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Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Unlock Guide: How to Get After Season 4

In its fourth season, a new support hero was introduced to Overwatch 2: Lifeweaver, with the ability to unlock him now available for all players. In season 4, Lifeweaver had to be unlocked by grinding the battle pass to level 45, or by purchasing him with Overwatch Coins. Now, though, there’s a much easier way. Here’s how to unlock a new support hero to Overwatch 2, Lifeweaver.

Overwatch 2 – How to Unlock Lifeweaver (Hero Challenges)

The easiest way to unlock Lifeweaver is by completing his Hero Challenges. As with other characters like Ramattra, Lifeweaver has a set of challenges to complete to add him to your playable roster. Here are all of the hero challenges you’ll need to complete:

  • Win 35 games queued as All Roles or playing Support heroes in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or No Limits
  • Eliminate 2 bots with Thorn Volley in the Practice Range as Lifeweaver
  • Restore 75 health with Healing Blossom in the Practice Range as Lifeweaver
  • Use Life Grip on a bot in the Practice Range
  • Have you or a bot stand on Petal Platform to lift it up in the Practice Range
  • Restore 25 health to yourself with Rejuvinating Dash in the Practice Range as Lifeweaver
  • Restore 50 health & block 50 damage with Tree of Life in the Practice Range

This new supporter is also available for purchase on the in-game shop. You can purchase the hero himself, or get a Starter Pack for 1900 coins that includes the hero as well as a new skin and other cosmetics. If you don’t want to dish out cash or grind for Overwatch Coins, though, you’re best sticking to the Hero Challenges. Other than requiring 35 wins, the challenges are incredibly easy & quick to complete.

That’s all you need to know to unlock Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2! While you’re here, check out our guide to unlock Kiriko, Junker Queen, & Sojourn and fill out the rest of your roster of heroes.