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Nine Sols Update Patch Notes June 26





[64af447d] Patch Note June 26

  • Fixed an issue where the protagonist would instantly shift to another location while climbing a rope.
  • Fixed an issue where game crashes could cause save file loss.
  • Multilingual proofreading.
  • Adjusted background music for the True Ending.
  • Fixed the Charged Strike range issue while climbing green walls.
  • Fixed an anomaly where Lady Ethereal could disappear during phase transitions.
  • Fixed a missing dialogue issue with Ji’s divination at the Grotto of Scriptures (Entry).
  • Fixed an issue where Eigong's phase transition animation was skipped when hit by Skull Kick.
  • Fixed a game freeze error when interacting with the Root Node after finishing Shuanshuan's Virtual Reality Device cutscene.
  • Fixed an animation issue with specific Tianhuo mutations.
  • Adjusted the range of the Triple Slash attack and Charged Strike when performed on walls, and corrected the positions of some one-way doors.
  • Fixed a game freeze issue when the player is killed while healing.
  • Fixed a conflict between the background music of Shanhai 1000 and the ancient record player in the Ancient Stone Pillar.
  • Fixed an issue where the protagonist could be killed during Chien's cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mystic Nymph could be summoned again while reacting with a mechanism.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with red text colors in Nuwa's phone calls.
  • Fixed an issue where some pools in the Empyrean District would permanently trap players if they fell in.
  • Fixed a lack of directional sound effects in the Feng boss fight.
  • Fixed an issue where some sound effects did not play properly while riding a specific elevator.
  • Fixed an intermittent error with flame trap sound effects when there were too many flame traps in the Factory.
  • Fixed a flickering issue with some objects during Shennong’s cutscenes.
  • Fixed an incorrect playback timing for the sound effects during the cutscene when Yi gave Shuanshuan the Mystic Nymph.
  • Fixed an issue where some of Shuanshuan's voice lines did not play correctly during the True Ending cutscenes.
  • Adjusted the voice lines of Shaman during the Yellow Dragonsnake Medicinal Brew cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soul Collect drop was missing and couldn't be found.
  • Fixed an issue where sound effects did not play correctly in some cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue where some voice lines did not play correctly during Jiequan's duel phone call.
  • Fixed an issue where performing a Charged Strike could lead to a stuck issue.
  • Fixed an issue where Kuafu disappeared during the cutscene after giving Abacus Ji’s Hair.
  • Fixed an error where the ambient sound effects disappeared in the New Kunlun Central Hall.
  • Fixed an issue where dialogue bubbles disappeared too quickly during the Return Home Ending.
  • Fixed an abnormal twitching of Yinglong dragon boat's tail.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak issue when dying in the Dream Area ruled by Lady Ethereal.
  • Fixed a game freeze error when getting killed while answering a phone call on the dragon boat.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would hear a hit sound when passing through a flame trap using the Immortal Dash.
  • Fixed an issue where some items in the Factory Area could disappear and become uncollectable.



[7fa8f8e6] Patch Note June 18



  • Added sound effects for Shuanshuan playing Qiankun.
  • Added sound effects for dialogue bubbles to pop up for Shanhai 9000.
  • Added sound effects for patrol bots in Prison.
  • Added water dripping sounds in the cutscene before Jiequan Boss Fight.
  • Added sound effects for the stone door opening in Livestock Harvesting Platform.



  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze and become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue with continuous attack detection by the specific monsters in the Factory (Production Area).
  • Fixed several memory leak issues.
  • Fixed an issue where executing a Charged Strike could get stuck when attempting to block.
  • Fixed stuttering issues with some visual effects.
  • Fixed some English localization errors.
  • Updated the credit roll to include the names of crowdfunding participants.
  • Corrected errors in the credit roll.
  • Fixed the issue where music and sound effects could disappear when opening the menu during the escape from Tianhuo Research Institute.
  • Fixed an issue where some traps did not deal damage.
  • Fixed missing sound effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Skull Kick could cause the boss phase transition animation to be skipped.
  • Fixed an issue where some items in Factory (Underground) were missing and could not be collected.
  • Fixed an issue where some text in Goumang's Soulscape disappeared too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where players respawned at incorrect points after taking damage from specific traps in Factory (Underground), causing continuous damage to the player.
  • Fixed an issue where some platforms in Lady Ethereal's Soulscape would not appear as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze if the jade menu was quickly accessed right after resting at a Root Node.
  • Fixed an issue where the Root Node in Apeman Facility (Monitoring) could not be accessed if missed (it can now be freely accessed via Teleport).



[e554ba4e] Update Notes June 14

  • [Add] Added a sound effect for the door opening when solving the Ancient Sheet Music note puzzle in Lake Yaochi Ruins.


  • [Design] Modified the timing for loading and releasing resources during scene transitions to reduce crashes caused by switching scenes.
(However, this change affects the entire game and requires more detailed testing to ensure it doesn't cause other issues.)


  • [Fix] Fixed numerous memory leak issues.
  • [Fix] Corrected issues preventing the collection of all items in the following areas:
    • -Factory (Great Hall)
    • -Tiandao Research Center
    • -Greenhouse
    • -Power Reservoir (East)
    • -Grotto of Scriptures (West)
  • [Fix] Fixed the abnormal disappearance of drops from the following optional boss fights:
    • -Celestial Spectre: Shangui
    • -Celestial Enforcer: Tieyan
  • [Fix] Fixed the errors causing enemies to get stuck in mid-air during the following boss fights:
    • -Lady Ethereal
    • -Eigong
  • [Fix] Resolved the issue where closing the HUD in settings stopped characters from leveling up correctly.
  • [Fix] Fixed the bug allowing players to climb invisible ropes after being attacked while on a rope.
  • [Fix] Restored missing attack sound effects for Celestial Sentinel: Jiaoduan and Celestial Sentinel: Wuqiang.
  • [Fix] Addressed performance issues caused by certain effects.
  • [Fix] Restored missing sound effects for the specific enemies.
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where the palette vase gifted by Xuan Xuan could appear prematurely.
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where background music could disappear during the battle against Celestial Enforcer: Huanxian.
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where background music could disappear when opening the menu.
  • [Fix] Proofread and corrected text in multiple languages.
  • [Fix] Fixed an error where both values of Attack multiplier and Injury multiplier persisted across save files.
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug where being attacked by monsters while taking the elevator could cause the game to freeze.
  • [Fix] Resolved the issue where the one-way door in the Grotto of [Fix] Scriptures (Entry) could be destroyed from the wrong direction.



[fe684f4d] Patch Note June 7

  • [Design] Adjustments to terrain and mechanism in the Alchemy Factory (Great Hall).


  • [Fix] Modified save/load logic to prevent progress loss.
  • [Fix] Resolved some memory leaks.
  • [Fix] Fixed low-resolution issues with map and jade images on corresponding interfaces.
  • [Fix] Corrected errors in the Credit Roll.
  • [Fix] Corrected the number of dancers in the True End animation in Nobility Hall (4->2).
  • [Fix] Resolved issues with abnormal display of Yi's sprites during transitions in the True End animation.
  • [Fix] Corrected typos in multiple languages.
  • [Fix] Fixed the refresh rate of display rounding up error.
  • [Fix] Corrected fog of war display errors in some areas.
  • [Fix] Resolved the issue where the door to the hidden room on the right side of the main elevator in the Central Transport Hub couldn't be opened in the later stages.
  • [Fix] Fixed subtitles disappearing too quickly in Fuxi's Soulscape.
  • [Fix] Fixed subtitles disappearing too quickly in the Kuafu's Soulscape.
  • [Fix] Fixed subtitles disappearing too quickly in the Fudie's Soulscape.
  • [Fix] Fixed dialogue bubbles disappearing too quickly for Yanlao.
  • [Fix] Fixed dialogue bubbles disappearing too quickly for the Three Great Sages of Taoism.
  • [Fix] Fixed dialogue bubbles disappearing too quickly during Jiequan's torture scene.
  • [Fix] Fixed dialogue bubbles disappearing too quickly when leaving Lear's Soulscape.



[ba19c03b] Patch Note June 6

[Fix] Corrected the issue with default resolution detection on Steam Deck.
[Fix] Adjusted the font size of certain UI elements on Steam Deck to appear larger.
[Fix] Resolved the problem where the FPS would spike to over a thousand when the Red Candle logo is displayed at the start of the game.
[Fix] Fixed the issue where Dao Fruits couldn't be picked up after Jiequan was killed and floated in mid-air (he should now fall to the ground when loading old saves).
[Fix] Resolved the issue in Peach Blossom Village where the protagonist's soul would disappear and couldn't be retrieved when both the player and the enemy died simultaneously.
[Fix] Fixed the issue where the Shanhai 9000 disappeared in the Factory (Production Area).
[Fix] Corrected the elevator mechanism to load the Soul Reaper Jade in Lake Yaochi Ruins (it should now be possible to pick it up when loading old saves).
[Fix] Adjusted the character spacing of the elevator UI in English.
[Fix] Corrected the issue where spikes on Tianhuo mutants would still cause damage after their death.
[Fix] Adjusted the fog of war in some map areas.
[Fix] Fixed the issue where the item dropped by Celestial Sentinel: Jiaoduan would fall under the bridge and become unpickable (it should now be possible to pick it up when loading old saves).
[Fix] Corrected abnormal behavior where Yì was unable to attack Lady Ethereal during the transition cutscene.



[c610cddd] Patch Notes June 4

[Add] Mouse cursor is now hidden during combat.
[Add] Default screen quality now determined by hardware specifications.


[Fix] Addressed issue where players would get stuck in the Lady Ethereal realm, preventing loading of subsequent platforms.
[Fix] In the abandoned mine, dying simultaneously with mini-boss would cause items to disappear (items can now be retrieved at the location in old saves).
[Fix] Corrected issue where ponds in the agricultural area could be glitched when fall in.
[Fix] Rectified error where EiGong's talisman would grab onto the protagonist and not release.
[Fix] Fixed problem where dying simultaneously with Ji would prevent achievements from triggering properly (achievements can now be collected at the location in old saves).
[Fix] Addressed error where the GouMang would permanently break and remain suspended in the air.



Patch Notes June 4

Build 'b37268ef' Patch Notes


[Design] Map system reworked. A detailed map is now available at the start of the game, while you still need Shan-Hai chips to reveal the item collection bar.
[Design] Reduced the health of several Tian-Huo mutated monsters.
[Design] Removed Tian-Huo monsters on the top floor of the Research center.


[Fix] Implemented file loading/saving fixes to prevent progress loss.
[Fix] Corrected Japanese font display errors.
[Fix] Fixed item disappearance issue outside of field items now respawn correctly in old saves.
[Fix] Addressed Jade’s disappearance upon slaying the mini-boss; will respawn in old saves.
[Fix] Adjust Tian-Huo monster roaring SFX.
[Fix] Rectified broken textures in some scenes.
[Fix] Adjusted hitbox size of EiGong’s attacks.
[Fix] Fixed issue allowing Charged Strike to bypass lasers.
[Fix] Red projectiles, upon reflection, won’t be blocked by DoubleAxe mini-boss.
[Fix] Ji Boss stage elevator now consistently starts on the ground floor.
[Fix] Corrected Credit Roll content errors.
[Fix] Adjusted turning behavior of Shuigui series mini-bosses.
[Fix] Fixed a few typos.
[Fix] Adjusted BGM in certain scenes.



[bde6a87] Patch Note May 30

+[Fix] Resolved the issue where Charged Strike could break through one-way doors.
+[Fix] Corrected the music in certain scenes.


Those are the patch notes up through June 26 for Nine Sols.

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