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NBA 2K24 Update Patch Notes 1.09 Apr 1



Here are the details for the upcoming NBA 2K24 patch update.



  • Preparations for NBA 2K24 Season 6, launching on Friday, 5 April 2024 20:30 (shown in your device's time zone). Stay tuned for what we have in store!
  • The shorts number on the Los Angeles Lakers 2018 City uniform has been removed
  • The coloring on the sponsor patch for the Dallas Mavericks City edition uniform has been adjusted
  • The sponsor patch for the Atlanta Hawks uniform has been updated (pending next roster update)
  • The new City court for the New Orleans Pelicans has been added (pending next roster update)
  • The new City court for the Memphis Grizzlies has been added (pending next roster update)
  • The “DM” heart decal has been added to the Golden State Warriors court to honor Dejan Milojević
  • Kia branding has been added to the Orlando Magic arena to reflect the recent real-life update
  • Adjusted the fill coloring for accuracy in the center logo on the New York Knicks court



  • Devin Booker’s spin jumper requirement has been adjusted to match the rest of his animations, and is now available to players 6'9" and under



  • Various improvements to performance, stability, and visuals have been made to enhance the overall experience in the City and throughout MyCAREER



  • Resolved a rare hang that could occur within MyTEAM menus
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the duplicate menu to appear incorrectly for Shoe Cards
  • Updated Agendas that require fast break points to properly count 4-pointers in Clutch Time modes



  • Resolved a rare hang that could occur in MyNBA when staff relationships are updated


Those are the full patch notes for 1.09 on April 1 for NBA 2K24 on multiple platforms.

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