • Fix: Sun/Edge shadows not always drawing if off-screen to the right.
  • Fix: Tending pawns get medicine after using initial stack even if they have more.
  • Fix: Security doors count as 2 doors for prisoners, reducing their prison break mtb by 50%. Added informative text explaining that having only security doors in a prison multiplies escape mtb by 110%.
  • Fix: Error when turning pawn with ideoligion role into a ghoul.
  • Fix: Harbinger tree provocation not working on ambient horror mode.
  • Fix: Pawns leaving allowed area to rope animals.
  • Fix: Luciferium addiction doesn't cause a medical emergency alert when a pawn is deathless.
  • Fix: "BlockedByRoof" translation key in Royalty instead of Core.
  • Fix: Scaria isn't removed on shambler resurrection.
  • Fix: Colony mutants in buildings don't show on the colonist bar.
  • Fix: Auto activate monolith scenario part doesn't have edit interface.
  • Fix: Some music sequences ending harshly instead of fading out.
  • Fix: Luciferium addiction remains on turned mutants.
  • Fix: Turret packs can replace other turrets when throw misses.


Those are the patch notes on May 24 for RimWorld.

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