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Necrosmith 2 Update Patch Notes 1.0.3 Apr 2


Major Update 1.0.3

The first of two anticipated updates we announced in yesterday's post is finally here! Please make sure that you have the latest (1.0.3) version of the game installed.


List of changes:

  • Increased HP for the Hand boss and reduced the distance by which it could move away from the tower.
  • Increased the armor for titans’ body parts.
  • Increased the damage and HP for the final boss.
  • Increased the damage for the Death boss.
  • Increased the target updating speed for all units. Now, the units will find a new target according to their order faster.
  • Added the 3rd upgrade level for the “Statue of Majesty” machine.
  • Added animation of body parts flying into the cauldron in the titan creation window when adding body parts to the recipe.
  • Cleaned away a small area of fog of war around the mini bosses when they appear.
  • Fixed an issue with bosses being spawned in mountains and getting stuck in textures.
  • Fixed an issue with the units not shooting near enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with the units incorrectly setting priorities when choosing a target.
  • Fixed an issue with the tower health bar overflowing.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera moving to the tower instead of the unit's actual position when one was just created and selected during a pause.
  • Fixed an issue with visual artifacts appearing in the main menu on square monitors. Black bars will now be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with the game working incorrectly on a 1440x900 monitor resolution.
  • Fixed an issue with the VFX of the “Pocket Magnet” artifact.
  • Fixed an issue with the SFX not changing after defeating mini bosses.
  • Fixed an issue with the portal icon being overlapped by the swamp textures.
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial windows being rendered incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with the animation of the newly created unit displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with the inventory malfunctioning after ALT+TAB.
Stay tuned to not miss the next update, which will fix the AI of units and add other improvements!


Those are the patch notes on April 2 for Necrosmith 2 on Steam PC.

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