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Overwatch 2 Competitive Points Guide: How to Earn Them

Overwatch 2 features a number of different currencies to be earned or purchased in game. These currencies also have a bunch of different uses like buying items from the in-game store or purchasing Golden Guns for your Heroes. Here is how to unlock Competitive Points in Overwatch 2

How to Earn Competitive Points in Overwatch 2

How to earn Overwatch 2 Competitive Points.

Competitive Points unlock in two different ways. First, you can earn them by playing competitive matches. You’ll be rewarded with 15 points for a win, 5 points for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. Not much in the grand scheme; however, if you play Competitive regularly, they will add up. The more lucrative, but slower, way to earn Competitive Points is by completing Competitive Challenges.

Each season there are a set of these Competitive Challenges, which reward you for your peak rank at the end of the season. The higher your rank the more Competitive Points you’ll unlock; however, you won’t earn additional Competitive Points from the rank(s) below your peak. So, if you finish the season with a peak rank of Platinum, you’ll only unlock the Competitive Points reward for ranking Platinum and not the rewards for placing Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Below is a breakdown of the amount of Competitive Points awarded for each rank.

  • Season End: Bronze awards 65 Competitive Points
  • Season End: Silver awards 125 Competitive Points
  • Season End: Gold awards 250 Competitive Points
  • Season End: Platinum awards 500 Competitive Points
  • Season End: Diamond awards 750 Competitive Points and the Diamond Challenger Player Title
  • Season End: Master awards 1,200 Competitive Points and the Master Challenger Player Title
  • Season End: Grandmaster awards 1,750 Competitive Points and the Grandmaster Challenger Player Title
  • Season End: Top 500 awards 1,750 Competitive Points and the Top 500 Challenger Player Title

As you can clearly see, this is a slow process, so don’t expect to be unlocking loads of Competitive Points regularly. Competitive Points can be used to purchase Golden Guns for your favorite Heroes. Since this is a slow process, be sure to focus on unlocking Golden Guns for your top played Heroes before unlocking them for anyone else.