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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mew Guide: How to Get Mew

Looking for how to get Mew in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? We’ve got you covered with our guide on how to get this rare Pokemon, who’s just become obtainable for players in the Paldea region. As announced in the latest (admittedly underwhelming) Pokemon Presents, Mew is new obtainable via a mystery gift, with Mewtwo on the way as well via a Mightiest Mark raid.

But, while Mewtwo’s raid is still nearly a month out, with the raid being scheduled to start September 1, Mew can be obtained right now! Until September 18, players can receive a Mew with a random nature and Tera type. Here’s how to get this rare legendary Pokemon while the event is active.

How to Get Mew in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To get a Mew in Scarlet & Violet, you’ll first want to navigate to the pause menu, and go to Poke Portal. At the bottom of this menu, you should see a prompt that says “Mystery Gift.” Go into this menu and you’ll be given a few options to choose from. Select “Get with Code/Password” in this menu to continue.

Type in the code “GETY0URMEW” (yes, that’s a zero) to get an option that says “Mythical Pokemon Mew Gift.” Claim this option, and you can now add this rare Pokemon to your party! Even if you don’t plan on using this Mew in your post-game or DLC adventures, definitely keep an eye on this Mew and train it up. Once the Mewtwo raid battles begin on September 1st, challenging this battle with Mew will make players need to “be ready for something special.” It’s pretty unclear what this means at the moment, but it seems like preparing a Mew for this raid is a good idea.

That’s all you need to know to get a Mew in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet! If you want to start a fresh save file for a new challenge instead, check out our guide to the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nuzlocke rules.