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Nightingale Update Patch Notes 0.1.2 Mar 19 2024

While the Nightingale servers are down, have a read through of the patch notes for the impending update to the Early Access game

Nightingale was eagerly anticipated prior to its wide release into Early Access, but it has stumbled a little since then, with server connectivity issues and numerous bugs. Even still, the developers remain committed to polishing the game to its best build before a final 1.0 release.

This Nightingale update for March 19, 2024 will occur during the server maintenance period, and brings with it a host of bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and basic QoL improvements.

The complete patch notes are below.


Maintenance Has Begun | Update 0.1.2

Servers have been taken down for maintenance to push a game update.


Nightingale Update Mar 19 0.1.2 Changelog

✨ = Highly reported by the Nightingale community


Nightingale Update Mar 19 Bug Fixes 0.1.2

Progression Blockers
  • Addressed an intermittent crash related to Audio / VFX volumes
  • Fixed a rare crash when purchasing items from an essence trader
  • Fixed a rare crash handling audio events
  • Implemented a speculative fix to a rare server crash when completing quest objectives
  • Fixes for a handful of crashes to desktop. Overall these crash fixes improve overall stability by 10%


  • Additional small structures can now be copied, moved and destroyed via Build Mode


  • Scroll wheel reversal from the previous update has been reverted back to its original state


  • Creatures should no longer spawn into inaccessible areas in instances of the Bastille of Might Arena
  • Sun Giants no longer unlocks a deprecated feature (Sanctuary Focus)
  • Removing Recruitable marker on the map no longer dismisses the NPC when using a gamepad controller
  • Character at Nellie’s Camp no longer has an accidental wardrobe malfunction


Player Character
  • Climbing picks should no longer cause the player model to vibrate
  • Quick clicking on the invite button should no longer lock people out of parties
  • Resolved a bug related to character faces causing unintentional bumpiness in the lighting - faces should look smoother as a result
  • Eyes for some preset archetypes should now more closely resemble their original art
  • ✨ Fixed cases where a player’s Respite could be unintentionally set to The Watch. If a player’s Respite Realm is detected as The Watch, the player will be relocated to their first Abeyance Realm when re-logging into the character


  • Can now craft Charm Braid (Mind)


  • Essence Trader shop offers should now expand and collapse as expected
    Dragon's Hoard Eminent Minor Card’s description now match its in-game effects


Nightingale Update Mar 19 Game Changes 0.1.2

  • Swamp Apex Vault is brighter


Player Character
  • ✨ Players can now “quick stack” items into chests
  • Stamina now starts to regen as soon as tool swing is finished
  • Reduced Dodge Stamina Cost (15->10)
  • Slightly reduced Dodge distance ~5 meters to ~4 meters (to make more useable in combat)
  • No enemy tracking while dodging
  • Knockback immune while dodging
  • No airborne stamina regen
  • 1 handed weapons now consume 3 stamina per swing (down from 4)
  • 2 handed weapons now all cost 6 stamina to swing (they all did except axes)
  • Halved Stamina cost of Climbing, Swimming, and Gliding
  • Removed Stamina Cost on Blocking hits
  • Significantly reduced Stamina Regen while blocking
  • Using the “Help I’m Stuck” button should now always reset the player to the default starting location in The Watch


  • ✨ Repair costs now adjust based on the damage percentage of items
  • Lustrous Ink can now be used as Vibrant Ink
  • ✨ Removed reclaimed recipes that allowed for stat stacking


  • Added existing hazards to Biome Realm Card descriptions
  • Active Minor Cards now show in the F2 debug screen


  • Fixed an exploit that was allowing players to cheat the stack count when dropping items
  • ✨ Additional activities now reset the AFK timer, such as fishing and starting/canceling crafting


Please note that items previously made with reclaimed materials will not be affected at this time for game stability reasons, but are being evaluated for future updates.
Thank you for your patience and for joining us on this journey!
- The Nightingale Team


That’s everything in the 0.1.2 update on March 19 for Nightingale on Steam PC.

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