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Resident Evil 4 Remake A Savage Mutt Request Guide

The side quest-like requests in Resident Evil 4 are one of the biggest additions to the new remake, including the new request A Savage Mutt. It takes the idea of the simple Blue Medallion side quest from the original game and expands it to include new requests such as selling a certain number of snakes or finding a Golden Egg.

Some of the more challenging requests require you to kill enemies, such as the one called A Savage Mutt. This can be a particularly difficult task that’s made even harder if you’re not properly prepared. Here’s what you need to know to complete A Savage Mutt in Resident Evil 4.

Where to find the Savage Mutt Request

This request can be found in Chapter 5, near the Merchant’s location between the Cemetary and the Village. You’ll have to head through here with Ashley and the blue notice is hanging to the left of the doorway heading to the village, so it should be easy to find it.

How to Complete A Savage Mutt Side Quest in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The task for this request is to kill a distinct Colmillo (Las Plagas-infected wolf) that’s been deemed a “strong threat”. Its location is marked as being around the Village Chief’s Manor. It’s a little out of the way from the main objective of the chapter, but it’s only a quick detour from the village area.

Speaking of which, you’ll find the village filled with angry Ganados. While you can sneak past them without confrontation, they’ll still be there when you return. It’s highly recommended that you clear the area out now since their continued presence will make this request more complicated.

Once you’re done, head south towards the Village Chief’s Manor. A new icon should be already visible on the map after you accepted the request. Although it leads you into the manor, the wolf won’t be found here.

Head upstairs and explore a little bit before you leave. There’s a collapsible ladder that can be accessed now that Ashley is with you, allowing you to reach the attic where treasure and a Clockwork Castellan collectible await.

Leave through the front door of the manor and the wolf will be staring at you from behind the gate. Shooting at it won’t do any damage so save your bullets. Walk forward and it’ll soon leave towards the village. The icon on your map will also now be centered on the village.

Travel back there and the enemy will appear before you, mutating before it begins the attack. This one is much tougher than other Colmillos, but there are a couple of outside elements we should address beforehand.

If you didn’t kill the Ganados earlier, there’s a good chance they’ll join in on the fight too. Having to fend them off at the same time will make this tricky since they’re a danger to you and Ashley. Try to group them up for a well-placed grenade or shotgun blast so you can ignore them for a bit. Your focus should remain on this savage mutt as much as it can.

The second element to consider is Ashley herself. Make sure to issue the Loose formation so that she gives you space. This Colmillo is ferocious and has piercing attacks that can knock you down and kill Ashley if she’s directly behind you. Accidentally killing her with explosives or gunfire is also easy during this encounter because the Colmillo loves to run around. Have her keep her distance and be extra careful if the wolf gets close to her.

The path to follow to complete A Savage Mutt in Resident Evil 4.

When it comes to weapons, anything that outputs strong damage will be helpful and your W-870 Shotgun will likely be your best friend. Your next best option for a gun will be the Red9 Pistol and the Bolt Thrower if you have attachable mines. Explosives and flash grenades alike will knock the monster down, leaving it susceptible to follow-up attacks or a knife interaction if you’re quick enough.

A quick grenade lob at the beginning of the fight can also knock it down before it gets the chance to mutate. This is a viable strategy as long as you don’t mind departing with a grenade since it’ll give you time to get some shotgun blasts in as well as a quick stab. Keep peppering it as it gets up and begins to mutate again. Repeating the cycle of grenades/explosives to knock it down can make short work of it, although not everyone will want to use up so many explosives against a buffed enemy.

Trying to get a read on its erratic movements is one of the most difficult aspects of this fight. This Colmillo is quick like the others and it loves to hop from side to side, which can result in a lot of missed shots. Do your best to stay patient and always keep the camera focused on it. Let loose when you see its head aggressively shake as it tends to stand in one spot doing this.

The Colmillo may also perform a short hop forward before lashing out or running to bite you. Most of the attacks will be long-reaching lunges though. Keep an eye on its tendril –  it usually swings around before it comes in for a stab with the piercing attacks mentioned earlier. Those come out pretty fast, but it’s possible to parry them if you see the tendril rise and shake.

A Savage Mutt completed in Resident Evil 4.

Remain calm and the monster will fall after an intense minute or two. Return to the Merchant to turn in the request and you’ll be rewarded with a generous 8 Spinel.