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Outpost: Infinity Siege Update Patch Notes Apr 1

Innovative tower defense game, Outpost: Infinity Siege releases two updates on April 1, 2024. The patch notes for both are detailed below.


Patch Notes v1.0-4173021.2024.0331.22

1. Fixed the problem that the game may stuck after Mammoth Squad's backswing.
2. Fixed the problem that some AMD drives may encounter crashes in the game.
Noted: Give Up Tour before the exploration will consume the insured condition, without losing any gears. We're in urgent optimization of the Give Up Tour punishment, which will be updated in the new patch.


Outpost: Infinity Siege Update Patch Notes Mar 31


[Patch Notes] 2024.04.01 Insurance cost lower! Bug fixes come along.

We have recently deployed a new patch that includes several bug fixes which may impact the difficulty of combat.
Please refer to the details below for more information.


[Patch Notes] 2024.04.01

[Game Pacing]
1. The cost increase for purchasing gear insurance has been significantly reduced.
2. The experience acquisition speed in Drill Ground has been greatly enhanced.
3. Keycards can now be brought back to base and will no longer be automatically sold.
4. The ammo spawn logic at some exploration areas has been optimized: reduced spawn quantity but increased stack size.


1. The customization function for core guns have been optimized: Certain core guns that originally had non-modifiable XEN can now be modified. (previously acquired gear is not affected).
2. Significantly improved the fluidity of client players controlling mechs.


[BUG Fixes]
1. Fixed some performance anomalies and crash issues.
2. Fixed an issue where client players could become stuck if they disconnected during match settlement.
3. Fixed an issue where Nebulas could pass through outpost's ceiling and right onto the floor. (Caution: this will affect the game's difficulty)
4. Fixed an issue where Nebulas could pass through doors and directly attack players(Caution: this will affect the game‘s difficulty).
5. Fixed an issue where the Stalker was marked too small on the mini-map.
6. Fixed an issue with abnormal skill damage from Storm Apostles. (Caution: this will affect the game‘s difficulty)
7. Fixed an issue where autoloaders would only load 500 bullets into mechs (should be 1000 rounds).
8. Partially fixed an issue where using character skills could interrupt gear skills, leading to player immobility.
9. Fixed an issue where the particle trails of missiles launched from missile silos would suddenly disappear.
10. Fixed an issue where Scorpions would sometimes self-destruct and display abnormal animations.
11. Fixed an issue where enemy corpses could sometimes cause damage to players.
12. Fixed an issue where reducing the level of the Research Center after filling the research queue would cause the 6th and 7th research projects to disappear.
13. Fixed some NPC dialogue and performance effect anomalies.
14. Fixed issues with some light pollution.
15. Relocate the "skip" button position in Recovery Day/Infinity Siege so that it would be less likely to be pressed by accident.
16. Fixed an issue where some types of XEN could not inflict damage on enemies.


Outpost: Infinity Siege Update Patch Notes Mar 30


That’s all there is to the patch notes for the Apr 1 update for Outpost: Infinity Siege on Steam PC.

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