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Persona 3 Portable Request 28 Guide: Get Elizabeth’s Drink

So, those Velvet Room rascals in Persona 3 Portable have sent you on another of their arcane errands, and in Request 28, you need to find a drink that shares Elizabeth’s name. It’s a bit of a thinker, but this guide should demystify the process and net you a cool sword.

Where to Get A Drink That Shares Elizabeth’s Name

Go to Que Sera Sera to complete Request 28 in Persona 3 Portable.

Tucked away in the far west corner of Port Island Station is a sketchy bar called Que Sera Sera. Its regulars include a few unsavory types, and a certain Gekkoukan High truant. You’ll need to go into the bar to complete this request, but you can only get into the place if your charm is maxed out, and only get the drink itself when your courage is maxed out.

How to Complete Request 28 in Persona 3 Portable

Don’t be in any hurry to finish up this request. Getting your Courage and Charm stats maxed out will take quite a lot of time. It might take a little while, but the most potent and recurrent ways to increase your Charm and Courage each week are as follows:

ActivityDays AvailableStat Boost
Working part-time at Chagall Coffee ShopM/W/FCharm + Courage
Playing Print Club at Game ParadeM/ThCharm
Playing Horror House at Game ParadeTu/FCourage
Watch a movie at Screen ShotAnyOdd-numbered months boost Charm; even-numbered months boost Courage
Eating at Wild Duck BurgerAnyCourage
Eating at Hagakure RamenAnyCharm

Once you’ve maxed out that Charm, mosey on over to Que Sera Sera like you own the place. Interact with the door, and you will acquire a Queen Elizabeth cocktail. Bring that back to the Velvet Room, and cash in! 

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