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Palworld Xbox Update Patch Notes v0.2.2.0

Xbox version v0.2.2.0 will be released when ready. For now though, here are the patch notes released for the Steam version, so you know what to expect in the inevitable Xbox patch.

The complete patch notes for Palworld v0.2.2.0 are below:


Patch v0.2.2.0: Fixed issues with Pal’s attack damage, and more.

Steam version v0.2.2.0 has been released.

(Xbox version v0.2.2.0 will be released when ready)


Palworld Xbox Update Patch Notes v0.2.3.0


▼ Major Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that caused all Pal attacks to deal only half the intended damage.


▼ Other Fixes

  • Corrected the hit detection in the latter parts of the "Nightmare Ray" and "Nightmare Bloom" attacks.
  • Reduced the jittering of sleeping Pals on Pal beds.
  • You can now close the character editing screen of the antique dresser using the ESC key.
  • Corrected other minor bugs.
As always, thank you for supporting Palworld!


Palworld Xbox Update Patch Notes v0.2.0.6 Apr 9


That’s the entirety of the patch notes on April 15 for Palworld on Steam PC, and on Xbox at a later date.

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