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My Time At Sandrock Update Patch Notes V1.2.3 Mar 15 2024

A graphics and maintenance tune-up for My Time at Sandrock is out now on Steam PC and Epic

Farming life sim My Time at Sandrock releases a massive maintenance patch on March 15 for Steam PC and Epic. Along with graphics patches galore, there are also a number of bug fixes across the board

The complete patch notes are detailed below.

The follow-up hotfix added some small bug fixes and is linked right here:


My Time At Sandrock Update Patch Notes Hotfix V1.2.3.1 Mar 19 2024


My Time At Sandrock V1.2.3 Graphic & Maintenance Update

Alert: Mods need to be updated before loading the game after the March 15 V1.2.3 patch.
Howdy Builders,
We've discovered that some mods might potentially corrupt your save data following today's update, particularly the 'Lovers' mod.[The mod maker has updated it to the new version, remember to update it before loading your game!!]
To ensure the safety of your game progress, we strongly advise updating all mods before loading your saved games. Alternatively, you can temporarily disable mods until they're compatible with the latest patch.
Your patience and cooperation are highly appreciated as we work to address this issue and provide a seamless gaming experience.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

We just released a maintenance update on Steam and Epic. This update primarily focuses on enhancing the visual aspects of our PC platform to provide you with a more immersive and engaging experience. We have addressed visual issues and optimized graphics performance in the new render pipeline to enhance indoor lighting, shadows, eye highlights, character skins, ambient occlusion, and other aspects, resulting in an overall improved visual experience.
Additionally, as part of this maintenance patch, we've included some hotfixes to resolve any hindrances you may encounter in Sandrock.
Rest assured that our team is working diligently to minimize any inconvenience and enhance your experience.

Please find out the changelist below:


My Time At Sandrock Update Mar 15 Graphic Optimization V1.2.3

  • Optimized skin translucency to enhance the vividness of characters
  • Optimized eye highlights to make player characters and NPCs stand out more
  • Optimized the ambient occlusion (AO) to simulate how light interacts with surfaces in scenes
  • Optimized the artistic effects of some dungeons and indoor environments
  • Added the sun glare effect
  • Added God rays effect to enhance the realism of light streaming through windows.


My Time At Sandrock Update Mar 15 General V1.2.3

  • Fixed an issue where Musa wouldn't leave Sandrock at the correct time.
  • Fixed a problem where the game would freeze after a player's character death and choosing to load a save, then closing the interface.
  • Fixed an issue with monsters spawning above level 100.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sandfish Aquarium couldn't display fish..
  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs' AI would spin in circles due to being unable to reach their destination points.
  • Fixed an issue where one wall indoors in the Amirah's home was missing collision
  • Fixed the issue with abnormal camera angles when holding the Techno Floppy Disk Box
  • Fixed the lack of stage-breaking effects for limestone.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't interact with Logan after defeating a boss monster in Lab 7 and choosing to wait for a while.
  • Fixed NPCs disappearing deep in the desert during the reforestation period.
  • Fixed an issue where Cooper may remain inside a room and not come out.
  • Fixed some stones in the Sand Runnding track that would get players stuck.


My Time At Sandrock Update Mar 15 Gameplay and Systems V1.2.3

  • Fixed an issue with Elsie's behavior after the 'Takin' it Easy' quest.
  • Fixed an interaction problem with Matilda and Burgess before the charity speech.
  • Fixed a problem with the quest prompt circle not being removed correctly after completing the 'One Small Step for Sandrockers' quest.
  • Fixed two unexpected old photos given to Mort.
  • Fixed a freeze issue with the 'Starship Enterprising' quest when triggered outside of the main scene.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze during the conversation with parents on the second day of the Summit event when having two children.
  • Fixed an issue in the 'Catori World' quest where players may experience uncontrollable movement.
  • Fixed abnormal behavior of Andy after the 'One Flew Over the Bandit Nest' quest.
  • Fixed abnormal behavior of Venti after the 'Another Night Out' quest
  • Fixed the potential issue of getting stuck during the 'Fragrant Memories' quest.


My Time At Sandrock Update Mar 15 Visual and Audio V1.2.3

  • Fixed inconsistencies in the interior and exterior of Mi-an's house.
  • Fixed occasional appearance of bubble burst effects in the main scene.
  • Fixed an issue in the 'Let's Play Mahjong' quest where the faulty sound of the mahjong table wasn't properly removed.
  • Fixed overlapping NPCs at the school.
  • Fixed the abnormal sound issue when dragging the scrollbar in keyboard and mouse mode.


My Time At Sandrock Update Mar 15 UI V1.2.3

  • Fixed an issue where a thumbnail would be incorrectly added to the album after playing the acupuncture cutscene.


That’s everything in the patch notes for the graphics and maintenance update V1.2.3 on March 15 for My Time at Sandrock on Steam PC and Epic.

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