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Octopath Traveler 2 Best Secondary Job Guide: Best Sub-Jobs

In Octopath Traveler 2, each of the eight playable characters has their own class: their own abilities, skills and weaknesses. But, just like the original Octopath Traveler, characters can eventually add a secondary job called a Sub-Job, which gives them more flexibility as the game progresses.

Each character can essentially dip their toes into one of the other characters’ classes as a secondary job in Octopath Traveler 2, making them stronger. You can go wild with these combinations, making something fun or going for something powerful. This guide will focus on which combos work best in-game and why. 

One more thing to mention is that both the original Octopath Traveler and its sequel have secret Sub-Jobs, ones you can only get through very specific moments in the story. Since those jobs are a bit tougher to obtain, though, this guide will primarily focus on the standard eight Sub-Jobs. 

Here are some of the best potential secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler 2, making your party stronger as you get through the story.

Hikari: Warrior combos well with Hunter

Hikari Ku is the Prince of Hinoeuma, disgraced after being branded a traitor. As a Warrior, his skills reside in sword-fighting and polearm attacks. His stats reflect that, with a high attack and a good spread overall.

When it comes to finding a secondary job that fits Hikari best in Octopath Travler 2, it’s hard to argue with the Hunter class. What combining these two classes does is that it gives Hikari a wide array of weapons to use in combat. Hunters naturally use axes and bows in combat, so giving the strong physical attacker Hikari the ability to use those weapons makes him the ultimate fighter.

This doesn’t mean Hunter is the only good choice though. Apothecary and Merchant as two other good options to try out after finishing with the Warrior class.

Osvald: Scholar & Merchant make sense together

Osvald V. Vanstein is a renowned scholar who was framed for the murder of his family. Despite his great work as a Scholar trying to understand what he referred to as the ‘One True Magic’, he was betrayed and left to riot in a cell.

For post-scholar Sub-Jobs, Merchant is great thanks to its synergy with the Scholar class. Merchants inherently get benefits for spells and their SP, which can make Osvald an even stronger mage. Plus, with Merchant, there are abilities to regain both HP and SP, which can make Osvald more self-sustaining in a party.

As for other potential Sub-Job choices, you can also try Cleric and Apothecary to make Osvald a healer as well.

Castti: Apothecary and Scholar can dump out serious numbers

Castti Florenz is an amnesiac, sent adrift at sea. After getting rescued by some locals, her name is stitched into her clothing and her journals are the only things she can use to regain her memory. As an Apothecary, she does a lot of single-target healing, including getting rid of status problems, but also can use her knowledge to harm if needed.

When it comes to Apothecary Sub-Jobs, Scholar can lead to some powerful combinations. On top of having great single-target healing, you can also do great single-target damage. Then, as the abilities go on, you can make Castti a great flexible member of your party.

For other choices, Cleric and Merchant stand out as ways to improve on the base Apothecary class.

Ochette: Hunter and Thief work very well together

Ochette is a Hunter who works alongside a fox named Akalā and her owl named Mahina. Living on the isle of Toto’Hana, her carefree nature is disrupted after signs of an incoming calamity.

For good Sub-Jobs, there are two main options, and the first would just be a re-tread of the Hikari combination earlier. So, Thief is the second option. As mentioned earlier, the Hunter class is known for axes and bows, so adding swords, daggers and fire magic from Thief makes the combination an offensive force. Plus, with the addition of debuff abilities, this combo can wreak havoc on your opponents.

The other good Sub-Job options include Warrior and Dancer, both making Hunter even more versatile.

Best Secondary Job (Temenos): Cleric and Dancer makes for a great support

Temenos Mistral is a Cleric, an inquisitor who works in a peaceful small town. After getting wind of chaos coming to his land, he sees a mentor die and questions the mystery behind it.

For Cleric, the best secondary job in Octopath Traveler 2 is Dancer. Cleric’s best ability is team-wide healing, so Dancer gives Temenos the ability to do team-wide buffs as well. Plus, getting the ability to use daggers on top of staffs is a nice addition in combat.

Some other good Sub-Job options include Scholar and Thief, both stacking well with Cleric’s abilities.

Agnea: Dancer and Scholar can lead to big damage

Agnea Bristarni is a Dancer, a tavern dancer looking to travel the world and garner the same popularity as her mother and bring joy to fans far and wide.

For Sub-Jobs, Dancer and Scholar is the best combination. The Dancer class is designed to help buff your teammates while giving the ability to do both dagger attacks and a Wind attack. What Scholar offers is many more magic attacks, turning a support character into one that can do a lot of damage. Adding those extra magic damage types makes Agnea a capable wizard on top of being a great buff dealer.

Other good options for Sub-Jobs include Apothecary and Cleric, options that can turn Agnea into a healer hybrid over a damage hybrid.

Octopath Traveler 2 Secondary Job Guide (Partito): Merchant & Thief

Partitio Yellowil is a Merchant, who saw his town go from ahead of the curve to on the brink. He looks to travel the world and eliminate poverty, to prevent what happened to his town to happen to anyone else.

The strongest Sub-Job for Merchant is Thief, and it just works both in theory and gameplay. Merchant runs bows and Fire magic, with money-related abilities and a way to recover HP and SP. Thief works great with it thanks to the addition of swords and daggers, as well as Dark magic. Basically, adding Thief makes the Merchant better in physical combat while keeping the recovery abilities of the Merchant.

The other best Sub-Job options for Merchant include Apothecary and Warrior.

Throné: Thief and Apothecary make a deadly combo

Last but not least, Throné Anguis is a Thief, part of a guild that steals and kills to control their city. She seeks to leave the city, break the cycle and look for freedom.

Out of all the possible Octopath Traveler 2 secondary job options, Hunter makes the most sense to combo with Thief, but we already listed that combo. Another good option is the Apothecary, giving the Thief a solo-heal option on top of status cures and poison effects.

Other good combos with Thief include Merchant and Dancer.