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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Best Gym Order for Victory Road

The best order to take on Paldea’s 8 gym leaders!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offers trainers a new feature that has never before been seen in a Pokémon game: The choice to fight the gym leaders in any order you want. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should as some of the gym leaders will be nearly impossible to beat at the start of the game. So, here is the best order to fight the gym leaders, from lowest level to highest.

1: Katy (Bug Type): Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order

Katy, the first Gym Leader you should face in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


For your first gym you’re going to want to head over to Cortondo to fight Katy, who uses primarily bug types. This won’t be too troublesome as Cortondo is located just a little ways west of Mesagoza. Don’t expect too much of a challenge since the is the first gym, but you may want to consider catching a Fletchling or Nacli if you chose Sprigatito as your starter since grass types are weak to bug types.

2: Brassius (Grass Type)


The second gym will be located in Artazon. Here you will have to defeat the grass type gym leader Brassius. If you chose Fuecoco as your starter, both Brassius & Katy will be a breeze for you. If you chose Quaxly or Sprigatito, consider catching some flying or fire type Pokémon beforehand.

3: Iono (Electric Type) – Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Gym Order

Iono is third in the logical order to fight Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Leaders.

Next up is Iono, who you can find in Levincia. Iono is a popular streamer in the Paldea region who uses electric type Pokémon. A ground type pokemon such as Paldean Wooper or Phanpy will make good counters for this gym. Be extra careful if you chose Quaxly, since Iono’s electric Pokemon can make quick work of him.

4: Kofu (Water Type)

Kofu is number 4 in our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gym order.

Now is where Sprigatito choosers will have the advantage, as the next Gym Leader Kofu uses water types. Kofu can be found in Cascarrafa which is located just east of the Asado desert. If you didn’t choose Sprigatito, any other grass type or an electric type will be a boon.

5: Larry (Normal Type) – Best Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order

Larry is the gym leader of Medali. He uses normal type Pokémon to match with his extremely ordinary and mundane personality. His Pokémon are all roughly level 35, so make sure your team is trained up to that level or higher.

6: Ryme (Ghost Type)

We are now getting into our final three gym leaders. This is where the battles will get a bit more challenging, so make sure your team is prepared. First of these three is the Ghost type user Ryme in Montenevara. A dark type will counter most of her team.

7: Tulip (Psychic Type)

Up next is the Alfornada gym leader Tulip. Her psychic type Pokémon are quite strong. However, just like Ryme, a good dark type Pokemon will be able to take down most members of her team. Other good types would be bug or ghost.

8: Grusha (Ice Type)

Grusha is last in the logical Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gym order.

Finally, our last gym leader is Grusha. Grusha’s ice type Pokémon will be quite strong, so make sure your Pokémon are all in their upper forties in terms of levels. Ice Pokémon have a lot of weaknesses though such as fire, steel, fighting, and rock which can help you out a lot in this battle. You’ll find this gym straight north of the Great Crater, on top of the ice mountain.

Of course, you can stray from the path as much as your heart desires, and mix in battles with Titan Pokemon & Team Star. But, this is the most logical order to fight the gym leaders in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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